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Monday, April 25, 2016

Out the St. Joe River

22 April 2016 - North Idaho
Have you chosen the best place for you and your family to meet the challenges of an imploding society?

The clock is ticking.

Whatever scenario you envision, and whatever the realities may be that unfold, physically positioning yourself off the primary lines of attack is the most fundamental and prudent decision you can take.  No place is guaranteed to be untouched - but, if there are riots in Baltimore and Storm Troopers in DC and disruption of food deliveries in Chicago - yet you are not in Baltimore, DC or Chicago, you will be ahead of the game.

Are you in a place with fewer than average vulnerabilities?  Can you secure food, water and heat if traditional sources go dry?  Can you keep your shelter if half the people in your neighborhood get hungry?  If your local Brown Shirts begin rabble-rousing, how many people can you put on the X in your neighborhood?

America is in terminal decline.  The overwhelming majority of her people have rotted from the inside and have no moral compass.  Our systems that keep the lights on and shelves filled at grocery stores are fragile in the face of sudden shifts off the status quo.  Tensions are high between many groups of citizens.

The worst part of it all: There is a significant percentage of people who believe it is in their best interests to break the machine.  They see gain in the chaos that would ensue.  There always have been, and always will be, such people.  But it appears they have never had a better chance of actually realizing their goals than now.

Literally and figuratively, you should have your back against a wall, right now.


  1. The fact that a smallish earthquake in Japan could disrupt the supply chain for Toyota and other manufacturers so greatly that it will cost Toyota $276 million should wake up many that do not understand our "just in time" of world we live in. It was started by Toyota and is used in conjunction with a Kanban system. It is essentially a "pull system".


    Since the last recession the amount of inventory kept on hand has been reduced greatly. When you go into most stores, you can no longer ask if they have more in the back. What they have on the floor is all they have until the next delivery or when the supplier comes to restock the shelves.

    What will happen when the trains stop a rolling? The truckers are unable to get goods to market?
    Will you have enough food stores to make it through a minimum of two growing seasons? Will you have the knowledge to properly germinate seeds? Will you have enough suitable garden area to grow enough food to last the year? Do you have the knowledge to preserve the food and harvest the seeds for future crops? Will you have enough manpower to guard your garden 24/7? Not just from rabbits and deer but two legged animals.

  2. It's not just the politics of total government; or the mountains of debt at every level from the individual all the way up through the national governments; or the impossible frailty of supply chains which thread their way around the globe, all of which are profoundly dangerous - it's about the TOTAL UNSUSTAINABILITY of society as a whole.

    This is the most thoroughly engineered collapse imaginable, and among it's blatant purposes is to reduce the population of the world by at least 90% overall, and with 3rd-world countries approaching a near-total nadir of human existence. Period.

    This is what they really mean by "sustainability" - the reduction of the total human population to a very small fraction of it's current state, followed by enforced restrictions upon human population thereafter, such that "resource conflicts" are avoided for the foreseeable future - they perceive this to be a prerequisite to the establishment of their utopian society, and
    THEY ARE UTTERLY UNCONCERNED ABOUT CAUSING THE DEATHS OF SOME 7.5 BILLION PEOPLE in order to achieve their impossibly selfish dream for the future...



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