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Sunday, April 24, 2016


I have repeatedly warned SJWs that every tactic they utilize will be utilized against them. And since they have not only declared people's employment to be fair game, but repeatedly acted in attempts to disemploy everyone from police officers to programmers, from students to scientists, it is entirely legitimate to target their jobs and their careers.  Vox, here.

Of course this is just common sense.  When you are attacked, there is no limit on your recourse.  Nothing is 'out of bounds' when defending yourself, especially from filthy FSA fcuks who think they can threaten your income.  When they are willing to lie, hit back with everything you've got - especially when they are such physical cowards that they refuse to meet you face to face.  Yes, Camel Toe - that is you.  Yes, Mason Dixon punk - that is you. Yes. Inwood Quiter, that is you.  Yes, Air Force Trainer King, that is you.

Punk ass cunts.

Fcuk 'em.  Squash 'em.  Remind the world that a 'Tactical Training Professional' is no such thing when his biggest 'client' is a Pennsylvania Militia 'Colonel' who never served, and who pays nothing for 'Training'.  Get a fcukin' clue.  A joke is a joke...

The war for Liberty is an existential fight.  

No Quarter for fcuktards in Patriot clothing...


  1. Rivitman: You are part of the joke...

  2. Please correct me if I am wrong, but wasn't there some dust up a while ago, regarding your "threatening of the income" of someone? It's difficult to understand and keep this all straight. Thanks.

    1. There is always a dust-up near me, usually generated by people who want to be me but do not have the skill, talent or good looks to get it done. ;)

      You are probably referring to the Mason Dixon White Supremacist who accused me of trying to get him fired. The silly fcuk has no clue. But you will find him showcased in a book this summer about racist LEO who have infiltrated the Liberty Movement...

      He's just one more Free Shit Army parasite tasked to make a mockery of Patriots while taking the King's silver.

  3. To what end? This seems massively counterproductive to all involved. YMMV

    1. jessejames87, you ask a rational question, but it is directed towards utterly irrational people and their patently incomprehensible behavior. SJW'ism is anti-rational --

      It's a specifically engineered outgrowth of mob mentality; and as with any mob behavior, is predicated upon the predominant operation of the Lowest Common Denominator (LCD) of the biomass involved.
      SJW'ism is built upon the foundation of 7 generations of incrementally destructive 'public education' throughout the Western World - which has destroyed the rational comprehension of facts and circumstances upon which our society was built, and also decimated our sense of personal and *valid* social responsibility - replacing the concrete, rational, and responsible with a saturating stew of amorphous and meaningless "feelings", leading to fatuously impossible manifestations of self-image - i.e. 'Emo' and 'FURism', and numerous other corrupt notions of 'gender identity' and 'social order' - this collective insanity is self-reinforcing by way of it's rewards (applause and elevated social standing) for those corrupt individuals for acting out their every contrived urge to 're-establish social justice' by means of the destructive behavior we witness so widely in today's society.

      To ask "Why?" in the face of such insanity is to grant it a cast of legitimacy which it neither deserves, nor can it tolerate... if you don't know 'why?', then you obviously aren't one of them, and thus are deserving of their hatred and retribution.

      This is as much of a rational explanation as you will ever get regarding this form of mass-insanity. I hope it suffices for you...



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