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Thursday, April 21, 2016

When parasites threaten the host...

...they are either mercilessly excised, or the host will die.

The choice is yours.

I will not die by parasitic bleeding.

Political Correctness is the precursor to genocidal Thought-Policing...

Here's the piece.

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  1. It's just the next step, in the dumbing down of America. Tubman was an illiterate, unruly, stubborn, and sometimes violent character, whom fate most generously granted a time and place where her violent stubbornness was not exceptionally out of place. And stating the truth is not a dishonor to her - nor is it meant as one - she was an exceptional character of her day.

    But she was neither a founder of our country, nor a great leader in war, nor a great diplomat who obtained peace. In short, she neither helped to create our country, nor made any substantial mark of change upon it.

    She did something which was not particularly uncommon for a person of her state in her day - she was one of many thousands of runaway slaves, and not particularly unique in that regard. Even going back to free members of her family doesn't distinguish her from hundreds of other escaped slaves who were able to establish themselves and earn a living in "free states", and subsequently either bought or went back to 'jailbreak' their relatives. Given the same circumstances, most folks I know would have done exactly the same.

    The single unique thing about Tubman was her leading an armed scouting party for the Union army, and that when she was already past 40 years of age. That required a certified set of Grade AAA Stones on her part, given the circumstances of the day.

    But that is a far cry from warranting the solitary place of honor on the front of the the Twenty Dollar bill, which is one of the most circulated denominations of currency in the entire world.

    She lived in exciting times, and she chose an exciting life... as did many others in her day, and in ours, and in every generation inbetween. Heck, I've lived a pretty exciting life myself, as have many folks I know - but neither Tubman nor I, nor any of my "most exciting" friends have done anything nearly so grand as to earn a place on the US $20 bill.

    There should be some comic relief in this; after all it is rather ridiculous on it's face [pun intended]. But instead, all I find is a muted sense of sadness, as we pass yet another mile-marker along the expressway to hell.

    The irony, of course, is that our currency is being changed to visually resemble that of Mugabe's Zimbabwe, at just about the right time to match it's inflationary performance, as well.



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