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Thursday, April 21, 2016

Portland Protest: The Pig Farmer Perspective

ToneDeaf sent this link.  It's a story written from the Leftist perspective of what happened at the Trump clash in Portland last week, when the Leftists were banging on their drums all day...

I believe that almost every child is capable of being raised into a productive, caring adult.

However, the window for growing good children is limited.

At some point, say when the little 'tards start spewing Pig Farmer diatribe in their college years, the only option remaining for society is to embrace retro-active abortion.

Just sayin'...


  1. Those three punks in the black headgear are the Rose City AntiFa.
    They are the ones that the tranny threatened one of the trump supporters at the previous meeting would "hurt them".
    How? Bust a rib laughing so hard.

  2. Like Rumplestiltkin, the Donald will disappear into the earth when his bluff is called. Because he is just a beard, purchased and employed to conceal the fact of a political promise made in 2011 which ensures the Clintonistas the next term at the helm of our foundering cruise-liner of a nation.

    And, if for some reason Trump should choose to improvise at the last minute, to the end of being himself inaugurated; well, we know how comfortable Hillary is with ordering the wet work...


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