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Sunday, April 17, 2016

Portland State AAR

Pro-Trump students were met with NeverTrump Leftists.

The level of dialogue and discourse?  CavMed sent this link.

The Leftists banged on 5 gallon plastic buckets and blew whistles to drown-out the pro-Trump folks.

That's it.

As a society we have devolved to noise versus legitimate debate.  We have devolved to Camel Toe versus real action.  We have devolved to 'Black is Bad and White is Right' as the pinnacle of political debate.

Do not misunderstand - I have never held any higher expectation for the Leftists and Communists among us, for they are parasitic genetic waste.  Leftist arguments are simply incapable of rising to the level of '...legitimate political debate...'  

However, those who claim to be advocates of Liberty in 2016 do not speak any more eloquently.  They do not, and perhaps are not capable of, articulating what they want and how they plan to realize their goals.

But for a small minority, our entire nation has been reduced to nothing more than bumper-sticker slug-lines that are today called 'debate'.  

Donald Trump is no Constitutionalist.  He is not of the 'Enlightenment'. His followers are stuck on emotion equal to the followers of Sanders and Clinton and Cruz.  None of them represent anything resembling Rightful Liberty.

Weep for what might have been.

Decide how you intend to live the remainder of your life - fighting a fight that is likely not winnable, or bending knee to the blithering idiots of either side and their masses.

I will not judge you either way - unless you become one of the blithering for the sake of survival...

...some sins are simply unforgivable.

If you ever bang a bucket or blow a whistle as a form of protest or dialogue - you are not III, and you do not deserve Liberty or Safety.  

You may as well Camel Toe through the rest of your life, as a waste...

Here is the piece.


  1. So I saw Rose City AntiFa showed up at the protest.
    Five skinny guys and a tranny, all with their faces covered. Seriously? Everyone of them are trust fund babies.
    Also ONE Black Panther and ONE Brown Beret as a show of force. Seriously?


  2. Portland, Oregon

    Land of the unwashed and the inbred

  3. Just finished watching all of the videos that INFOWARS has up at their YouTube site.

    The 1st thing and the most important thing I noticed was that when the college, hipster commies lost their 30 to 1 advantage they were not so mouthy and aggressive. Once they left PSU grounds and their perceived safe spaces there, they conducted themselves differently.

    The obnoxious tranny from the 1st meeting did not say a word at this Trump support meeting. There were some mouthy girls but no where near as bad as at the 1st meeting where there were six Trump supporters.

    They are frightened, spoiled, entitled children that will act a certain way when they feel they have the advantage but get them into the real world and that arrogance dissolves even when their "militant" buddies show up and try and intimidate the Trump supporters.


    How would these trust fund commies act if even a small group of real III Patriots had shown up as a silent security force?

    These are the asshats that will ask the .Gov to do their dirty work. They do not have the conviction or the balls to do it themselves.

  4. If they had to butcher their own meat, and/or grow their own grain and produce, they would all starve to death within a matter of months, or accelerate the process by getting shot while trying to steal food.

    Of course there is no livestock, nor grains and vegetables growing on campus, so it's a moot point.

    Or, in other words, once things go sideways and the supply chain crumbles, time is on our side with regard to these whiny, incompetent FRACtards.

    Simply by containing them within their campus, they can be made prisioners in their urban accademic enclaves, starving to death at their own pace just like their hero Uncle Joe Stalin did it in the gulags.

    Guestimate the prisioner to guard ratio of a minimum security "Camp Fed" facility, and figure it would take even fewer patriots to keep them all locked up in their safe space while nature does it's work... and remember that Snipers represent a force multiplier of about 50:1 in an urban environment with lots of elevated platforms such as roofs to work from.

    And there are some very easy ways to swing the numbers a magnitude further in our favor for a period of time - i.e. certain substances and/or biologicals which, when added to a delivery of food which is allowed onto the campus (or other high-density housing area), will incapacitate the majority of them for days or even weeks.
    Kinda hard to participate in the communist mob-a-thon, when you're a full-time porcelain hugging fool.



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