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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Indiana: Trump 53%

Donald Trump will be the Republican nominee.  

The Establishment has been telegraphing for 3 weeks now that they will abandon the #NeverTrump campaign if things go sideways - and this is sideways.  Never forget that at their core, politicians are the ultimate Free Shit Army standard bearers - they will protect their own hides and not risk public backlash.  It is over.

Now we pivot.  The question before the American electorate is simple: Donald or Hillary?

Neither is a Constitutionalist - obviously.  But one or the other will be the next POTUS.

It is what it is...

Either way - you need more ammo and allies.

**BTW - Trump could sew up the General Election tonight if he came out and declared Bernie as his VP.  Hillary would be forever a footnote in American History.  It won't happen, and I wouldn't like it if it did - but it would end the 2016 Presidential race...   ;)

Winners Win.  Power is Power.


  1. Cruz just dropped out.

    1. Cleveland will now be boring, but for the Usual Commies who plan to be there...

  2. I think Cleveland will be much more dangerous now. Every commie will be there rioting and looting.

  3. None of it matters a wit. Clinton will be the next POTUS. :-)

    1. I think that there will be massive voter fraud to try and get Clinton to be the POTUS.

    2. Just like there was for 0bammy... twice.

      And shrub before him.

      Endemic voter fraud, and party-rigging of elections has been the American way for the last 40 years.

      Just one of the reasons why there cannot be a political solution to Americas current meangerie of problems.

      The gene pool in this country needs a serious shock and flock...

      ...and it will not be long before we get it.

  4. Cruz dropping out is nothing
    but a feint retreat.
    A tactical lullaby sung for the
    peasant class that still believe
    they are citizens of a Constitutional
    Republic, guided by the rule of
    Constitutional law and uncorrupted
    If you believe that the drafting, design,
    and planned implementation of treasonous
    crimes to be unleashed at the RNC does not
    continue full tilt, the matter of a collapsed
    star cannot equal such denseness.
    Not that it makes a bit of difference,
    for we free people now crushed under
    the shit stained heel of treasonous
    shitbags and their dictatorship in DC.

    1. CavMed: Do you think Cruz dropping out is just a head fake until the convention? Do you think they'll still try a floor steal if Trump hits 1237?

  5. Yes, I do believe it is a
    massive head fake.
    Do you actually believe
    that with all the blatantly
    transparent criminal election
    fraud committed so far, along
    with all of the venomous shit
    talking by Cruz, Priebus and their
    whoring quislings from all sectors,
    that suddenly they
    are now sincere about "going gentle
    into that good night."
    Shit man, even Stevie Wonder
    can clearly this play, from a mile out
    with his back turned.
    And if this is not the case, then
    most certainly some wretched
    back alley deal has been struck.
    Shit man, just last week Priebus
    declared that if Trump was one vote
    short of 1,237 there would be a contested
    Without question, I am not a strategic or
    tactical genius, I was just an average soldier and a medic.
    However, I learned from multiple deployments is that (for myself) the things that did not make
    sense sometimes made the greatest sense of all.

    1. I don't doubt a head fake - but it is contingent on Trump failing to hit 1237 to work. If he hits 1237, it is game over. If he hits 1237 and they try convention shenanigans, they would - very literally - start a shooting event. Now - if he fails to hit 1237, I think it is highly likely someone will try shenanigans.

      I'm looking forward to Cleveland...

  6. Kasich just dropped out.


  7. For those that don't see it,
    Cruz snd Kasich have not
    dropped out.
    All they did was go to ground,
    rolled right or left, and donned
    new camouflage.
    The "dropping out" resulted from
    a realization that "officially" running
    made it immpossible to continue hiding their
    criminal corruption of elections and voting
    in our Republic.
    Unlike most ot the "Patriot" movement,
    the "drop-outs" have enough common
    sense to realize they are telegraphing
    their punches and to stop giving it away
    to their opponents.
    That is all this "dropping out" nonsense
    is truly about, covering their seditious
    plans for the convention, which in reality
    is nothing but the daily treason of DC that
    began two centuries ago.

    1. EXACTLY. That is why Cruz "suspended" his campaign. Not "terminated", but "suspended".

      He and his wife are too well-heeled, not to take the 'advice' of the powerbrokers behind the curtain.



      Same as it ever was,
      only the names and faces change with the times... but the game remains the same.

  8. The new strategy begins to take
    shape: House Speaker Ryan says he can't yet endorse Trump for Republican nomination: http://www.upi.com/Top_News/US/2016/05/05/House-Speaker-Ryan-says-he-cant-yet-endorse-Trump-for-Republican-nomination/5261462481158/

    Ryan, along with a number of high ranking statists of the GOP are also singing this song.
    Without question, I see them using this as their current scapegoat to justify a contested convention.
    With the justification being that he does not have the "endorsement" of the senior gilded lords of the GOP, and this translates as Trump does not have the support required to be the party nominee.

  9. I have said it before, and I'll repeat it until it is no longer relevant -


    He will take the (R)epublican nomination, and then allow himself to be [politically] blown up between the convention and the general election, thereby ensuring we get another Clinton pResidency. This is the deal he made with the Clintonistas; the only political question remaining is, "what was the coin which bought Trump?" As if it really matters.

    There are no political solutions remaining. The only real remaining questions pertain to the extent of the violence, it's timing, and it's outcome, both here and in Europe... because this is a global push - the progressives want to win the world.


  10. My previous comment was not
    an expression of any semblance
    of faith in voting my way to freedom.
    Its my strategic opinion of how
    the dictatorship of DC's treasons
    shitbags were now gaming to
    wipe their asses with the remnants
    of our Republics Constitutional rule
    of law and clean elections.
    That's what I give a shit about, not
    Trump (as electoral savoir) or any
    gilded lord pretending to be a duly
    elected and genuine representative
    of we citizens.
    I'll be damned if I will sit idle after
    November 7th., or maybe July, and let
    them rub my face shit again.
    That's what I give a damn about.

  11. CavMedic,

    I certainly didn't accuse you of retaining unjustified faith in {the remnant of} the American political and electoral process. I know better than to suggest that you suffer from such a foolish misapprehension regarding the depth of the swamp which is Washington DC, and the swarthy critters which inhabit it's murky depths ;P

    I was just putting it out there that I don't believe Trump is playing on the level, and calling his play as I believe he will run it...

    And agreed - right there with you on the 'no more shit' policy - Theirs is the pleasure of starting shit...

    ...but ours is the pleasure of ENDING it;
    and ending those who bring it.

    OAPN, have you ever ridden the Black Horse trail up Fulda way, topping off the mo-go and the Weissbeer at Butzbach, Giessen Depot, Friedberg, Ayers Kasern, Bad Hersfeld, and even as far up as Kassel? Ever freeze your carcass up on the Wildflecken FLOP?

    If you did so in the mid~late 80s, then we might have crossed paths.
    Our HHQ was in Wiesbaden; use to love going down for training, because Mainz Kastel BX was practically across the street... that place made even the biggest Walmart (of today) look like a quickie-mart by comparison. Good times...


    1. heh. army. heh heh. - Chris Kyle's ghost... lol

  12. No upset on my end, My previous
    was just a generalized response
    to the ongoing discussion about
    whether the balllot box is still
    viable in our Republic.

  13. In the Grand Scheme, only 1 thing truly matters. https://youtu.be/8V_vd1BLqqE


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