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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

WWIII spooling up

“I have no particular desire to understand them except to ascertain how much lead or iron it takes to kill them… …the Russian has no regard for human life and they are all out sons-of-bitches, barbarians, and chronic drunks.”

“We promised the Europeans freedom. It would be worse than dishonorable not to see that they have it. This might mean war with the Russians, but what of it?”

When you do not have the stomach to finish the Hard Things, do not begin.  Nuclear war is only a real possibility today because men of weak character, limited foresight and desires to satisfy personal interests chose to do what was easy, versus what was right.

If you ever decide to leave the porch, embrace your death.  Do not plan to ever return or to ever again see your loved ones.  Settle your Soul and go to work.  For if you long to return, if you covet life, you reduce your chances of success exponentially.  

When you set out to take Vienna - TAKE VIENNA!

This is the single most glaring failure of the Liberty Movement - failing to set attainable goals, and then burning bridges to the rear so that single-minded focus can reign.  Nearly every 'Patriot" I have met is unwilling to go into Harm's Way in the slightest respect.  When a pair of unguarded old wooden doors stops an armed group of people from entering an empty room in a State building, then you understand the level of commitment on-hand.

Enemies of Liberty mean to have WWIII.  They mean for America to enter mortal combat with Russia.  Proxies and allies will - must - join.  The goal is to hide the theft of wealth from generations of people across the globe.

They have the means to bring this war to reality.  They have the will. These are not people to be stopped by unguarded wooden doors...

They are executing their plans, right now.

U.S. SecDef to Moscow: US will defend NATO Allies on Russia's Border - here

Response: Russia warns of retaliation if NATO makes any more deployments in Eastern Europe - here.

The average American is in no position to affect the march toward WWIII.  However, the average III Patriot can make a difference once critical mass is achieved.  When it is time, sweep your doorstep.  Help your neighbor to sweep his.  Then keep sweeping until you meet like-minded allies on the next street, in the next neighborhood, the next town.  Then keep sweeping until every Enemy of Liberty on this continent is gone.

Then you may go home.


  1. DoD is enticing the ex USSR Baltic States with lots of expensive goodies to allow NATO to station a Brigade among the three states.


    1. I'd like to say everyone involved is incompetent - but they are not. They know 'exactly what they are doing.

      LT has made reference to en elitist plan to kill 90% of the global population. The coming war could get us there quickly. Between Chem/Bio/Strategic & Tactical Nukes, starvation, disease, et cetera - we could get there in just a few years...

    2. Sorry, I meant four Brigades.



    3. A high altitude EMP will kill 90% of the US in less than a year. Why risk NBC contamination when they could set one nuke off 300 miles up and wait it out for a year.

    4. Agreed. Chem/Bio will be most heavily used in 2nd & 3rd world areas - especially Central America, Africa and Middle East. In America all they really have to do is turn off the lights and kill 1 years worth of crops, and we are done. Americans simply no longer have the ability to function if the grocery store closes and there is no electricity for the Black & Decker. ;)

    5. Intellihub reports hundreds of Abrams from Fort Hood on trains headed to Galveston.


  2. "If you ever decide to leave the porch, embrace your death. Do not plan to ever return or to ever again see your loved ones. Settle your Soul and go to work"

    The Japanese embraced that philosophy during WW2. How'd that work out.

    1. On the tactical level it worked out just fine for the Japanese. Their failings were strategic - they couldn't build sufficient widgets fast enough, and in the end they did not have a hammer as big as ours.

      The mindset is ai uchi translated to 'mutual killing'. If one accepts his death is inevitable, and he is willing to surrender to death for the exchange of killing the enemy before him, he will usually succeed.

      Death is not the worst a man can suffer...

    2. ...there are indeed things worse than death. losing a man’s integrity, or honor - that is 'death by a thousand cuts'

    3. Agreed. I hope everyone remembers that dignity can not be 'taken' by any man from any man - one must willingly surrender or squander it if it is to be lost.

      A thousand men claiming X has lost this or that is meaningless opinion. When a man looks into his own heart, he knows the truth of it. My hope is there remain enough such men to pull Liberty through the muck.

  3. Dope Dealers wife successfully devoured the entire Chinese buffet, must give credit where credit is due.

    1. Anyone know what time of year they send sows to market in Tennessee?

  4. Think my previous comment disappeared into the ether. Anyone ever mess with Gallium or Mercury and Aluminum? Many important things made out of Aluminum ;) Some food for thought.

    1. Sorry Aaron - Blogger must have eaten the original.

  5. "...keep sweeping until every Enemy of Liberty on this continent is gone."

    You must love liberty more than life, for the odds of surviving are so certainly against you, that all selfish reasons dissolve into nothing.
    This is why the 'Patriot Movement' is so fractured and paralyzed - because in the face of certain death, the selfish man cowers and negotiates with evil. His petty hopes for a few more years of life, or even a few more hours, becomes his greatest enemy - and it is this which devours him from within.

    Thus is the truth proven, which states, "Liberty is a blessing unto men of God; none other can withstand it." For without a sound and abiding faith in God's Justice, no man may face death and maintain his convictions.

    Or you could try the progressive formula, and "do it for the children". But if they are not raised to believe in Divine Justice, then they shall only squander what you have given your life to pass on...


  6. I'd rather live free than get loaded onto a boxcar while weighing 90 lbs.

    I have to say LT, your writings are outstanding.
    "Liberty is a blessing unto men of God; none other can withstand it." For without a sound and abiding faith in God's Justice, no man may face death and maintain his convictions." Fantastic!


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