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Friday, May 6, 2016

LaVoy Finicum Memorial

The cross spans 4 feet across.

Where he was murdered.

The fight to save Dwight and Steve Hammond must not be allowed to become a memory.  A friend went to the site of LaVoy Finicum's murder and took the pics above.  The memorial of flowers, crosses and prayers must serve to remind us all that the fight to restore Rightful Liberty in America is an existential

Donald Trump is in Eugene, Oregon tonight.  Friends and family of the Hammonds will be there, handing our flyers to raise awareness of their plight and to hopefully get the issue on Trump's radar.  Trump talks of rolling back FedGov overreach - in the Ham,mond's he has the opportunity to live up to his promises by releasing them on Day One of a Trump Presidency.

Let's keep this issue alive.  Let's work together to make sure Patriots raise the issue at every stop along the Trump campaign trail.


  1. Trump update 1

    People have been allowed in the Lane Events Center since 3:30pm. The capacity is 5000 and it is 3/4 full at 5pm while his speech doesn't start until 7pm.

    There are already commies blocking the entrance to the parking lot. It looks like thre are about 100 protesters at the gate and 100-200 at a park a few blocks away. They intend to march over to the rally around 6pm.

    200 Eugene Police, Lane County Sheriffs and OSP are on hand to augment the secret service.

    The local news is reporting that the airport has cleared out all news crews, supporters and protesters from the airport grounds. This was done for safety is what is being reported. This is a huge departure from obummers trip here after the Roseburg shooting. News crews and obummy supporters were allowed on the tarmac within sight of the pResident. Was there a credible threat? Don't know, just speculation.

  2. Trump update 2

    Getting ready to start speech. 1000-2000 supporters are outside, unable to get in. Approx. 500+ protesters outside.

  3. 3

    Two mexican flag waving protesters were just escorted out.

  4. Can any patriot direct this patriot, as to why I can not find A single thread, on any web page, blog or news site, explaining all the Government paid, Unidentified Terrorists, seen taking part in the Ambush and Assassination of our Martyred Brother? The mercenary style cowards seen in,full battle gear, Except!any identification or badge. I Am LaVoy Finicum


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