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Friday, May 6, 2016

Mmmmm, Bacon...

If you were at the 2015 Idaho PatCon & Prepper Rendezvous, you know the story behind this pic.

The pic above is new - taken this afternoon.  The prize inside has been marinating now for nearly 10 months.  Remember who stood, and who did not?  Remember those who stomped off in a huff?  This was a good exercise that forced people to take a position and own it.

I encourage every Patriot to find a way to really test his allies, to create a circumstance that will reveal just how far they are truly willing to go.  You will find that only a small percentage of your Team and allies are willing to walk the walk, regardless of the volume and tone of their talk.


  1. root out and destroy completely.
    "the use of every legal measure to extirpate this horrible evil from the land"
    synonyms:weed out, destroy, eradicate, stamp out, root out, wipe out, eliminate, suppress, crush, put down, put an end to, get rid of
    "the use of every legal measure to extirpate this horrible evil from the land"


  1. Uh oh, someone's begging for Red Mikey's death fund. Memorial donations.

    1. I thought commies embraced the unmarked mass grave concept... ;)

    2. I was gonna say myself "commies sure do love monuments to themselves" ;)

  2. Tears, name-calling, raised voices, and several who departed the forum in a huff --
    All over the simple proposition of defacing a book.

    Not injuring or even insulting a person, mind you, but defacing a simple inanimate object, even though there was no one there who held the 'faith' represented by said book to take offense...

    It was the same with walking on the flags - some were so concerned about 'the appearance of intolerance' that they refused to participate, and argued vehemently against any of us doing so.

    We, as patriots, need to get the heck over this lame and paralyzing belief that we can restore liberty without offending (let alone harming) those who oppose Rightful Liberty. What we face is a bloody clash of ideologies which will not, and can not be decided in the sterile and safe environment of a voting booth.

    It will be decided in the streets - by riot, mayhem, wanton destruction, and outright murder. If you're not already mentally prepared for this FACT, then you aren't prepared, period.

    Put as plainly as possible, PEOPLE ARE GOING TO KILL EACH OTHER OVER THIS SHIT. There is no alternate path to the conclusion which *both sides* are demanding at this point.

    History prompts you to contemplate what soon comes - the riots of 1968, the Massacre at Kent State, the Rodney King Verdict riots in Los Angeles, the more recent events in Ferguson and Baltimore - all are presenting you with the same FACTS:

    Those on the left have no compunction against violence. In their collective ideology, the ends justify the means; they embrace violence as a vehicle for fundamental transformation of society. And in embracing for it, they plan and prepare for it -

    Look at the 'Occupy' actions - how much funding and order there was, provided by certain unions and 'social justice groups'. Not only did they have signs, banners, and tee shirts printed and positioned ahead of time; they were fully prepared to handle the LOGISTICS of training, feeding, housing, and coordinating thousands of "volunteer" protesters, including numerous agents provocateur. They had bail-bondsman and lawyers ready and waiting to assist those who were arrested; medical care for those who were injured. Etc. Etc. Then look how many "protesters" were bused into Ferguson and Baltimore, for the purpose of much more violent activities.

    The scope and depth of their planning and preparation are to be respected, even if their ideology and methods are to be despised.

    Fact is, the left has been cultivating their personnel roster for nearly a decade, developing a large and well groomed cadre of people prepared to take the streets and turn them into mayhem. Their leadership is well trained, has plenty of field experience, and is ideologically united to a degree which most 'average' Americans would find utterly shocking.

    To think that they will not deploy everything they have, at the moment they believe it will produce the greatest impact upon our society, is pure naivete. They CAN and they WILL do "whatever it takes", to get what they want - They are unabashed in their desire and intention to destroy our society, in order to build their vision of Amerika upon the rubble of everything we hold dear.


    1. Balls-on accurate. Enemies of Liberty have no intention of surrendering the power they have taken. Indeed, they mean to make their power absolute. Asking them nicely to please leave us alone has not worked - after all, that's what voting is all about.

      We have asked politely. They have told us to suck it for generations. That leaves those of us who mean to be Freemen at Liberty with only 2 choices.

      We surrender, or we extirpate them.

      I do not surrender...

  3. LT,

    That is your best assesment of the struggle we will soon engage in. These commies and their tools of islam and progressivism are gearing up for a fight. Soon.

    Trump will be in the ultra liberal bastion of Eugene, Or. tonight. They are expecting 6000+ supporters. The commies and anarchists will protest and have made their intentions clear, violence. The Eugene police chief 'hopes'there will be no violence. There are calls for Eugenes underground 'fifth column' to shut the rally down before it starts.

    A small part of me is saying, 'let's get this party started, I'm not getting any younger'.

    I will not surrender.

    1. ToneDeaf: If you make it to the Trump gig keep an eye out for people handing out flyers regarding the Hammonds. The family is making a push to try and get the Hammonds on Trump's radar, which is a good idea. The atmosphere is just right from a political perspective, for Trump to take on the Hammond fight.

  4. just saw this....https://georgepatton325.wordpress.com.

    looks like the White Nationals and the head skin head - dope dealer are dooing damage control, seems contrite. Far too late and far too little. I do however enjoy watching them suck the taint out of the dying commies ass. Can't wait for the celebration......soon, very, very soon

  5. OK folks, I was there too, and I wasn't able to articulate what was bothering me about it at the time, and it took me a while to really figure it out, but it was basically the fact that such a big thing is being made of the whole muslim deal. It didn't offend me in any way, in fact I'll be glad to be first in line to piss on a copy. But it just seems to me to be a very small part of the problems or issues that the III movement should be worrying about. I feel muslim issues could be easily dealt with, i.e. just shoot the mo-fo's. In other words, I don't spend any significant time worrying about muslims or koran, or their terrorism, but I do spend a lot of time worrying about the terrorism of the alphabet soup of unconstitutional government agencies like fbi, atf, irs, blm, dea, deq, usda, etc., as well as constitutional issues of supreme court, etc. It seems to me that is where the movement should be concentrating its efforts. If you solve the runaway government problem, the muslim issue is easy. --bigmac

  6. I totally agree LT. Only three men stood up that day against islam. Three out of group of 50 men and women. A very small percentage for a crowd of III% patriots. If people can't stand up when there are no consequences, will they stand up when the consequences are dire? Only time will tell. People totally underestimate the magnitude of the islam problem. Islam has been a scourge on mankind for 1,400 years.

  7. Bigmac - I can in no way disagree with your proposition, that runaway government has far exceeded the bounds of our Constitution, and now presents a real and immediate threat to our very existence. But I also see that this same tyrannical government is purposefully importing muslims and 'seeding' islamic communities within the US.

    To me, the muslim problem is no different than the 'La Raza' problem - the rapidly growing illegal Mexican and central-american population of communists within our borders.
    "Amnesty" for the illegal immigrants and the resettlement of muslim "refugees" both serve the same purpose -

    to further fracture the American polity, with the purpose being to reconstruct the polity of the United States such that the European, Christian, Traditional-Family voters are forever more outnumbered at the polls by a 'rainbow coalition' of non-European, non-Christian voters who either A) don't have a clue about, and don't give a damn about our Constitution and Civil Rights (these would be the hispanic communistas), or B) who are openly and vehemently hostile towards the very concept of a free and secular state, as implemented anywhere in the Western World (these would be the muslims).

    Given the similarity of purpose for which these two groups are being brought into our country, I take greater umbrage towards the muslims only because their society is, generally speaking, much more violent overall, and that is before we take into consideration the dangers of jihadi terrorists embedded within the waves of 'refugees' from the mid-East being resettled within our borders.

    I have said it before, and it bears repeating - if we really don't want illegal immigrants coming here, then we need to enact a system of deterrence sufficiently powerful to repel them -

    Deterrence such as, "if you are not an American citizen, and you commit a violent crime within US jurisdiction, then the punishment upon conviction is the death Penalty. Period. NO Appeals. NO 25 years on Death Row. Conviction today, hanging tomorrow.
    Done. Right. Now.

    The same applies for commercial trafficking in drugs, weapons, and other contraband -- and especially human trafficking -- such as MS-13, the Latin Kings, and several other hispanic gangs are heavily engaged in throughout our country.

    If you enter the country illegally, and are found to have unlawfully established residence, obtained employment, and/ or applied for any form of public assistance, then you get a tattoo on your forehead to mark you as a border violator; and then you get put on a leaky old condemned barge, along with a few thousand of your best border-jumping buddies, and the barge gets towed well out into deep international waters. If anyone wants you, then they can come and get you...before the barge sinks. Either way, it's not an American problem anymore.

    Any person with the tattooed mark on their forehead, who is seen anywhere within the jurisdiction of the United States, can be lawfully executed on the spot by *any* United States Citizen. As a repeat offender, no further adjudication is necessary - the mark is, in itself, a fully authorized execution warrant, which any Native Born American Citizen may carry out at will. If this isn't sufficient deterrence in itself, then a reward can be assigned to the execution of any repeat border offender. I strongly doubt that more than a dozen Mexicans would be willing to cross back into the US when there is a tattoo worth $2500 on their forehead.

    This same mark can be applied upon any non-US-citizen who is arrested within the territory of the United States upon charge of any felony or act of terrorism (including conspiracy to commit terrorism)and subsequently extradited to the country where they committed their crime(s). Just to make sure we don't get them back at some point in the future.


  8. - - - Part 2 - - -
    The same mark can be applied, by any US Forces, to any captured combatant who has engaged in any act(s) of war against the United States, or committed any attack, bombing, hostage-taking, or other violent act(s) against any US military personnel, or against any personnel of the US diplomatic corps.

    In dealing with both the muslims and with La Raza, any act of conspiracy in support of any terrorist act, or to support any designated terrorist organization or group, or any communist organization or group, even by so little as a cash donation, shall be marked and deported via leaky barge as described above. [Remember, *all* muslims support Jihad, every time they pay the mandatory "zakat" (religious tax) at their mosque]

    Additionally, any act of voter fraud, election fraud, voter intimidation, political lobbying, and/or other criminal effort to manipulate, corrupt, and/or invalidate the process or outcome of *any* election within US jurisdiction - whether by a US Citizen, a legal resident alien, or an illegal immigrant, shall be marked and deported to deep international waters, as described above.

    In the case of allegations against any US Citizen having committed any act punishable under this section, the right to a public and speedy trial shall be upheld; however, for non-citizens charged under this section, a summary criminal deportation hearing before the US Circuit Court presiding over the district in which the crime(s) shall have occurred shall be convened. A 'conviction' is not required under such a summary deportation proceeding; nor is the burden of proof for a Deportation Order as stringent as that which is required for a conviction - The issuing by the Circuit Court of a Criminal Deportation Order shall require only that sufficient evidence be presented to establish either: A) that the defendant's guilt is established Prima Fascie, or B) that the presiding judge finds "reasonable probability" that the accused non-citizen is guilty as established in this section.

    Or, in other words, if you're not an American citizen, then stay the hell away from our electoral process all together. It's not your business. If you want to vote, then go back to wherever the hell it is you came from...

    (and I'm not opposed to the Navy using those scrapped barges for target practice, either, when they're full of muslims and/or those guilty of voter/election fraud)

    There are solutions to the problems we face. Real solutions that will work. But you'll have to accept beforehand that they WILL OFFEND PEOPLE, and some of the people scheming for the destruction of our country are going to meet a prompt, if ugly demise.
    But don't feel bad about that. After all, it's nothing they wouldn't have done for you, if they got the outcome they've been working for these last 50 years.

    Bill Ayers stated, back in 1969, that after a communist revolution in America, they would have to 'liquidate' some 30 to 50 million Americans who could not be "retrained" to live in a communist society. Reasonably assume that that similar people, having similar discussions today, are probably contemplating a number twice as large - on the order of 50 to 80 MILLION AMERICANS MURDERED to establish the Soviet Socialist Amerika they have been working towards for the last 50 years.



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