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Monday, May 30, 2016

Winners Win. Losers Lose. Power is Power. Appeasement is for Punks.

The following is a list of prominent Republicans who say they’re not planning to attend the Republican National Convention -- based on responses from their offices and previously published reports:

Former President George W. Bush

Former President George H.W. Bush

2008 Republican presidential nominee and Arizona Sen. John McCain

2012 Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney

2016 presidential candidate and former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush

Whatever you may think of Donald Trump, there is a much more significant lesson to be learned from this story.

Bush 43 - the Poster Child for GOP Globalism
Bush 41 - Lost to Bill Clinton
McCain - Lost to President Obama
Romney - Lost to President Obama
Jeb Bush - Lost to Donald Trump

But for W., this is a group of Republicans who have - repeatedly - been handed their arses by voters.  They are a collection of losers who live life on the .Gov tit and facilitate that others bend knee to .Gov employees.

Why on Earth would Trump even WANT such a collection of demonstrable losers fouling the air around him and mucking-up the message?  To a man, every single one of those people have FAR MORE in common with the proposed policies of Hillary and Bernie than Trump.  

When your Enemies IFF themselves, it serves no purpose to keep them appeased.

Fcuk 'em.  Dump 'em in ditches or grease the tracks of your tanks with their guts if they won't stand down and clear the road.

But for fcuk sake DO NOT APPEASE or try to negotiate for their 'support' - which YOU DO NOT NEED IF YOU ARE ALREADY SUCCEEDING!


  1. Let us never forget FDR's appeasement of Stalin - during, and at the end of WW-II, which essentially handed Stalin and communist Russia absolute control of eastern Europe for just under 50 years, from which they are still recovering.

    Appeasement has always been the act of cowards and traitors, excused by hypocrites.

    Appeasement lacks character, in the same way a large loaf of crap lacks a good smell.

    The Bushes and McCain deserve to hang for their high crimes against our nation - and that's just the ones we know about.
    And as for Mitttens - well, we know that he's just dying to get into their special club...

  2. None of what follows this
    sentence is relevant, or matters
    in the grand scheme and workings
    of the Universe.
    Now having said that, I sincerely hope
    that I am not alone in noticing that since
    Cruz dropped out of the Presidential race
    he has not been seen, heard or televised; nor have any of the other treasonous and criminal shitbags (conservative republicans) that preceded him in dropping out.
    As I commented two weeks ago, it is very
    telling how all of the failed candidates went to ground, disappeared, and what it likely means.
    Trump's winning the brass ring of 1,237
    delagates is meaningless and wortless.
    Those seditious shitbags that are determined
    to conduct a corrupt and criminal election are undeterred by the reality that for the first
    time in a long while, if ever, an overwhelming
    number of citizens can see this criminality
    for what it is.
    And, without question, they are not going to
    accept but an election whose victor is determined by the will and votes of the people.
    This is what truly matters in my desire to
    see Trump obtain the Presidency, and not a
    naivety and inexoerience that does not even exist amongst high school age girls anymore.
    Without question, the word passed up and downn the line in response to the disappearance of the previously mentioned
    shitbags is that we have "Condition Red and definitely expect rain."
    Why do you think the majority of them are
    refusing to attend their party's convention.
    Make no mistake, their is a most foul crime being planned and after it commences those "Patriots" and "citizens" who beliveve they can continue to hide behind craven excuses and scapegoating will be revealed as the worthless shit they are and shown the door, by virtue of their worthlessness.
    K, I believe you described it as " If X, Then Y."
    I sincerely hope that those in the community that I have a level of agreement with can see this situation for what it is.
    Before the Summer ends, we are going to clash with our domestic enemies, DC,and their quisling whores.
    Count on it.

  3. CavMed, you and I are on the same wavelength - I was looking at the possibility of such an event in 2012 (among others) and it's funny, how little the world has changed in the last 4 years (if you ignore the fact that the sheit in DC is piled even deeper than it was in 2012, and that regular people are feeling the pinch even harder than they were 4 years ago)...

    In 2012, I called it "Election Rejection" -

    Now, not only do we have the question of who will count the votes (the Scytl question is still valid), but now we must also consider who may be be hog-tied and dumped into the glue-vat, at their respective conventions...

    I agree with your summation - looks like it's gonna be a long, hot summer.



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