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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

The Judge

Because the government prosecutes people who lie to it and its liars almost never can be prosecuted, government lying is grave. It is equivalent to government lawbreaking because when people to whom the government lies -- judges or litigants or members of Congress or the public -- rely on those lies, they often do so to their detriment. They lose a right or an opportunity that often cannot be recaptured.

I have often asked rhetorically whether the government works for us or we work for the government. The answer to this inquiry is obvious. It is only a fiction that the government works for us.

Yet fear of the consequences of government lying should terrify anyone who believes in the rule of law and fair play. Those consequences can be as contagious as government lawbreaking.

Column is here.

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  1. K,
    Access to this link is denied....


    1. Thanks, just updated. Let's see if Fox is now added to the list of 'respectable' sites that is black-listing us. If it goes down again, we'll know. ;)

    2. Faux News has never been anything other than controlled opposition - just like El Rushblow, Sean Scamitty, and Glenny the Beck.

      The reason Faux News exists is to keep the 50-somethings from freaking out about how they're going to make it through their golden years. Faux gives them a light political riling so they know theyre not yet dead, followed by a heavy dose of youre the baby-boomers, youve earned a Class A retirement; and as for all those doom-and-gloom preppers - "it will never happen here, THIS IS AMERICA".

      And once they've had their fix, they'll click over to Dancing with the Stars, and fall asleep in their Lazy-Boys, with visions of guaranteed-rate annuities dancing through their heads.

      Remember folks, Satan doesn't present himself to people wih the Halloween red skin, horns, and pitchfork, wreaking of hellfire and brimstone.

      No, he comes to you with the appearance and bearing of sanguine grace and true benevolence, explaining away your deepest fears, praising your highest aspirations, and promising you everything you've ever wanted.



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