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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Practical Prepping

It has been a week since we asked the same question: What have you done in the past week to prep for the coming North American Liberty Games?

Maybe you spent your week getting ready to attend Brock's PatCon?  Maybe you'll spend this week with him and his guests, networking and sharing important information and/or skills.  Good luck, Brock.

Let's focus the question this week - do you have a Bug Out spot?  If so, have you worked out the logistics of actually getting to that hidey hole under variable circumstances?  I can tell you from first-hand experience, if your plan was to Bug Out of the DC Metro area on 9/11 after gathering your kids from school, loading the Bug Out Mobile and then beating feet outbound - you encountered a series of catastrophic Fails.

Kids were in lock-down at schools as late as midnight in many counties.  Highways were shut down and many motorists over-nighted in their cars.  Metrorail shut down in many spots and simply refused to stop at other stations.  If you can't get home from work, can't get your kids from school, can't rendezvous with your spouse, and can't use the roads to exfil your AO - getting to that sweet Bug Out spot may be problematic.

If you prepped at all the last week with regards to either your Bug Out location or logistics, share what is prudent to share.


  1. Yes, I do have a BOL.

    Most reasons for heading out can be recognized from a long ways out. Economic collapse, social unrest, etc... So most of my stuff is pre-staged and ready to go before the natives get restless.

    The two that are near impossible to think through completely are major, instantaneous events, Cascadia earthquake and EMP.

    As for what I did to prepare:

    Took a crate of pigeons to BOL and released them for training. These are racing pigeons and will be used to get OTP's back to the main loft. It took the fastest one a little over 3 hours to go 120+ miles over the Cascade range. Old school comms.

    Planned out placement of an LP/OP that will also be used as a hunting stand.

    Memorized new areas of AO logging roads in my side by side.


  2. Met with the group tonight, and asked them to consider the .mil "S" functions, in terms of their planning. S1, what personnel should we actively seek to recruit? S2 what intel do we need to work on? S3, what training should we emphasize in the next while? S4, what group buys should we consider?

    Made everone come up with an answer to each question. Worked well, and make them think.

    Allen from Deseret

  3. Having a family member recently acquire the last property on the road which shares an access at the end with me, family member and I decided that one gate in front of us both would provide a more restricted access to us while leaving our shared border unimpeded. An hour or so of post hole digging and rock bar yielded a hole 5’deep x 2’ wide. A big sturdy forest service style gate made of 6” and 2” pipe stock was set in a couple of wheel barrows of rock and (28) 80 Lb. bags of concrete and a few sticks of 3/4” rebar. The post with the Pin and Lock box is placed on the side of side of the road exposed in a wide open space with no cover whatsoever roughly 120’ below us in elevation and 260 yards downrange. 2 fence lines converge at this spot. In addition to Dakota alerts and remote cameras. While no gate can stop a sufficiently determined group of assholes, this one will stop assholes that are not in possession of a backhoe or an acetylene torch. I have a few ideas involving concrete and fencing reinforcements that won’t appear too over the top that will happen as time and money allow. Small Victories.

  4. Made multiple recon runs through an upscale neighborhood where the politicians and their top-tier praetorians reside. Collected pictures of interesting features of the landscape, hardscape, and residential structures.
    Did a thorough sweep of WiFi spectrum, to collect network names, channels, and WEP/WPA attributes of relevant APs, as well as an expanded RF sweep for wireless-connected security devices. Also made detailed observation of selected residential structures with NVGs to identify interior and exterior InfraRed (IR) security nets and automated lighting systems.

    All for educational purposes, of course.


  5. Yes, I also have a BOL.
    I am presently packing and moving to my BOL because I feel it's more prudent to live the lifestyle now while I can absorb and learn from the mistakes while the stakes aren't as high. Not to mention, I won't have to contend with the "am I even going to be able to make it to my BOL" scenario.

    This week saw water made available at the BOL/homestead. I also have a spring that will be developed later.
    Moving has given me ample excuse to go through everything, especially preps and with the combined issue of my stove not working, I have been using up food storage that was nearing expiration dates. This is definitely the time to find out the first brand of instant potatoes I bought for food storage is very inferior to the brand I found at Costco. Instant potatoes are not something we eat often or willingly. I can count on two hands and have fingers left over how many times I have served them over a 40 year period. They are a backup to growing your own and storing them in a root cellar.
    I'm a firm believer in eat what you store and store what you eat, but sometimes you have to stretch the rule a bit, for the unexpected.
    Miss Violet

    1. Good luck with your move Ms. Violet! I hope you get your garden started, water going, fence up, and a huge stack of seasoned wood split and stacked before it gets cold, and you finish the year warm and cozy with everything in it's place. Don't forget to stop an stretch a little:) -R n Ca.

    2. Thank you R n Ca. There won't be a garden this year, but the hardscape for it will be going in so come spring next year we're ready to rock n roll. :) Whenever I want to whine about all the work I remind myself, I'm livin' the dream, this is what we have been planning and working toward for twenty years. We're very, very blessed. And yes, I take time to stretch, smell the roses (that are in big pots so I can transplant them at the new place), and spend some fun time with my favorite people.
      Miss Violet


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