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Thursday, June 23, 2016

April 19, 2015

Freddie Gray died of the injuries inflicted upon him by Baltimore murderers in uniform.

His 'crime'? and reason for his arrest that led to his murder?

He 'Made eye contact with LEO and turned away, failing to come to them when ordered'.

Baltimore LEO Brian Rice & Edward Nero began a foot chase and ultimately charged Gray with possession of a 'switchblade'.  (The State's Attorney held that the knife was legal under Maryland law.)

For his arrogance and failure to immediately bend knee and lick the boots of the Baltimore LEO involved, Gray was put into the back of a transport van and subsequently bounced to death in a bit of routine 'diesel therapy'.

Every LEO involved has not only walked on the murder, but now they are going to win a defamation suit against the State for many, many millions of dollars each.

Why did he die?  Because the King's Men decided to murder him.  He committed no crime, either malum in se or malum prohibitum.  

Conclusion: If you trust 'Justice' to other people in America today, you are an idiot.

Here's the latest piece.

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  1. "Why did he die? Because the King's Men decided to murder him. "

    Multiply by at least 120 million, and you understand the enormity of the provable socialist democide over the last century.

    Now, add in the untold millions murdered by islam over the same hundred years, and the number of the dead becomes completely incomprehensible, it is so large.

    Socialist government has been the single most deadly actor against humanity - by the murder of their own citizens - over the entire 20th century. Orders of magnitude worse than any natural disaster, and even worse than any war between governments of whatever stripe (yes, this includes WW-I and WW-II, combined).

    The number-two killer of the 20th century? muslims murdering Jews, Christians, Zoroastrians, Hindus, Bahai's, and other minorities in muslim-controlled territories. Think I'm kidding? Remember that until WW-I ended the Ottoman Empire still ruled all of Southeastern Europe and the Caucasus, as well as much of the mid-east. And the Ottoman Turks were (and still are) a murderous bunch of blood-thirsty bastards, if ever a group of people deserved such a label.

    Today, we have 'Number 1' and 'Number 2' (pun intended) working together, as firm allies, against all of Western Society.

    Yeah, you should be concerned about that, because implosion is imminent, and while the detonation will be primarily economic, the blast wave will come in the form of islamic murder on a scale which goes far beyond the term "terrorism" to describe...

    It's going to be outright WAR, and the communists intend to get [damn near] everyone on their side, by claiming to have the solution to 'the muslim problem' as well as the economic problems.

    And after the communists take charge of the remains of western society, and deal with the muslims (using nuclear weapons) they will then be the only world power left standing. Which has been their end-game all along.

    Think I'm kidding? Go read Golitsyn. Then do the math about why the commies would ever ally themselves with a radically violent **religion** - remembering that true communists are anti-religion. ANY religion. Period.

    Think Putin would hesitate to nuke Mecca, and 10 to 20 other muslim-dominated cities around the world? Think again. There would, of course, be a major act of "islamic terrorism on Russian soil" first - gotta have some justification - and then the standing threat will be "for any subsequent act of terror, no matter how small, we'll nuke another place populated mostly by muslims."

    The net effect? All non-muslims will flee from any place which might be on that retaliation list, essentially splitting the world into two zones: muslim and non-muslim; and thus giving license for such grand-scale hostage holding in perpetuity. At which point, the communists will not have to nuke anything further; they will instead use denial of trade, embargoes of food, medicine, and technology - and other non-violent means - to destroy what remains of islam over a period of 2~4 generations. Like a constricting snake, they will strangle it slowly, but very, very surely.

    Communism is the snake, and islam is the rat... which makes us the ratfood.

    Any questions?



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