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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Redoubt News: Update on Twin Falls Rape

Here's the link from MJ.

So, is it racist to be anti-Islam?  Of course not.  You can't choose the color of your skin or your height when born.

Being Muslim is a choice.

In this world men and women are properly held to account for their actions.

Can it be argued that a child born into a Muslim home, who is taught the 'Muslim Faith' by mommy and daddy is being indoctrinated?  Sure.  Does that mean the indoctrinated fcuks are not responsible for their actions?  Of course not.

For the innocent child born into the Muslim home, I weep.  For that same being as an adult who follows Islam and acts upon his beliefs or indoctrination to infringe the Natural Rights of any other being - he is a disease to be eradicated.


  1. Well, the inbreeding of the muslims really has earned them the epithet, "Mo's Morons". And that's going to pay itself back in spades, when the time comes -

    The muzzy horde can't seem to comprehend that they're being set up by the communists to be used as shock-troops, to bring the western world to it's knees.

    But, once that job is done, communism will do to the muslims, exactly what it has done with every other group of 'incorrigibles' to come under it's tender administration over the past century - it will kill them en-mass, with chilling efficiency, and grim determination to leave no remnant.

    Not that I have a problem with the total elimination of islam - because I don't have any objection whatsoever; I harbor not even the slightest lingering ε of sympathy for Mo's morons.

    My issue is, plainly and simply, with their violent nature being employed as the hammer to smash Western Society into unrecognizably small fragments, such that it can be rebuilt as a wholly oligarchic 2-tier system, with 99.9% of the population bound in perpetuity under a pseudo-socialist system of chattel slavery, in which people are owned right along with the land and resources of each jurisdictional territory.

    This is plain neo-feudalism; a system most resembling that which was practiced under the Holy Roman Empire c. 1600s in central Europe. (go search on 'The Westphalian Peace' as your starting point)

    And, FWIW, the anvil upon which we will be smashed is the coming economic implosion such as they have engineered for two purposes -
    1) to bleed the 'middle class' dry as a bone, and
    2) to magnify the force of each blow delivered by 'the hammer' a thousand-fold or more, such that no pockets of personal independence remain.

    We are presently witnessing only the very leading edge, of a very large wave; but it must go faster at the same rate at which it grows larger, and we are near the 'knee' in the graph where both its size and speed will shoot up at a near-vertical incidence - this is the 'socio-economic singularity' which I have previously spoken of - where everything seems to be happening all at once, and all of it being very, very bad.

    Or, as K likes to put it, "Prepare for contact."
    Because the moment is not far off.


  2. The two boys, the 14 y/o teenager and their families need to be run the fuck out of Idaho
    for starters.
    No excuses.
    What the fuck?!
    Moreover, there should be no questions
    as to what needs to be down with the treasonous shitbags of the city council, DA's office, sheriff's department and their quisling whores.
    Again I ask, what the fuck Idaho?!

    1. The Idaho III is strong in the south part of the state, from Boise and eastward. They have taken point on immigration in the past - I am really perplexed as to why they have not been all over this one.

    2. I posted the comment with the 'yourhoustonnews' link attached.

      Cav Med

  3. yourhoustonnews.com/courier/opinion/malkin-horror-and-hush-up-in-twin-falls-idaho/article_9c85c747-0a2a-54e7-a31d-3f2d6d2981f9.html

    A concerned grandfather whose granddaughter under the age of 10 was sexually harassed by Muslim migrants protested to mayor Jens Muller. In response to his plea for help, Muller told the elderly man to direct his family to “not walk in areas” where refugees would be.
    “Just don’t provoke them and don’t walk in those areas.”
    The grandfather lamented at the public meeting: “You’re not allowed to walk in your own city anymore.”
    To which the jaded mayor replied: “This is the way it is.”

    So that's how its to be Idaho?
    Outside of your borders, you are a sovereign
    state unto yourselves, but within your borders
    you are separate, numerous and unaffiliated
    Those of you who are recognized as leaders, locally and nationally, all you have to do
    is exhibit so true leadership, put out a recruitment call for genuine backup, and I would
    be there in an instant (for an actual go hard fight) and most certainly not dissuaded by a pair
    of wooden doors.
    What a fucking disgrace of cowardice and impotence.

  4. I am hearing nothing but crickets publicly as well as privately from folks in the south. They are talking about Malheur and the House Dems sit-in over 2A, but not a peep about Twin Falls.

  5. I pray their silence is an efecteurium oscuri di regni, and not an actual choice to ignore the matter...


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