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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Team BearDragon

More on this to come.  Those who were there, remember...
Any light seen between the Bear and the Dragon is intentional and for American consumption - here.

Remember the Sandinistas?  Remember the Monroe Doctrine?  Here is why we should have killed every single Commie in our hemisphere when we had the chance to do so easily.

One more time for the folks who are slow to grasp what is happening - remember your Golitsyn (posted originally several years ago, and still balls-on accurate.) Here.

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  1. Here's the Cliff Notes, folks -

    1. Whenever a national leader speaks of "Global Stability", what they're really talking about is promoting their hegemony (or their sponsor-nation's hegemony). When the leader or representative of a regional or global power speaks of "Friendly Relations", it means they are getting what they want from their client-states in their hegemonial structure, including assisting with the conversion of additional states into their hegemonial structure.

    3. Nicaragua is not a new, nor an isolated incident. Russia has *never* stopped working to develop alliances in Central and South America. NEVER. And, considering the length and extent of their investments into these small and irrelevant countries, it should be obvious that there is a larger and more compelling cause than just "trade" or "stability" behind Russia's constant efforts to secure toe-holds on our southern flank.

    2. In the early 1950s, the US assisted a certain faction with a "change-of-government" in Iran, in exchange for the "right" to set up and operate an 'intelligence monitoring station' in northern Iran, very near the Russian (USSR) border. It took the Russians over 25 years, and untold money and effort, to reverse the position of Iran, and obtain an Iranian government friendly to Russia and very anti-US. But they did it, and the 1979 "Iranian Hostage Crisis" was the result.

    (The larger, and much more dangerous crisis - the fact that Russian communism had chosen to ally itself with radical islam - was never even reported upon.) And look where that unchallenged alliance has lead us, 40+years down the road.
    'Carlos the Jackal' stated quite plainly, many years ago, that "in order to take down the US, an alliance between Communism and violent islam would be necessary, with both forces operating within the US to destroy it from the inside". Now, where in the heck do you imagine a South American terrorist got such an idea? Could it possibly have been during the year which he spent being trained and indoctrinated in Moscow, that he picked up such interesting views and opinions?)

    Don't be fooled. The Russians are playing Chess at the global level, just as they always have been... and they are doing a very handy job of mopping us up, too.

    Soon, we shall see the very verge of global conflict, and it shall be under a red banner, and a black banner, that our enemies shall array themselves.



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