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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Globalists Panic - Rush Toward WWIII In EU Theatre

The EU has always been much more than an experiment - it was designed as the first step in a global consolidation of power that erased national borders and nationalities.  It was a plot of 'Globalists', or if you prefer, the 'New World Order' clan.

Brexit has forced their hand.  The exercise is failing and the Globalists are faced with two choices - fall back and regroup, to try again in the future - or go hard and try to accelerate their plans at a faster pace.  It would appear they Globalists have chosen the latter path.

Here is the plan.

Under the best circumstances, one can expect financial turmoil from Brexit.

What appears to be coming down the pike is a Globalist push to subjugate the remainder of the EU countries into the original end-state goal, before those countries bolt.  The pushback is already on display following Brexit - a near stampede by remaining EU countries calling for Leave referendums.

Now the real question: Will the Globalists seek to use force?  

WWIII may go hottest, firstest, over Brexit.  Let us see just how committed the Globalists are to keeping their EU gambit on track...


  1. "Now the real question: Will the Globalists seek to use force?"

    Anvil and Hammer strategy - the muslims are the hammer which will force Europeans to demand the Anvil. The ultimate reshaping of Europe by such a 'blacksmith' methodology is already a foregone conclusion...

    (Remember the Original Symbol of the Fabians - a pair of blacksmiths wielding hammers against a golden globe, resting upon a massive anvil; And their coat of arms - a wolf in sheep's clothing)

    The only chance remaining, is for one or more nations in Europe, to elect to deal with the fabian socialists as one and the same enemy as the muslims - eradicating as many as possible, and driving the rest out in a decisive and permanent victory.

    Germany is not a likely candidate, nor is France at this point. Not as the first to do it. But the Netherlands could, very well, make such a choice, and prosecute such to an effective victory.

    As with the BREXIT, it is going first, that is hardest... then perhaps others will follow.


  2. Gee, isn't that what Hitler tried to do? :-)

  3. No, Hitler was openly trying to amass possession and control over all of Europe, as an absolute dictator. While those outside Germany *could* claim ignorance, any German claiming to be ignorant of Hitlers intent was a liar. Period. It was a staple of all his speeches - the only way to secure German independence was to place the other European countries in subjugation to the 'National German Will'. The other nations of Europe were to be allowed autonomy, only to the extent that they openly supported and cooperated with Hitler's intentions - thus the Vichy French yellowbellies.

    Now, it is Brussels seeking absolute power through compulsory "unity" across Europe. And they will use the threat of muslim revolt as their justification for imposing it under arms.
    This time Brussels is Hitler, and it remains to be seen who, this time around, will be the Polish patriots - resisting a dictatorial power foreign to their nature, interests, and Constitution...


  4. I believe it WILL start in France.


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