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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Whatever you think of Trump...

...he has the American and World Establishment terrified.

I will be surprised if he makes it to election day.

China is angry, here.

It is a long list of people and organizations that will do anything to keep Trump out of the Oval.  Even R's would rather have Hillary...


  1. Trump has a gift for inspiring loyalty in his team, and he has more than sufficient funds to maintain a world-class security detail.

    So if someone intends to take him out of the race by assassination, they will not be able to do it using the the standard format (traitor + patsy)...

    Thus, there will be lots of 'moving parts' in any such plot. Considering that "the statistical possibility of keeping a secret is 1/N^2" - whoever might have such plans, has a tough row to hoe - first to get it accomplished, and second to keep it a secret afterwards.

    In other words, divide the number 1 by the square of the number of people who know of the secret.

    Even at a very low number, say just N=5 people who know a secret, and thus N^2 = 5X5 = 25, the chances of keeping the secret indefinitely are only 4% (1/25th)...

    This also explains the Clinton body count...they were aggressively pruning the number N as various plots and plans either succeeded or failed, in the hopes of not having their various secrets get out.

    But, as the Clintons (and every other Oligarch) eventually realizes, once you start 'killing secrets', you're never through -

    And the pool of blood at Hilary's feet just keeps getting deeper and deeper... Ambassador Stevens and his men are *probably* the most recent additions to the list, but we can't be sure.

    Tyranny and murder are like peanut butter and jelly... the only other thing you need is lots of $bread.

  2. Trump is our only chance left to buy more time, that is even if they allow the election to happen. The filth over at the Black lives matter intend on causing chaos at both the RNC and DNC in order to keep their man in for a third term. Given that BLM is funded by Soros and in bed with Obama and Lynch,the possibility of no election is very real. At this point if you are for freedom and for America you should be all in for Trump,reality sucks.

    1. I AM all in for Trump, but if they circumvent or "take him out" I will make WAR upon them-even if I do so Alone.

  3. People are terrified at the thought that a petulant child could be in charge of the nation, This is not so impressive.

    1. You think Trump is a petulant child? What do you think of Hillary?

  4. I think Trump is the ONLY option for the election. If they remove him from the board, it will signal the Start for me !


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