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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Preview of Your AO


I hope you have been watching as a primer.



  1. Coming soon to a Wegmans, Safeway, Kroger, Stop & Shop, Piggly Wiggly, &Etc. near you...

    Quote from an old, stupid movie,"All restaurants are Taco Bell, now."

    Where it will soon apply to reality, "All grocery stores are Walmart now".

    Do you understand?

    The approaching terminus is state-sanctioned monopoly, over all the basic necessities...

    Electricity, sewer and water are already a done deal; monopolized by the cities themselves, and/or their preferred vendors.

    Cable/Internet/Telephone are getting pretty whittled down.

    Medical care is headed in that direction very rapidly - notice the explosion of small "Urgent Care" facilities in strip-malls everywhere? Notice they are all owned by a few specific companies?

    Been watching the M&A of hospitals since Obozocare took hold? Little community hospitals have been being bought up by the bigger corporate-run outfits, or run out of business. There are 18% fewer hospitals, and 27% fewer hospital beds in the US now, than when 0bozocare was passed 7 years ago....

    Food and general merchandise? Walmart, Walmart, or Walmart.

    Pharmacies? I count 4 left, one of which is Walmart.

    In each of these areas, ask yourself, do I have more freedom of choice now than I did 10 years ago, or less? Are the costs lower or higher now?

    Because the point of monopoly, is to fix all consumer prices at the most profitable point for the Oligarchs and their pet corporations.
    Which always means that the lack of choice will cost you more, service levels will go down, and you get the smelly end of the stick... always.

    Because that's how they like it - them fat, clean, and rich; and everybody else skinny, smelly, and poor.

    And Venezuela is a re-run, folks, you should know how the show ends. In fact, you should be quoting the dialogue at this point. I.E.
    "I said across her nose, not up it, you *sshole..."

    So, do not ask, "Who made that man a gunner?" You already know the answer. We all do.



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