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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Have you noticed...

Most of the MSM coverage regarding the dead and injured in Orlando are using female pronouns.

'She' was injured.  'Her' wounds were severe.

Was it a Lesbian bar?  Or is MSM simply pushing the sexual identity meme that males who want to identify as female earn the pronoun of choice?

Maybe both males and females were in the club, and there is nothing to this at all.

Just an interesting tidbit.

And for the record - I am not buying Mateen was a self-loathing gay who snapped, either. That is just too convenient a bit of spin with multiple PR goals.  1) Calling him gay is a childish means to try and call into question the masculinity of Mo's Morons.  2) Calling him gay is an attempt to bring the LGBT community into a mainstream conversation - legitimizing them.

He may have been gay.  But if I had to bet my dinner on it, I'd call BS.

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