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Friday, June 3, 2016

Millennials: Even More Dangerously Stupid Than Baby Boomers

President Obama won 60% of the 'Youth' vote in 2008.  These are voters generally considered 30 or younger.  A significant portion of that voting block in 2008 consisted of young blacks, many of whom voted for the first (and only) time, probably based on skin color.  That said, Barack Obama was running as an openly defined Liberal Progressive - what you and I call a Socialist, at best.

Millennials in that same 'Youth' voting block in 2016 have crushed Barack Obama's 2008 numbers. 71% have pulled the lever for Bernie Sanders so far during the Dem primary season - and California doesn't weigh-in until next week.  There are two significant differences between Bernie Sanders and Barack Obama when you analyze the voting numbers.  

First, Sanders does not identify as a Liberal Progressive.  He proudly and boldly declares himself a Socialist.  Second, while Sanders is not bringing young black voters to the polls, he is drawing record-breaking numbers of young white voters.

These people are not voting for Bernie Sanders simply because he isn't Hillary.  While Hillary is nearly universally disliked even in her own party - that dislike is not strong enough to motivate record-breaking waves of anti-Hillary voters.  

No, Bernie Sanders is crushing the 'Youth' vote because they like what he says.  It is that simple.

A stunning percentage of American 'Youth' (and their elders) choose to embrace an openly and apologetically Socialist candidate for POTUS.

Most of us believe that our Revolution against the King took place over many years before the first shots were ever fired.  Americans mentally and emotionally separated from the Crown long before John Parker and his men took positions at Lexington Green.  By the time the lead started flying, the Revolution was over, all but the screaming.

I suggest Patriots drop every emotional and intellectual bias you may have and look at America in 2016 and consider that this Marxist Revolution, too, is already, almost, entrenched.  An overwhelming percentage of your neighbors either actively support Socialism (and worse, for we all know it is a gateway drug) or, even more disheartening on many levels, they are unwilling to risk anything to oppose that Socialism.

The Boomers planted the seeds of the forests we now inhabit.  The apathy and refusal of our parents and grandparents to burn those seedlings to the ground brings us to where we are today - lost in the Black Forests of Marx with only one option available to us.  We clear-cut as much as we can and burn the rest, or we die alone in this forest.

The Marxist Revolution in America has all but won.  Soon they will send out their own John Parker to start the hot war, and the screaming will begin again.

Liberty is gasping Her final breaths, Patriots.  She is being smothered by - literally - hundreds of millions of your neighbors.  Some of those neighbors even call themselves 'Patriots'...


  1. I need more ammo!


  2. We all need more ammo, don't we?
    As if that's the only thing we need to solve this problem.

    Because while "violence never solved anything". it sure as hell has stopped our enemies from 'solving' us, many times over. But it's not the whole answer... never was, and never will be.

    Sadly, the 'millennial' generation is committed to the worst that communism has to offer. And they will get it, too. Only when they are old and grey like we are now will they (possibly) contemplate what they have done, and weep. That is, if they survive long enough. But either way, we are in for one hell of a ride, folks.

    As a friend of mine is fond of saying, "It's unfixable". And, in this case, I have to agree - the millennial mindset is so collectivized, it's disgusting - and ***way*** past any point where most of them are reachable. But we're not without hope.

    To take our country back, we have to take back responsibility for all the things, big and small - and I think we should "start small", as in, child-sized:

    Because, while the 'millennials' are out trying to make a living, it will be us grandparents raising the little ones. And therein lies our opportunity - what we love we must hand down to them.

    Seriously, if your 50+ and you believe in liberty, now is the time to be getting certified to provide 'Child Care' services. Because when the millennials are out working three jobs to make ends meet, we'll have their children with us, full time. And for those with a bachelor's degree, get your primary teaching certificate... it's actually not that hard.

    ...just like what the communists did with three generations of Americans - "take the schools, get the kids." Now, it's our turn to play that game. It may not be easy, and it may not be fast, but if we do it, it does provide a sure outcome. Take a look around if you need proof - because that is exactly what the commies did.

    Changing diapers and teaching spelling may not be as glamorous as stomping through the woods with your tricked-out M4gery, but it's just as effective as a way to fight communism.

    But, give them another generation, and it will be way too late to do anything at all, except die and get out of their way... so, make your choice, and prepare to live with it. Either take back some bit of your country; or at least be honest with yourself and admit that it's not your country, any more.

    Because failure is always an option - especially when you aren't willing to put in serious effort - to do the un-glamorous things that just plain need doing.

    The choice is our... while it lasts:
    Do what needs doing, or those willing to do it will decide how it gets done (and to whom).


    1. That has been my strategy also LT. Out of eight grandbeasties, three live too far away to have any influence on them, three are already ruined with government school communism, the last two are the youngest and spend a lot of time with me. I had already decided to do what you had proposed.
      Miss Violet

    2. You are one of the wise ones, Miss V.

      ...and a fine cook, too ;P

      God willing, we shall see each other again before the great conflagration - it was an honor and a pleasure to break bread with you and everyone else last July.


  3. If winning is not important...then why do they keep score ? / Smokey


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