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Saturday, June 4, 2016

Standing Orders & Why they matter...

Standing Orders of the III Percent

I: Stand your ground...

II: Do not fire unless fired upon...

III: If they mean to have a war, let it begin here (Defend Yourselves!)...

IV: When war is begun, go find something Evil and kill it...

V: Traitors first...

The other day I read a piece that I chose not to link, essentially because it was lightweight work.  But the author, a young Republican, was dismayed at the violence on display surrounding 2016 politics.  The statement that struck me from the author was 'There is no historical basis for violence in American politics.'

Let's just state the obvious for the uneducated: (1) Violence has been the fundamental cornerstone for every worthy and unworthy political advance in America. (2) Lack of violence has been the fundamental cornerstone for every defeat handed to the ideals and realities of Liberty in America since Yorktown.

It was a lack of timely violence that brought us the Federal Reserve (ultimately) and the notions of 'Implied Powers' lurking in the Constitution.  Aaron Burr brought violence to the problem, but too late. (Though one must consider what other horrors might have befallen the American republic had Burr demurred and allowed Hamilton to live...)

It was a lack of violence that permitted the Judiciary to exert its will and claim the power of Judicial Review that was never authorized in the USC.  We live today under the rubber stamp of Judicial Tyrants because of a lack of violence in the age of Marbury v Madison.

It was a lack of violence that allowed a sitting US political class to impose Alien & Sedition without bleeding for the hubris.

It was a lack of violence during the Whiskey Rebellion that set the tone both in Washington and beyond regarding the new hierarchy.

It was a lack of sufficient violence that allowed Lincoln to gut the USC and BoR, and impose his will to destroy all remaining vestiges of the republic.

It was a lack of violence that allowed the 16th Amendment to stand in 1913 and usher in the age of income taxation.

It was a lack of violence in 1934 (and 1968 and 1994) that has allowed Marxists and Tyrants of all flavors to infringe and nearly deny the Second Amendment to Americans.

It was a lack of violence in the 1930's that allowed the Federal Government to expand (thanks to the rogue Judiciary) the interpretation of its powers through Interstate Commerce and General Welfare.

It was a lack of violence in the 1940s that allowed the New Deal to begin raping Americans for the benefits of anyone a politician chose to favor.

It has been a lack of violence that is responsible for traffic light cameras, license plate readers, facial recognition in public, Stop & Frisk, armed paramilitary forces on subway systems in America, loss of privacy, internal check points across the country where travelers are faced with armed men demanding their papers, voting fraud, Marxism in schools, repudiation of Christian values, the force-feeding of tolerance for LGBT issues, the murders of tens of millions of babies still in the womb, the unchecked invasion of foreign peoples who do not share our values and then are given the fruits of our labors, the gutting of the plain meaning in every Amendment in the BoR, millions and millions of men and women sent into prisons for smoking a weed deemed 'inappropriate' by their Masters, the hundreds of thousands of dead American military men and women thrust into wars across the globe that had zero bearing on the safety of Americans at home, the rape, pillage and plunder of all wealth from America, the export of our industrial base, the importation of Muslims who mean to end us all, the rise of the Political Class to that of Master versus Servant, and theft from your pocket and mine by hundreds of millions of people from 'Entitlement Programs'.

Violence has not been the problem either historically or now.

Our problem has been and remains our lack of willingness to use violence to right the wrongs of Evil Men.

That is all.


  1. Update: http://www.courier-journal.com/story/news/local/2016/05/25/hearing-confederate-monument-case-today/84882002/

    Without question, the so-called "patriot" movement is nothing but a lesson in how
    to lose, lose, and lose again; following all those lessons in losing "patriots" will teach American citizens one more lesson in losing for good measure, along with tutoring in how to suck it, in response to whenever criticism and anger arises from tthose tired of stupidly following a losing non-strategy.
    Of course, this is when they are not busy
    spending one more day sharpening their

  2. The definition of "fired upon" probably should be ascertained. :-)

    1. I take the position that Liberty advocates have already been fired upon, millions of times since Hamilton opened his yap.

      But if we want to limit it to our own lifetimes, that is easy as well. Every single round sent down range by guys like Lon Horiuchi is 'fired upon' for all of us, whether we were the targets in his sights or not. He was striking at Liberty. His next assignment could have easily been your home or mine, and he'd have 'done his job'. Same-same for the Baltimore LEO who murdered Gray. Remember he was arrested for '...walking away from Officers...' when they demanded that he cross the street and come to them. Then he was murdered. Every Liberty-loving person in America should be outraged.

      But I go further. If a man or woman is employed and part of their duties include actions that infringe Liberty, he/she is guilty of having 'fired upon' us all. I don't care if he is a DoJ Under Secretary enforcing BLM policy or a town bureaucrat who measures the length of grass in a residents yard and then demands that grass be cut - or fines and liens will follow.

      Infringement is infringement is infringement - and all infringements are acts of violence against the individual trying to exercise his Liberty, and the rest of us who would do the same.

    2. I would say that Lavoy was fired upon and the 'Vichy Patriot' movement did nothing. It wasn't their chosen leaders, so they did nothing to support it saying it was the wrong time, wrong place, wrong issue. Fearmongering was present from the get go and squelched any attempt of support. OK's, Mikey, Yingling and Culper all had posts saying why the protest was a fools errand due to tales of 'Delta Force' squads present in Burns. I feel that everyone of them has Lavoy's blood on their hands as they all played the part of the collaborator. These were not the actions of a leader but that of a Quisling.

      I regret not having met Lavoy as he and the Bundy's were all surrounded by reporters.

      He died for what he believed in.
      I hope that all of us will be able to say the same thing about ourselves.

    3. Vichy Patriots - I love it.

      LaVoy was murdered by precisely the sort I reference, those who are willing to do the bidding of Enemies of Liberty for the King's Coin. They are Traitors to Liberty. (Yeah, Predator Hunter - that's you, too.)

      Remember when all the 'Thought Leaders' in the Patriot world (I LOVE how they all self-designate as 'Thought Leaders'!) also objected to Malheur based on some of the people who were there? They didn't like Guy X or Y, therefore, the entire operation was not worthy of support.

      I should start a cancer research center to cure Red Mikey, announce I am his biggest fan - then watch as all their heads explode as they try to limbo through the mental contortions that would cause them all...

    4. I remember some asshole complaining about a 'Nazi' at Malheur. ;)

  3. We are way beyond needing to go to the mattresses.


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