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Monday, June 6, 2016

Sometimes Quantity has a Quality all its Own...

Consider this simple reality as you noodle your way through scenarios for restoring Liberty:

Hispanic & Black children under the age of 10 outnumber white children in this country by very nearly 2:1.

Right now.  Today.

Your under 20 demographics are not much better.

If you are in the 40-44 demo, you are in the minority.

The boom in South of the Border demographics is not primarily due to jumping the border, either.  It is from births within families after they arrive here.

White American families are not reproducing at a pace to sustain themselves, much less keep pace with Third World hordes.

Do the arithmetic any way you wish, you'll end up at the same answer. Even if Donald Trump wins, builds the wall, then deports every single non-white person on CONUS, the remaining White Americans are under-breeding and on a glide path to extinction.

Simple reality: What we favorably call 'Western Civilization' in America is embraced almost exclusively by White Americans.  Central & South Americans who come here have no interest.  Africans who come here have no interest.  Mo's Morons have no interest. Everyone east of St. Petersburg to the Pacific has no interest.  Hell, even most Europeans have surrendered.  And most White Americans have no understanding, nor interest, either. 

There are exemptions, obviously - we are speaking in generalities on this point.

Liberty can only exist in an atmosphere of personal respect for one another.  The moment we permit one person into the mix who justifies infringing the Liberty of any person for the benefit of any another, Liberty is threatened.


(1) Build the wall.

(2) Export everyone who has no legal Right to be here - and that includes their curtain crawlers.

(3) Export every Free Shit Army PoS within our borders.  You may think they are redeemable if they get a job and abandon their former ways.  I say poo-poo.  Some may get a job, but they will be gaming the system, as they have proven they will do by accepting stolen fruits already.  They will return to their thieving, parasitic ways the moment they are able.  They are damaged, broken, and of no use to Free Men and unfit to share a continent with Free Men.  They march or die.

(4) Those who remain live by and enforce the ideals of Liberty - harshly.

(5) Those who remain start breeding as if their ideals depend on it - they do.

Analysis: The odds of getting to completion of Step 1 are abysmal.  The wall may get built and 'some' exporting may happen.  But that is where we'll get mired.  

Finishing Step 1 and the subsequent steps will require a war.

The only chance for success is this sad fact: The Enemies of Liberty have reached the same conclusion - that war is necessary to reach their goals.  They mean to have war.

So, we have common ground on at least one essential ingredient: War is imminent and inevitable.

He who takes greatest advantage of the coming conflict will win.

Sadly, refer back up to the demographics.  Team Tyranny has every advantage.

Here's the link to the numbers.


  1. It will never happen because most women born here, but especially white, won't embrace #5 because the commie arm, Women's Liberation, has drilled it into their heads that it is demeaning to have a bunch of kids, it ruins your body and ties you down. I mean come on, they'd have to quit taking selfies and think about themselves if they had kids. We won't even go to the place where they think they would have to sacrifice themselves upon Hestia's alter to take care of a home, a husband, and children.
    Life as we know it is almost gone. Do you know that I once had a young woman ask me if I actually cooked dinner EVERY night? And that was 25 years ago! I was stunned, I replied, yeah, my family is funny like that, they get hungry.
    Miss Violet

  2. Combining my thoughts on several recent posts -
    Violence is not an aberration in American politics; it is the norm. That we have witnessed such a lack of violence in our political process over the last 40+ years *IS* the aberration - plain evidence that as a society we have become too fat and happy to take the administration of our Republic seriously, and have therefore willingly handed the reigns of our society and our economy over to those whose primary purpose has been to destroy us, to bleed us dry, and finally to replace us as a polity in our own country. I would also reasonably observe that said aberration is at an end.

    The impasse which the militant left now faces, can only be breached by violence, and thus have they been preparing for war against us, for the last ~25 years.

    They have stacked the deck in their own favor in more ways than I am inclined to enumerate - yes, they have the numbers; and yes, they have the instruments of government and "law" firmly in hand; and yes, they have the media and the popular culture. But even more telling, they have us by the 'short hairs' of our faith (or lack of same), for how many pastors are voluntarily in league with this progressive cabal? Certainly, the majority of so-called 'Christian' churches are led astray from Christ's true message - that we owe allegiance to God first and foremost, and to any other(s) only to the extent that they are aligned with His will and purpose for us.

    But these are all the more reasons for which we should fight, and to do so without reservation or hope of recourse, for death is preferable to the continuation of life as a man reduced to slavery; without a country, or a people to call his own, amongst whom he *is* at home, and at ease; for such is the the agreement which bonds men in true brotherhood.

    As Churchill so poignantly stated, "If the British Empire is fated to pass from life into history, we must hope it will not be by the slow process of dispersion and decay, but in some supreme exertion for freedom, for right and for truth."

    And so then, let it be with us - we must either preserve our Republic by our efforts; or pass with it, having made that supreme exertion, and thus expending everything which we are, for everything which we believe to be right.

    May God preserve us and our Republic, for the Glory of His Name. And if that be not His will, then may He grant that my passing be worthy of the Truth, to which I have adhered without hesitation. Amen.


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