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Sunday, June 26, 2016

This is the definition of 'Surviving the first Big Die-Off'

The 'Traditional Workers Party' banged heads with some 'Antis' in Sacramento.  Five stabbed.

The body count was deplorable and the wounded count embarrassing.  For fcuk sake - if you are going to go hard, GO HARD.

Posers.  WN's who target our youth (kinda like WN's infiltrating .Mil and LEO) running their gig like a labor union, stepping to some hippies - and not one body drops.

I bet the SitReps and excuses are flooding into addresses at Daffy's Bunker & Welfare Lane already.

Oh, look - a wedding veil for the gal choosing to breed with genetic filth!  Personally, I don't think it hides enough face.  And I have been told such dresses are not welcome at certain venues.


  1. You Americans are so naieve.

    Sacramento is a joke. Honestly, these arent even try-outs for the "big game" you speak of - this is just a bunch of overgrown preschoolens playing a self-sponsored intramural patty cakes game.

    Operative words being "self-sponsored" and "intramural"

    You will know instantly the difference when teams start receiving real sponsorship - it is unmistakeable.

    I was living in Germany in the mid 1970s to mid 80s, and the Nazi youth were still being sponsored there at that time as were Die Gruen. There were pretty regularly street brawls, then - where a few hundred to over a thousand 15~25 year old Germans would go at it for hours. The 'Greens' and the anarchists against the Neo-nutz, and the Politzei were powerless to break it up. Naturally, the Politzei would not shoot into the crowds, or otherwise attempt anything very harmful to us, either, because we were all youth, so every side knew to have its limits.

    And that was with only what you call farm-league level sponsorship - from the Greens and the same from the Neo-Nutz - they regularly put hundreds or even thousands in the streets to brawl, in any given city, on a Friday or Saturday night - and quite clearly for their ideology -kids with only light encouragement. Many fought for nothing, more than the thrill in it, myself included. I have honor in a few scars - not because who I fought for, but because I was willing to take the fight.

    How, different today is. Europe has become like Americans, too fat and lazy for your own health. Today only the muslims teach their youth the how to make change...and because this they will probably win Europe, also.

    Understand, nither the Neo-nutz nor the Greens wanted deaths, they wanted to make sure the next generation had understanding of "how to get things started".

    What do I mean "light sponsorship"? I mean they would print up a few hundred Teeshirts and give them to their chosen "developing leaders" to hand out. They'd pay for a few kegs of beer to get their team's morale warmed up, and they'd give a few lawyers the stand-by fee, to bail out their favorite 'bowlers'.

    And they'd rent a room with a balcony from where they could watch the show... the aspiring leaders knew the lawyers phone numbers, and so could promise some assistance to their best bowlers in case of arrest. But until the youth had proven themselves in the street, they didn't even know who their sponsors were.

    It was the same on both sides - the methods and the objectives both being exactly: keep the spirit burning; and find and recruit the next generation of leadership. simply that.

    None of the party lesdership, on either side, actually thought that those brawls were anything more than esercises in 'team spirit' and leader auditions...

    I am living now twenty years in America, but my youth was made in Europe - in Germany, while we remembered still how to put fear and blood in the streets. You Ameicans did it right once, back in 1770s. I pray you do it again also, because I have no hope that Europe will not become muslim, so it shall not be a place of my returning, nor for my children in future. Now, we are Americans. My children are born here, and I will die here.

    But how will America learn perspective, unless again you shed some blood in the streets? Every generation must do this, or how will you ever truly know yourselves? What else makes good leaders than courage, and good judgement, when there is danger involved? But you will see soon enough, and then we find what America is now made of.

    So, watch when you see "Occupy" levels of sponsorship and participation, combined with the ultra-violence of thousand participants street brawling. Because that's when to be sure they are warming up for the big game...

    I mean no disrespect, but until then, you are all untried.
    I pray God is kind to you America, for my children and for yours.

  2. Schooled.

    By a German....

    But, he's right, you know. Americans have had so much peace and prosperity, for so long, that most have become zombies - all but dead in our boredom and self-absorbed comfort. But the pendulum must swing, and as far into comfort and convenience as our society has carried us, the return stroke of it will seem to be the very end of the world. And for some, it will be.

    God save us from what we are about to undertake, and the price which is now coming due, for all that we and our parents have suffered to pass in our names.

    Because it is not 'our sponsors' whose blood shall run in the streets, nor shall it be the blood of "ideas" which shall color our coming days - it shall be the blood of family, and friends, and perhaps even our own blood, which shall pay for those national sins which now demand remittance.

    It is unavoidable - from Adams defiance in the garden, and from the day when Cain slew Abel in the field, man has been his own worst enemy - demanding blood upon our every consequence.

    What will we, then, when another turn of consequence presents itself, shortly?

    Kennedy said, "those who make peaceful revolution impossible, make violent revolution inevitable."
    Well, those people are us...

    Not the communists, not the muslims, nor any other faction... but all of us - all of humanity. Because when we repeat the sins of our fathers, we inflict the same judgement upon our sons - conflict, and still more conflict. War, and wars to 'right the wrongs' of previous wars.

    Indeed, the German is right - there must be some blood spilt in every generation, else how shall we keep the spark alive within us? How shall we know who our leaders are, if they rise not from conflict, and send us not on to yet more conflict?

    Violence is a fact of our very nature, whereas civility is only a fact of our rational minds, in as much as they hold sway - and which has greater strength, in the end, when our very will to live is the same force which wills us unto bloody death in such conflicts as perrenially arise amongst men of every character and stripe.

    The world is full to bursting with evil, and who can claim to be above it?

    Only One. And even He knew that a Covenant requires blood... which He willingly poured forth - who then shall make peace, until He returns?

    None of us has that power, but within ourselves; and that by Grace; and so unto conflict we proceed, as from whence we came forth...

    We have, indeed, been warned.


  3. Dookie has quite the shiner, there, doesnt he. I wonder if he got that trying to preserve his racial integrity? Thank you sir, may I have another.

    And it must be a wedding veil because she's about 6 months along.

    Lulz are so much fun.


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