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Thursday, July 14, 2016

Ammo Source

A site recommended by a trusted ally.

Here's the link.

You do not have enough ammo.

More on this later, but the coming 10 days will tell us all about the course the remainder of our lives will take...

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  1. Brothes and Sisters, my Christian Brothers and Sisters, please know that this is a critical election. We know, or should and must know what Hillary Clinton will do to the nation, to the supreme court, so called "black lives matters", islamic terrorists, radical homosexual agenda, radical socialist and communists, etc - she will embolden them and encourage them to rage more against America, Christians, Patriots and decent human being attempting to grow their faith, their families and their freedom.

    If you want millions of African and Middleeastern immagrants who ahve not been vetted to come to America and go on welfare, demand languagae interpreters and shut down freedom of speech, association and bring shiria law to our towns and communities, vote for Hillary Clinton. If you want millions more innocen preborn babies to be terminated (murdered/killed ) in the womb, if you want two men or two women to be equalted to marriage of one man and one woman as God ordained, vote for Hillary Clinton. If you want to be called a racist because of the color of your skin rathert than the content of your character vote for Hillary Clinton. If you want 5 or 10% of your retirement and/or saving taken to cover the cost of illegal immigrants and if you want to continue to have your children and grandchildren to go to school with children from disease ridden countries to infect your families with deadly diseases vote for hillary Clinton.

    If you feel like you may be taking a change voting for Donald Trump, you may be, If you do not like his style, his language his wealth, or anything else about him, I encourage you to listen to his own words and trust that he may be able to do some or most or all of what he is promising.

    Donald trump is the best chance for restoring some of our liberties and the rule of law. It is up to you and I and the millions of Americans who are sick and tired of the lies of Hillary Clinton and the republicans and denmocrats who contiue to serve themselves rather than the American people and support and defend the Cosntituiton of the United States.

    God bless you. Stand up speak the truth. Be not afraid. Get prepared to become self sustaining and take care of your family, your community and the nation. Peace...


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