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Thursday, July 14, 2016

Police State Mentality

Meet the Andros Drone that was used to kill Micah Johnson.  Thanks to ToneDeaf for the link.

No matter what you may think of Johnson, how the situation was resolved, blah, blah, there is simply no denying that using a drone to kill an American on American soil is an evolution of the rules of engagement between the citizenry and 'the Government'.

If you are my age or older, you have watched the revolver give way to the semi-auto as issue weapons to LEO.  You have watched the 'Police Officer' or 'Peace Officer' evolve to the 'Law Enforcement Officer' and to the full-blown Paramilitary found in most AOs today.

Students of History will find little room to disagree that in the span of just 50 years or so, America has witnessed the evolution from overly-legislated republic to Police State.

It is what it is...

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