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Monday, July 11, 2016

Banned by FoxNews.com?

**UPDATE** Tuesday 7/12 1130 Hours - No response from FoxNews.  We've discovered other sites that seem to have links to Fox content blocked within the Liberty blogosphere.

**UPDATE**  As of Noon, Pacific - Access Denied still in place.  No reply from FoxNews to our requests for an explanation.   Denial is across all Fox platforms (FoxBusiness.com, etc)

**UPDATE** 0950 Pacific: Access Denied in place again.  Bouncing back and forth from active links to 'Access Denied' every few minutes.  

**UPDATE**  'Access Denied' for more than 3 hours, encountered by my readers from coast-to-coast.  Links appear to be live again as of about 9:35 Pacific.


Once again we take point.  Once again we take fire for daring to do so.

FoxNews.com has begun banning links from our site to their content. 

Does Fox have a problem with III Percenters?

Test for yourself - click any of the links below and see if you get an 'Access Denied' from the Fox website.  Then copy & paste the link directly into your browser - and see if you get to the story.

Fascinating.  Not even HuffPo bans us.

Black Militia Leader story, here.

Switch in LEO Strategy story, here.

Even the Busty Sand Sculpture story, here.

Let's try FoxBusiness.com, here.

A few non-Fox links for comparison:

Drudge, here.

HuffPo, here.

In the immortal words of Bugs Bunny - What's up, Fox?


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  2. You are killing your credibility. The main foxnews.com site has those stories. I am reading the first one now.

    1. Can you get to them by clicking the links on my page? Or are you getting there by going directly to Fox?

    2. I am clicking through to them now as well. How about the rest of you?

      All my FoxNews links were 'Access Denied' for more than 3 hours this morning...

    3. He has no credibility left, and the computer skills of Hillary if he can not get past a simple web site block.

    4. Anon 7/21:

      1) You are a coward hiding behind anonymity.
      2) No credibility left - among whom? Your little echo-chamber crew is delusional.
      3) Why on Earth would we WANT to beat a ban by Fox News or one of their upstream providers? It demonstrates they are terrified of the message - ask 'them' how much 'credibility' we have, that we must be banned.
      4) You are an idiot. 2+2 always equals 4, even if you and your circle-jerk pals want to try and re-write reality.

      Now, help improve the gene pool and go suck start your AR.

    5. A good scout never gives away his position. I am not Anon, whoever that is. You must have more people coming here to laugh at you then you know. But keep talking shit. It makes my day to pissing off a pissant like you. Scouts out.

    6. Piss me off? You are as delusional as Daffy, and probably as effective as Red Mikey, and living on Welfare Lane. You are an insignificant little internet troll spending the time God gave to you by reading this blog. That's prudent.

      We'll tolerate people like you who '...must come here to laugh...' in return for the serious Patriots who line-up with us, fly III Gear, support III Arms, join the III Society, train to shoot, move & communicate, and actually do something for Liberty.

      Buh bye.

    7. Also they ban trolls, they block replies on people they do not want to get their message out because they still want the hits.

    8. You really are a fucking idiot. You think III Patriots is the only Liberty blog to have been banned? There goes your 'troll' theory.

      The blogs that haven't been banned should probably step up their game and become relevant to the Liberty discussion.

    9. Anon - you may go now. Your rhetoric is pathetic and your dialectic simply doesn't ping the meter. You are tedious and boring. Go now.

  3. Access denied at all of your provided links still.

    1. Thanks. I am getting through here and there - but it only remains open for a minute or so before going back to 'Access Denied'.

  4. Still getting 'Access Denied' here...

    1. Thanks.

      I guess we are pushing all the right buttons in the Establishment strongholds. ;)

    2. Let them cry their crocodile tears...

      The real pain shall come, soon enough.

      God's Justice is unavoidable.


  5. Yes you are being blocked. I have been getting the access denied page when clicking from this blog to Fox for probably at least a month. Just didn't care to complain about it.


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