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Monday, July 11, 2016

OpFor Adapting

**If you are getting 'Access Denied' errors from these links to Fox, please let me know.**

As mentioned in an earlier post - OpFor will adapt.

One 'expert' suggests counter-snipers at the next Dallas event, for instance.

Here's the piece.

And I love the phrase 'unlawful protest' as used in this piece.

Remember, folks - there is no permit available for recovering your Liberty.

It will be an 'unlawful protest'...


  1. Either Faux news is blocking your links, or they have taken both of those stories down...


    1. Isn't that interesting. I'll add a third, off-topic. Let's see if they shut me down there as well...

  2. LOL - Yep, they are shutting me down.

    I re-listed the links and within a few moments, they were 'Access denied'.

    1. Now they are going through - at least from my end.

      Such a shame, OpFor is afeared of lil' ol' me...

    2. They are afeared of lil'ol' *everybody* at this point. Read elsewhere recently in an article that referred to them as 'Cloud People'... rather apropos, considering how high they all think they are flying above the average folks and their backward beliefs and opinions...

      Heh! The story of Icarus comes immediately to mind.

      But in reality, they've made themselves mostly irrelevant at this point. The powder-kegs are all stuffed full, and the ignorant partiers are all lighting sparklers and dancing around with them...

      Inevitably is on the front stoop, raising it's hand to knock, and I suspect that the response at the door will be felt worldwide, in short order, as they (each and all) have their own inevtiabilities, in much the same postures.

      Or, in other words -
      It is no longer a race to the bottom;
      It is a race to the earth-shattering kaboom of social implosion...


    3. Oh, and still 'Access Denied' here on both links...


    4. So - whatever system they are using, it is 'access denied' to the end user, but it let's me think all is well...

    5. That would certainly appear to be the M.O.

  3. I'm getting access denied but if you copy and paste the link location it will go through.
    It seems they are blocking your link to the stories.


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