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Thursday, July 7, 2016

Ferguson, Baltimore, Baton Rouge, Minnesota, Dallas, Oakland...

Bottom line: You need more ammo.  You need more firearms.

If you are buying retail, you'd better be at the store tomorrow...


  1. The Congressional black caucus is on Fox pushing for an 'assault weapons' ban. Paul Ryan also mentioned the need for a solution to senseless gun violence.

  2. Meaning they want to ban
    automatic rifles, for that is the
    actual capability of an "assault weapon."
    As you know almost no civilian
    owners possess automatic rifles.
    Even those with a Class 3 license
    are extremely limited in thier purchases,
    as the cost for a single weapon is
    extremely inflated, owing to sellers being
    able to extremely overcharge since
    the banning of thier pissesion by civilian
    citizens began.

    Cav Med

  3. There is something I just read that really puts a lot of this into perspective. Are each and everyone of us truly "prepped" for what is coming? http://modernsurvivalonline.com/tragedy-in-dallas-five-law-enforcement-officers-killed-in-ambush-style-attacks-and-what-the-preparedness-community-can-learn-from-this-tragedy/


  4. Those who can, have already abandoned the larger cities and moved to the country. Those who cannot, should already have plans in place to remove their family by the most expeditious means possible from such a situation.

    Let me be clear - this is a time to hunker down, protect your family, and observe closely how this evolves. It is *not* a time to strap up and start hunting.

    This is a model of things to come - take the education that life is giving you right now.

    There will be a test...
    The results will be Pass/Fail - i.e. Life/No_Life for you and your family.



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