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Friday, July 8, 2016

Precedent & Evolution of Tactics: LEO Bombing Drones versus SWAT Raids

After an exchange of gunfire, Brown said officers attached an explosive device to a bomb robot and detonated it near Johnson, killing him.

Just let that sink in for a moment...


  1. My opinion is that it was a tactic
    of desperation by police.
    Would I want to be part of the
    force maneuvering in to kill
    an opponent in that situation?
    However, refering to my experience
    as an Infantry/Pathfinder medic, I know
    that a force of trained, competent, and experienced force of shooters are able
    to kill a single adversary without resorting
    to the "mother of necessity."
    Does that redeuce the inherent and deadly
    risk for those who would have to go forth
    and do that?
    If I had to be one of those going, would I
    be nervous, scared, sweating buckets, and
    with my bowels and bladder on a short leash?
    However, I know its possible to have
    effectively done so.
    For me, the police resorting to a deadly
    MacGyver attack speaks volumes about their
    level of training, tactics, or lack thereof.

    Cav Med

    1. Agreed - these guys were not sufficiently trained OR willing to go get the shooter.

      My bigger concern is that this is now precedent, and will be used more and more 'to ensure officer safety' anytime they face a challenging opponent.

      Remember they burned Dorner out, and it was deliberate - they 'knew' they house would catch and burn - but they still had to 'pretend' the fire was an accidental byproduct of using the smokes.

      Same-same with Waco - using the tanks to punch holes, then deploy hot-burning gas canisters. Everyone involved knew there would be a fire, but none could admit publicly that it was their chosen tactic.

      Now - it is 'acceptable' to detonate explosives against targets domestically. This is nothing short of a drone strike. We will see these tactics in major metro departments frequently, now.

    2. Robotic Grenadiers. How Ironic, eh Cav Med?

      One tripline I'm watching closely for, is the deployment to police of M-203 grenade launchers mounted on their issued "AR-15 pattern" rifles.

      Because issuing grenade launchers to cops, well that's an unmistakable declaration of intent...

      I have said repeatedly, that what will be happen in the major metro's of the US and Europe will be utter and blatant abomination -
      "Because of #1 and 2, above, riots will explode, starting in the urban core, and spreading outward into suburbia. Do not imagine that civility will win the day – rather, it will be among the first casualties. Likely even the quietest and most politically correct will shed their social skins and revert to savagery when they perceive that they and their children may starve; when they realize that every single one of their expectations for tomorrow have evaporated over night, never to be seen again. Satisfaction of immediate needs will be the only law, and violence the final authority in most populous places...
      With profound privation and exploding violence will come a great diaspora from the cities. The absence of food, comfort, and safety will drive people from urban centers like a bomb blast, commencing as little as 24 hours after the iceberg flips; and certainly, within a week, the living population of nearly every urban center will have decreased by ~75%."

      "This Boston-to-DC corridor has a higher population density than any other portion of North America, and is the highest consumption region for both direct nat.gas and nat.gas fired electric generation, but it has absolutely no nat.gas resources of it’s own, and no meaningful nat.gas storage capacity, either – which poses a profound risk to the population of the entire region, and is the prime reason why many risk management experts, authors, and concerned citizens have labeled the Boston-to-Washington DC region a 'Death Corridor'."

      There is nothing new under the sun; and yes, we have seen all these things before -

      "When the collapse comes, there will be no safe place on Earth – just know this. The sauce of prosperity, which for decades has been a social soporific to ease the differences between a multitude of groups and factions throughout the world, is now running dry. With hard times will come renewed dis-satisfaction and outright aggression between these various groups. Since it will be unavoidable, it is urgent that we prepare for such circumstances -

      "do the events of 1918-1929 have more than a passing similarity to the events of 1993-2009? Major terrorist attacks, the fall of governments, and a world financial crisis… and the Globalists pulling the strings and cheerleading [and funding] it all behind the scenes." The similarities are striking, aren't they? - http://ncrenegade.com/editorial/everywhere-right-now/

      I wrote all of these essays and articles in the 2010~2012 timeframe, so at least four years ago. Many others have warned of the very same dangers, and many gave warning even earlier than I did. Yet, the majority of people have ignored the plenitude of warnings.

      Now, the time of these things is at hand...


  2. https://www.google.com/amp/heavy.com/news/2016/07/micah-xavier-x-johnson-dallas-police-shooting-sniper-gunman-shooter-suspect-name-identified-photos-facebook-video/amp/?client=safari#

  3. Just a note from someone local. Y'all aren't hearing all of the police chief's statement correctly. yeah I know, it's a local dialect thing.

    The Shooter claimed he had hidden IED's around the area, and that he had an IED with him. The robot was sent to explode the supposed IED, not just the shooter.

    1. And I maintain my initial
      comment and opinion unchanged.
      You ain't reading and comprehending
      my point correctly.
      Yeah, I know, its not like any
      of the firefights, ambushes and
      attacks I experienced as an Infantry
      medic occurred in an IED aplenty area.

      Cav Med

  4. Has anyone felt all of this is just too neat of a package? The killing of 'the' shooter, the manifesto supposedly by said shooter?
    Last night there were multiple shooters? The propoganda shows us an angry black veteran at a BLM rally.
    Smells like OK City all over to me. They've learned to kill them immediately now, to ensure the story is told the correct way with no one to contradict the story told to the public.
    Theories abound about Obama imposing martial law in order to stay in office and suspend the upcoming election. A race war will certainly be a reason to.
    He's done all he could to divide the races since day one over 7 years ago.
    We take up arms against ourselves and we decrease our population. (And by now, after all of the gun grab talk, we are definitely armed for it. Nationwide. If you aren't by now, it's your own fault.)
    In comes the UN and NATO to restore order.
    All the while we are enguaged in another war among our selves and divided.
    Obama has been dividing us every day.
    There's too much 'news' taking place to keep everyone preoccupied.
    Have any of you heard about the truck loads of UN vehicles along I-81 in and south of Virginia? Yes they are manufactured in VA for the UN. But all the ports are on the east coast down I-95. I-81 runs SW into the southeast. Not south to the coast.
    Maybe I'm way off on this, but since Vicky Weaver's murder, Gordon Kahl, Waco, OK City, the list goes on. It sure as Hell appears to lead to this place in time.
    Train, prep, train. Then pray. Pray to God for guidance and forgiveness. Then train and network your people. The time draws near.
    "God gave his archangels weapons, because he knew that patience and tolerance can not defeat evil"
    Stay alert and stay alive.


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