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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

LT discusses Black Lives Matter

LT originally posted this at NCRenegade.  It deserves to be posted prominently.


BlackLivesMatter is all about taking the ignorance and violent tendencies of the black community, which the progressives have actively and vigorously cultivated for the last 60 years, and turning it violently against the established society of America, for the purpose of destroying them by their own hands.

Look at the demographics and culture in the early 1950s versus today. In the 1950s, blacks were “subscribed” to the American Dream -- they believed in the existing American Culture, they wanted to overcome those obstacles which kept them from becoming more integrated into mainstream American society.

But in the late 1950s, as McCarthyism faded, the communists thoroughly infiltrated the black community and began the long process of creating a self-segregating, self-demeaning, and angry ‘black culture’ to use as a social fulcrum to divide America. Those are harsh words but unfortunately they’re very true. I’ve used these words, so let me clear about my meanings --

“Self-segregating” -- this entire false “culture of blackness” was contrived to create self-segregation, so that blacks would feel different, inferior, jealous, and ultimately hateful towards non-blacks. What does this include? First and foremost, manners: circa 1950, from poorest to richest, both blacks and whites conducted their daily interactions with others based upon a common set of manners. They differed somewhat from place to place, but within a particular area the consistency of manners between people of all races and classes was highly consistent -- thus, we all used “sir” and “ma’am”, “please” and “thank you” in the same places, for the same reasons. The unifying power of simple manners is immeasurable. Employing the socially defined manners of a community is the mark of respect towards that community and it’s standards; and thus to use the manners of the community is to be a part of said community. But blacks were encouraged to dispose of “white manners”, and to have their own manners, mannerisms, slang, and such. With their abandonment of the commonly accepted social manners and customs, they began the process of ostracizing themselves from the community.

This self-segregation continued as blacks were encouraged (by the progressives) to abandon not only the normalized social manners of their community, but also the encompassing set of social standards and traditions which unify a community -- modes of dress, modes of speech and acceptable language, and then modes of entertainment -- each fell before the carefully delivered communist propaganda that blacks could live differently, yet without setting themselves apart.

Finally, even the normalized conventions of naming children, disciplining them, educating them, and fostering their development towards adulthood within the black community fell to the communist agenda of creating an isolated minority, jealous and hateful enough of their greater society, that they would rise up and revolt against their own country.

“Self-demeaning” -- “Black Culture” is nothing of the sort; it is anti-culture. There’s no other way to state it. Any true Culture enriches, encourages, unifies, and inspires a nation -- that is it’s purpose and function, and there is no “Culture” outside of this purpose and function.

In the 1960s the phrase “conter-culture” was popularized by hippies, communists, and others who were anti-establishement. But ‘counter-culture’ implies that it embodies a separate culture, complete and all it’s own -- which is patently not the case.

Rather, what was inflicted upon blacks was “Anti-culture”. Anti-culture is exactly that -- the opposite of culture -- it debases, discourages, divides, and ultimately drives a nation towards despair. “Black Music” for the last 30+ years has been the hallmark of Anti-culture. It degrades women, degrades the position and authority of parents, degrades the virtue of honest work and a civil lifestyle, promoting instead violent crime, drug abuse, casual and unprotected sex, the abandonment of children by their fathers, gang membership, and the adoption of ‘anti-law’ (gang law, a.k.a. street law) as opposed to a legitimate system of Justice, and every other manner of public self-degradation, both at the individual level and ultimately at the racial level.

At this point, we have two generations of black Americans who have grown up in this completely self-segregating and self-demeaning anti-culture; and the communist agenda is full accomplished -- the blacks of America hate their country, hate those non-blacks with whom they share our communities -- hate everything other than their demented image of “blackness” so much that they are ready to use violence against it in general revolt. But as that happens, they are only destroying themselves -- they are incapable of destroying America, even if every black person, ages 15 to 60 years old, took up arms and enacted open war against “white America” right now, they could not destroy America.

But even if only 5% of said group were to undertake such an open and violent revolt against “white America”, then they will surely destroy ALL of “Black America”. Because the final alienation that would consummate, and the retribution it would bring, would be beyond devastating, and their actions would force their entire community to pay the very mortal consequences, for the actions of that small 5%.

Yes, I’m white, and yes I know I’ll be castigated and despised for saying these things. Even among my black friends we have incredible difficulty, in those moments where we mutually dare to discuss such sensitive issues. Not anger, but difficulty. Because even among blacks who have (for the most part) renounced the anti-culture promoted as the definition of “blackness”, there are still the differences in how they were raised; and in their most painfully honest moments, they’ll admit that there are cultural things about themselves that they are trying *not* to pass on to their children. Just as there are whites (myself included) who see things about ourselves that we are trying *not* to pass on to our children.

Dear God, if we could all be honest with each other for just one moment -- this would be the thing to discuss in that moment -- That we have been divided; that we have been manipulated; and even more that we have adopted those divisive things as our own, and must now purge ourselves of them.Because whites have been manipulated, too. Some of the inflection points are the same, and some are different, but we have all been drawn into this divisive and destructive cycle, and not one group can get out of it alone. We either all do so together, or we all suffer the consequences of failing to do so. Together.

The chips are about to fall where they may, and may God have mercy upon us all.


  1. LT,

    You have written many things since I have known you, but this has to be your best so far.

    1. With my gratitude, sir - I must confess that it has also been the most difficult, even the most painful. But I believe, with all my heat, mind, and soul, that *THIS* is the single most pressing fact influencing our current social crisis.

      And make no mistake - the social crisis far outweighs the economic one. Because in a socially unified country, the hard times of an economic collapse would only tighten the bonds of our communities and strengthen us. But in a socially divided country, those same economic pressures will (and are) having the exact opposite effect. This is why the leftists have created such profound social divisions in America - so that the economic pressures of the collapse will destroy, rather than strengthen us.

      It is the same reason why the EU elites have opened the floodgates, and indeed even financed the importation of muslim invaders into Europe - so that they too, will suffer from the ultimate divisions of society, under the pressures of the coming economic collapse.

      This is the Ultimate Consummation of leftist hatred against individualism, liberty, and True faith. It is mean to destroy *everything* so that they can build what they wish upon a 'clean slate'.

      The fact that accomplishing such a thing requires the killing of a large portion of the world's population means nothing to them - it is the ultimate proof of their irreconcilable condition as ABOMINATION, and the final cause upon which the entire body of leftist ideology must be eradicated as an existential threat to all mankind.



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