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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

This Matters

Putin has reportedly sacked 'every' Commander and many other Officers in his Baltic Fleet for refusing to sufficiently confront Western navies.

Add that to your threat matrix.  Consider this along with the ground that has been laid for a naval fight with China over the South China Sea, and the fact that the North Koreans are rabidly chasing sub-launched missiles.

Be sure to mix into the cake the NATO press against Russia's borders.  Now add Mo's global efforts, with deep, deep historic and modern roots that reach the Marxists.  Finally, look at what the Marxists are doing in CONUS to rile the masses via BLM, et al.

It is what it is.

Either you see it, or you do not.

Marxism owns the entire planet, folks.

Now they mean to be rid of the remaining squatters.

That's you and me...


  1. If Russia and France openly declare alliance for the purpose of "mutual defense" you will know that Europe has reached peak war-drums.

    I'm being ironic, but that grave danger of a 'July Crisis' redux is upon Europe, as it is upon America (as I have elsewhere stated).

    Dallas was America's 'Sarajevo Moment'. Poor Dallas, what has she done, to deserve such a fate - not once, but twice in a single century?

    Europe shall soon have their own Sarajevo Moment to deal with. Remember, that it was a muslim who assassinated The Arch Duke Ferdinand, and gave casus belli to the ravening wolves in the German, Russian, and Austrio-Hungarian governments.

    Weep for the people of Europe, when you have a moment - because they have given up their arms, they are unlikely to fare well in the coming fray.


  2. The sad truth for Europe now, is there is no Super Power to help/save them from this. Our Muslim imposter certainly won't lift a finger against Islamic fighters and the UN(NWO).
    Weep and say a prayer, for the army of martyrs will grow quickly.


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