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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Federal Judge Steps Into DumpTrump for Hillary

Here's the link.

I still do not think there will be even a modest attempt to take the nomination from Trump at RNC.  There will be individuals and small groups making noise, but no real traction.  

I also understand my own Normalcy Bias is a factor.  

But my calculus is thus: If the Establishment R's make a real run at denying the nomination, which was won fair and square according to their own rules, they will trigger a very real and violent revolt.  If they succeed in taking the nomination, that violence escalates to levels we have not seen in this country since the 1860's.

I just do not see a serious attempt to stop Trump - UNLESS the Establishment has taken the decision to start a hot war.

And, they may indeed be willing to go that far...


  1. I'm not so sure there would be any serious reaction were Trump to be denied the nomination. I could be wrong, but we've already experienced an event or two that should have been sufficient to trip the wire and nothing happened. We'll see. :-)

    1. I agree. There have been times that I thought things would go hot and things fizzle out. But that does not mean that the globalists are not trying to light as many fires as possible and then throw gas on them.

      They need chaos in the streets to enact their plans to deploy "federalized" police into the streets.
      They need control of education, LEO, Media, currency and especially the internet.

      This is a big country and they will need to bring in blue helmets to control the rural areas. There is no other way to pacify these areas.

      They need a war, both globally and domestically to create an atmosphere where federalized forces will be welcomed. This will be to coverup their economic crimes they have committed for the past 200 years.

  2. The Huff Post conclusion is vastly different from what the Trump campaign is saying.


  3. Heh - any delegate pulling such a stunt may not need to fear going to jail, but they would forever have to fear going home.

    Because, as I have said now many times - the lefty Lucy's have been getting violent, and making messes in the streets: here, there, and everywhere. But what we haven't seen yet, is the rage of the
    disenfranchised working class across America, who have been quietly enduring all this abuse, just quietly and patiently sucking it up for the last decade.

    If anyone challenges or derails the plain and apparent Trump electoral victory at the GOP Convention, (or if Trump should appear to 'win' the general on November 8th and then have FED.GOV or either party refuse to recognize him as the president-elect) then in either case, I expect that the dam, holding back a decade of working class anger and frustration to rupture. Everywhere. All at once.

    Joe Average isn't going to discriminate between the various noisy haters such as the BLM, Nation of Islam, La Raza, and the muslims - when his tolerance breaks and he decides to go and do some cleaning up. Joe's going to go after whatever he sees as the biggest problems in his area, so he can make the biggest improvements by his efforts.

    What I'm saying here is that protests, of whatever kind or stripe, will be obvious targets. As will the residential areas known to be BLM, La Raza, or muslim strongholds. The liberal nouveau-riche behind their walls and gates won't be immune. Nor will the street gangs get off lightly.

    And while it will start off as disorganized and impulsive retaliation, it will quickly congeal into operative groups, which will solidify their doctrine and methods, and grow the number of active participants, with every action they undertake.

    Because action brings certainty and dispels doubt. And successful action attracts more people to your cause - these same group dynamics which have, up to now, benefited every anti-American group, will also benefit those of us who believe in actively cleaning our country up... once we get started.

    You've heard me refer to "doorstep patriots" - and this is why. Because once we initiate action, there will be a groundswell of volunteers to support and grow our cause.

    The Bolshevik Lives Matter crew, the urban gangs, the corporate globalists, the muslims, the (R) and (D) operatives and apparatchiks - all been been given free reign to establish, beyond any reasonable doubt, exactly who and what they are. And they have done so to such a scope and extent that no doubt remains. So, when Joe Average sets out to clean up his community, he's going to leave his front porch with the full and plain knowledge that his community is a target-rich environment, and that he is neither obliged nor advised to acknowledge, let alone contemplate, the crying and wailing of those who object to their compatriots being killed for their offenses... because they have each and all proven that THEY WOULD DO EXACTLY THE SAME TO US, were the tables turned.

    They falsely imagine that, after a century of peaceful tolerance on our part, that there is no fight left in us, and that they will accomplish their aims without any meaningful resistance.

    They have made the cardinal mistake of interpreting our Christian Tolerance as weakness, and our 'failure' to respond to their attacks in kind is the mark of our extinction. They could not be more wrong.

    This is NOT and endorsement of Trump on my part - it is my endorsement of the Responsible, Working American Man and the actions that he will ultimately be forced to engage in, to take his country back. It is my endorsement of the use of deadly force in defense of what we have built and what we believe in, in the face of an arrayed enemy who has repeatedly and consistently flown the flag of NO QUARTER in prosecuting the war to achieve our destruction.




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