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Monday, July 11, 2016

OK, this is just funny on many levels...

If you do not have a full grasp of who and what is ruining America, you won't get all the nuance, but here it goes:

A Police union accuses Black Lives Matter of being 'bad' because they kill cops.  Here's the link.

I'll throw a flashlight beam down this walking path to get everyone started...

A 'union' (Leftist/Marxist construct) of 'Police' (Who have become the enforcement arm of the modern Police State - the Tyrants) are crying about a political movement (Black Lives Matter) that is wholly and completely a manifestation of the same Leftists and Marxists who like 'unions'.

The irony is sufficient to cramp the brain.

Folks, we are right and truly fooked.  I think we have no longer than Inauguration Day 2017 to sweep porches from coast to coast, or we are done.  The window of opportunity will be closed forever - because the 'Weapons Free' paradigm that is barreling toward us from our Masters will be here very, very soon.

I hope you are all on the proper side of your preparedness curve...


  1. Could these be mimions of beef stew
    standing guard?


    Cav Med

  2. De'la Bugs bunny -
    Duh, which way should I go, George?
    Which way should I go?

    George...Soros, that is.

    In my youth I was told that, "The man too mean and/or too stupid to govern himself, shall be governed by men both meaner and more stupid even than he is."
    Back then, I didn't believe it - but now, I can't see any other paradigm at work in the world of politics and government. It's a simple and verifiable, though counter-intuitive fact of life.



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