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Friday, July 22, 2016

Marxists Stood Down at Cleveland

A few days before the RNC began two of the most prolific, high-profile Marxist/Black Lives Matter agitators in America met with POTUS in the White House.  There had been promises of violence and blocked highways in Cleveland, a continued escalation from Dallas and Baton Rouge.

Public sentiment about the violence in Dallas and Baton Rouge was turning angrily toward the Leftists.  They were being blamed by average Americans.  The violence gave Donald Trump the 'Law & Order' high ground - gift wrapped.  The political risks associated with escalation at the RNC would have murdered the Clinton campaign before the DNC even launched.

Shabazz & Company were in Cleveland in the days leading up to the Convention - and then, they weren't.  And in their absence, no riots.  No highways shut down.  No Micah Johnson. No Gavin Long.

Like flipping a switch, the Marxist puppet masters in America were able to simply stop the violence.  When a few agitators stand down, the violence stops.  Clevelnd would have burned at their order - and it did not.  Not even Baltimore erupted with the final acquittal in Freddie Gray's murder.  The biggest agitator on the ground in Cleveland, who actually provoked a scuffle, was Alex Jones.  Had he stayed in Texas, we wouldn't have had even that little blip of confrontation.

Yes, the Marxists are entrenched in America.  They have won the hearts & minds fight.

Yes, we are living in a Police State and in a post-Rule of Law society.

Yes, the North American Liberty Games are underway.

Yes, those of us who actually embrace the ideals articulated in the DoI, USC and BoR - and actually live by those ideals - are a nearly non-existent minority.  We are statistically and realistically insignificant. We are even outnumbered by the people who claim to be 'Patriots' who work for the King and take his stolen Entitlement money.

Yes, there is going to be a fight.  It is likely far in the future and will be futile.

No - Americans are NOT seething in the masses, with organic and genuine rage barely contained at the current state of affairs.  

No - Americans are NOT even CLOSE to taking arms - on either side of the battle lines - and engaging one another beyond the occasional Lone Wolf.

The frog in the pot died long ago.  You are I are nothing more than death's twitches.

When the POTUS can summon just 2 people into the White House and so obviously give a stand down order to Enemies of Liberty that determines whether a major American city burns or not, and that order is followed so brazenly, and Americans do not hoist the black flag and begin slitting throats...

...we are done.


  1. Terror attack in Munich. 15 dead.


  2. Witnesses report up to 3 shooters. Their whereabouts are unknown.
    All public transportation has been shut down.
    Police are ordering all social media to be shut down.
    Reports of shootings in other parts of the city.
    Main train station currently being evacuated.

  3. Interesting note on the place the attack was carried out.
    The Olympia mall was opened just before the 1972 Munich summer Olympics and we all know what happened to the Israeli team.
    Is this symbolic or just a coincidence?

    1. Symbolic. They are so absorbed in their Satanic symbolism, that they can't even see how obvious it makes their behavior...

  4. Well, there certainly isn't any remaining question about the "when?" of Europe's conflagration - it has taken on a life of it's own.

    The question is "When, America?"

    I do not believe it is far off. Remain prepared. The Leftists did a pivot regarding Cleveland - please do not mistake it for a retreat --
    As usual, they desire to create chaos, without being blamed for it. That desire to avoid blame is why they did not burn Cleveland. But their ultimate desire remains the same...
    Burn. It. All. Down.


  5. Americans are too fat and happy at the moment.

  6. Apparently we were not the only ones who noticed the leftist stand down.


    1. They missed the truth of it - as most do. The Leftists did not fail - they chose not to attack.

      They think Obama is 'stupid' - and fail to simply follow Occam's Razor - what he is doing is deliberate.

    2. For the racists, it's too easy to believe that 0bama is stupid. It has become their go-to explanation, whenever they don't understand what is happening. This sadly prevents them from seeing what is right in front of their faces - that the game is bigger than they imagine, and that those in charge are more patient than their street agitators and useful idiots will ever know.

      When the enemy does a pivot movement like we saw in Cleveland, you have to immediately look at the wider picture, and figure out what they were protecting. It gives us an unusual view into what their plans are, when they are forced to change them mid-stride, like they just did.



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