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Friday, July 22, 2016

POTUS Predictions 2016

1) But for a coup or nationwide theft by Marxists that hijacks the American political system - by force with Stasi enforcement modalities - Donald Trump will crush Hillary Clinton in the election.

2) The President elected in 2024 or 2028 will have combat experience on American soil.

3) We are at the dawn of the 'Trump Dynasty'.  Similar to the Bush & Clinton 'Dynasties' in terms of relatives rotating through the offices of politics based on name recognition - the next national political Trumper is Ivanka.


  1. Disagree. Clinton will be the next POTUS. :-)

    1. You think she'll win in a fair election - or will she have to steal it with fraud?

    2. I think the odds are that she will steal it. If a fair election occurs, Trump will crush her. Lets pray for a fair election. I believe the left will do what ever it takes to steal this election.

    3. Oh, I suspect that voter fraud will be rampant. But those fuckers are not going to yield at this point. :-)

    4. George Soros bought Scytl in 2011, and that one company provides the electronic voting machines, and counts the electronic votes, for some 36 or 37 US States (at last count). Therefore, whoever Soros wants to rule, will "win" the election.

      Plain. Simple. Verifiable. Facts.

      IMHO, Soros will buy Clinton the election - he didn't spend all that money for nothing...


  2. Don't forget Donald, Jr. There is already talk of him running for governor of New Your in 2018.

  3. There's plenty of time to set Donnie Jr. up as NIL-POTUS, assuming we get Trumpy for the next two torture sessions.

    So, if Trump "wins" in November, it will be because Soros & Co. want him to take the blame for what is already inevitable - economic collapse and a fresh world war.

    To Soros' s way of thinking, he can then put the Prince of his choice on the throne in 2020. But, if not played exactly right by 'Team Progress', then the US voters will do what they are known for in times of crisis - not changing presidents in the middle of a sh*tstorm.
    Its what we did with Bush in '04, even though it was a huge mistake.
    Interesting times.

    Interesting times, indeed.
    Theres a curse to that effect - "may you live in interesting times".

    Regardless. God will Judge between us and them. And His Justice is without flaw or omission -perfect and complete. Thats why we are obliged to pray for our enemies - to test our sense of mercy, in the face of implacable justice.


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