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Sunday, July 17, 2016

RNC 2016: Day Four LIVE

RNC Coverage:

It is rare, but it happens.  I disagree with PJB.  I agree that if Trump wins the Oval, Cruz is done.  However, I think if Trump loses to Hillary, Cruz is the one guy who gets to play the 'I told you so' card for 2020 - and the milquetoast will nod and nominate him.  Here's the piece.  For the record - when I disagree with PJB, I am often wrong...

Plain & Simple: It was a very good speech.  Now, if he lives up to it, he'll be a great 'modern' President.  That said - even if he is a great President, course & speed are locked and the North American Liberty Games will run their course.  You need more ammo.

Where's the H8 at RNC?  Aside from a few scuffles, a bit of wee-wee and one Commie setting himself afire, BLM and their affiliates have been a yawn. I guess all Commies are the same.  Did the Commie puppeteers decide to pull back?  Did they actively fail?  Did the Bikers for Trump put the fear of hot lead into them?  Analysis: If the hate and rage put forth by MSM actually existed on an organic level, Cleveland would be smoldering rubble right now.  Without a handful of agitators, the Commies and their Useful Idiots are no more ready to rock than are the FSA Patriot Brigades.

Anyone in Massachusetts who wants an AR - here ya go.  Fcuk Tyrants.

AR in Massachusetts?  Not any longer - here.  (CavMed)

Monday: DNC begins - here.  

Pence Speech: Vid here. (Tom)

No problems with the LEO Mindset.  Keep moving, peasant - here.

Tonight: Trump Speaks - here's the piece.

Cruz commits political suicide - IF Trump loses...  here.

Dead KC LEO 'not' Ambushed - here.

Tonight on the Stage: Cruz.  Here.

Big turnout in viewers for RNC - here.

Polls: Don't put much stock in the national polling.  1) All candidates ALWAYS get a convention bump - Hillary will also.  2) National polls mean nothing in American politics - it's all about the electoral map.  Here.

Commie Agitators Failing at RNC?  Here.

If Trump Wins - a Coup?  LA Times, here.

'Workers Party' - Commies prevalent at RNC.  This is one of the outfits Red Mikey played for when he was openly committing Treason and more mundane felonies against the republic. Remember boys and girls, Commies murdered tens of millions of people around the world in the 20th century alone, and Red Mikey was right there, funneling them cash and doing their dirty work. Yeah, he's going to Heaven, alright... Here's the link from RNC.

Cleveland: Urine Wars - here.

Kansas City LEO shot & killed in squad car - here.

It's Official: Trump 2016 - here.

Alex Jones starts a ruckus in Cleveland - here.

From CavMed: Here.

GatewayPundit refutes 'Shots Fired' claim - here.

Shots Fired in Cleveland at LEO Transport - here here(Thanks MJ)

Frenchie has a decision to take: Extirpate every Muslim and Muslim-enabler within their borders, or die.  Here.  (Thanks ToneDeaf)

More LEO revealing their anti-2A Police Statism - here.

Black Lives Matters shuts down I-95 in Richmond Monday - here 

Melania speech Analysis: It seems obvious that this is an act of sabotage - a landmine inserted for future detonation - from someone on Team Trump.  This is the sort of tactic the Establishment will use through the campaign to try and derail Trump without having the courage to own their sabotage.  Here.

#NeverTrumpers stomped - here.

If Donald Trump has done nothing else - he has mortally wounded the Bush/Ryan GOP. PJB on the topic - here.

An AK-101 with a custom grip in Cleveland - here.

Guns in the crowd - here.

As we calculated several weeks ago, the drama around 'NeverTrump' fizzled before it ever got started - here.

Mo takes the train - here.

#NeverTrumpers making their first run - here.

Turks pressing Incirlik - here.

Bikers for Trump on the Ground - here.

Tulsa Standoff with Pickup Truck - here.

Live - here.

Daytona FL LEO Car Firebombed Sunday - here.

Maquis Rising - here.
Amnesty International on the ground

Obama Tweaks LEO - Here.

Freddie Gray NOT Murdered - here.

Shabazz: There will be violence in Cleveland - here

Cleveland LEO Union asks for 2A Suspension - here.
Cui Bono?  Riot gear manufacturers


  1. Heh. The popo union can "ask" for whatever it wants, but the fact is that "Gun Free Zone" signs do absolutely nothing to prevent anyone from carrying a gun. Clevelands PD is fooling itself if they think some temporary declaration of "no guns allowed" will make the slightest difference. In actuality, such a declaration *might* make things worse, by encouraging those with evil intents to play for keeps, thinking that armed resistance will have been minimized by such a "regulation" of 2A durring the convention...
    We shall see.


    1. Sheriff David Clarke said he was not concerned about the law abiding gun owner open carrying but the lawless individual in an elevated position withe evil intentions.

    2. Micah was 'law-abiding' and 'legally carrying' right up to the moment he wasn't.

      Was Clarke himself calling for open carry restrictions as well?

    3. He and Hannity were both against restrictions outside the convention area.
      Obviously guns are not allowed inside with a Presidential Candidate present. Still an infringement in my eyes. Every politician should fear their people and their right to bear arms. It keeps things in check.

  2. So will Charm City burn tonight?

    1. At this point I am thinking only if the Marxists peel a few Tier 1 agitators away from Cleveland to go to Baltimore.

      While the balls and willingness to Go Hard is much higher in the BLM crowd than in the 'Patriot' crowd, it is still not at an organic boil yet, from what I am seeing.

    2. Why is it that the commies are more willing to go hard and "Patriots" not so much?

    3. The overwhelming majority of 'Patriots' are simply too comfortable in their chains to make a move. Far, far too many 'Patriots' are comfortable living as parasites - Daffy, Welfare Lane, Culper/Shell, all leaders of the Patriot Free Shit Army Brigades - why would they EVER rise up and bite the hand that feeds them? The Marxists whipped them with nothing more than a few bread chits.

      As for the Marxists going hard - they are ideologically driven - they want it more. Simple as that...

    4. Yep, the Marxists want it *bad*. And because they are bad - as in "evil" - they're not restrained by conscience against using force, intimidation, lies, and agitprop.

      True patriots, being of the "God, Family, country" type, are far more restrained by their conscience, and their very strong sense of consequences - both immediate and ultimate - when deciding how to deal with any given situation. Put simply, we leave violence for when there are no other options left; but the race-baiters, commies, and anarchists are often chomping at the bit to get to the violence as quickly as possible...


  3. Coalition to stop Trump protesters are already being arrested trying to scale fenced barriers.

    The cops should wait until they're up high enough and take their blades and slice their achilles tendons. The protesters won't try again and it will send a message right off the bat.

  4. So is this just an amazing coincidence or a conspiracy? ;)

    Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas Left Nice Hours Before Attack


  5. Bikers for Trump are on the ground. Expecting 1000-10,000.


    1. Heh...Bikers vs. Bolshevik Liars Movement.
      That oughta be quite a show...
      gonna be some busted heads, if BLM can't remember their manners with that crew ;P

  6. You know it's going to be a party when Scamnesty International is there to bear witness on behalf of the commie-ass punks and anarchist hooligans who plan to raise hell...

    Dey din'do nuffin', Ossifer.


  7. If you're missing this you're
    missong it all: c-span.org/video/?412399-1/never-trump-delegates-seeking-roll-call-vote-rnc-convention&live

    The first attempted "fix is in" is in progress,
    as usurpers and "neverTrump" agents are
    preventing the convention roll call from
    being adopted.
    Pandemonium reigns on tbe convention floor.

  8. Iowa and Colorado have
    walked out.

    Cav Med

  9. Islamo axe attack on German train. 20 injured.


  10. Hah!Shabazz just called Megyn Kelly a white supremacist on live TV. Shes a bobble headed ho but WN?

    1. Well, she's White, therefore and hence... ;)

      But honestly, there's a pretty easy litmus test that will immediately identify someone as wrong-headed - use of 'chimp-out'. That's one of those IFF signals.

  11. What kind of trailer trash would use the term 'chimp-out'?

    1. Take a walk through the 'Patriot' blogosphere - you'll find it is used frequently and tolerated by most bloggers. The White Trash has swarmed the Patriot Movement AND the Free Shit Army- just as they have LEO (See Daffy & the folks living down on Welfare Lane).

      I've been told Daffy has really cleaned up his act online about the 'chimp-outs' and such - one of the byproducts of having his Internal Affairs Division and the Maryland Attorney General camped in his rectum. If he had a single hair on his sack he'd stop stealing kisses from SFC Barry under the cloak and just come out of the closet and own his White Power. But he won't do it - without his .Gov job, he'd have to join the soup kitchen down on Welfare Lane.

  12. BR shooter used a IWI Tavor and a Stag Arms AR.


    1. I noticed that - I wonder if he bought it legit. Not an inexpensive piece...

  13. George Soros bought it for him. ;)

  14. Turkish coup may not be over. 42 F-16s, their crews and ordnance have disappeared.


  15. Hey! What happened to your "live in Cleveland" with the Toc?

    1. 1) The TOC was never slated for Cleveland.
      2) If you are a Society member, you knew the rest a few weeks ago.

  16. Speech: The same writer who inserted the language taken from Michelle Obama is probably the same PoS who tipped the media to look for it. These are the tactics of cowards - people who will not sign their name to their work. The III and broader Liberty Movement is filled with such garbage.

    How to handle such betrayals: Keep doing your thing and let them howl. When you identify one of these cowards, extirpate.

  17. A realization folllowing Dallas, Baton Rouge, etc: freefor and the supposed
    'patriot' community is overflowing with
    fanboys who fetishize the police state.
    Its no wonder that those who champion
    themselves as the Liberty Movement, patriots, III, freefor, gunnin' and runnin' bad-ass defenders of our Constitutional republic did not respond similarly in the Lousiana AO where (6 year old) Jeremy Mardis
    was brutally murdered and his father seriously
    injured on November 3, 2015.
    Moreover, after reading detailed accounts of the murderous attack, its astounding that the whores of state media propaganda are able to successfully peddle their narrative that Dallas and Baton Rouge waz solely an expected response to racist police brutality.
    For those who have forgotten, or have never
    known the details of Jeremy's execution by police: theatlantic.com/national/archive/2015/11/the-death-of-jeremy-mardis-and-trustworthy-police/415437/

    1. They love to scream 'Police State is Bad!' when it fits their narrative, then deep-tongue LEO arse to Virtue Signal, hoping to be eaten last when it suits them.

      Fetish is a good word - and it walks hand-in-hand with cowardice and dishonesty.

    2. An excellent read: We, the Monkeywrench
      Monday, July 18th,2016 - backwoodshome.com/blogs/ClaireWolfe/2016/07/18/we-the-monkeywrench/

      Today a convention begins in chaos, amid cries of law and order, that classic killer of freedom. Today, the media mourns three blue lives, as if the murder of armed agents of the state is worse than decades of police murders of the less politically protected.

      Decades of unaccountable beatings and killings.

      Decades of testilying us into prison.

      Decades of stealing our possessions.

      Decades of corruption.

      Decades of militarization.

      Decades of intimidation, thuggery, and abuse.

      Decades of videos contradicting “official” stories.

      Decades of creatures of government getting away with it, just because they are creatures of government.

      cav med

  18. Shots Fired At Cleveland Police Transport Vehicle Near Republican National Convention


    Thanks MJ

  19. Beat me to it K. :)

  20. More religion of peace.

    Mother and three daughters stabbed ‘for being inappropriately dressed’ in France

    Read more: http://metro.co.uk/2016/07/19/mother-and-three-daughters-stabbed-in-french-resort-for-being-scantily-dressed-6016072/#ixzz4EsRksbCV


  21. They Know What Comes Next: Russian Citizens Are “Stocking Up On Essentials In Case Of War”


  22. Breitbart RNC LiveWire: breitbart.com/big-government/2016/07/19/4589876/

    The most recent entries are a must read.

    Cav Med

  23. One more attempt on LEO.


  24. Polls at RCP, have to be analyzed better.
    All polls favoring Clinton are among 'registered voters'.
    The polls that Trump is ahead in are among 'likely voters'.

    There is a huge difference between the two groups and more credence should be given to the 'likely voters' polls.

    1. Meh. Registered Traitors vs. likely traitors.

      Anyone still giving 'the government' the veil of legitimacy by voting for it, are either 1) clearly not aware of the consequences; or 2) they are clearly voting FOR those consequences.

      At this point in our history,for the majority of citizens voting is like taking Kaopectate - they're trying to minimize the unpleasantness of an unavoidable and imminent fact of life...

      The impending overflow will be epic, even unto Biblical proportions.


    2. Police and Protesters clash
      in Armenia: rt.com/on-air/352336-armenian-capital-clashes-police/

      cav med

  25. LT,

    I agree totally with your statement 100%.
    I was just trying to show how They skew the statistical analysis to conceal their agenda.

    There is no way in hell we are going to vote our way out of this mess. They're itching for a fight and will do everything in their power to start it.

  26. A state of emergency will be introduced in Turkey for three months following a coup attempt last week, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced on Wednesday.


  27. Aussie terror attempt.


  28. Thanks for national coverage
    of this story Fourth Estate.
    The narative that LEO does not
    do, or has ever done, anything to
    justify lethal attacks by citizens
    must be maintained, by any means necessary.
    Ha, Ha!

    cav med

  29. Brazil police order arrest of men pledging ISIS allegiance ahead of Rio Olympics


  30. Here is another I know
    many have missed.
    As of yestetday, the Massachusetts AG
    banned the sale of semi-automatic rifles
    in the state. The law became official on July 20th.

  31. In attendance at the Massachusett AG's
    press conference were high ranking local
    and state officials.
    As none of those LEO present objected to her treasonous act, all of them are complicit and
    willing oathbreakers.
    It astounds me that for many of your
    vocal detractors, the source of their outrage
    is your definition of traitor and who the treasonous are.
    No response has been forthcoming from
    beef stew and his merry band of oathbreakers.

    cav med

  32. How ironic: oathkeepers.org/call-to-action/

    77 year old Montana stock ponder, Joe Robertson, has been sentenced to 18 months
    in jail.
    In fine fashion, oathkeepers supported him by
    seeing escorting him to his jailers.
    Well, that is most certainly an original way to fight back against oathbreakers.

  33. I went and made all this popcorn and the most exciting thing has been the commie catching himself on fire? Now don't get me wrong, anytime a commie almost self immolates himself is a good day but not what I was expecting in levels of entertainment.
    Of course watching Heidi Cruz have to be quickly escorted out of the RNC while getting booed and heckled about her time at Goldman Sachs was mildly amusing.

    1. We 'know' the top tier agitators on Team Commie are capable of whipping the crowds into a frenzy - they demonstrate it routinely.

      So, do we conclude from what we have seen in Cleveland that those agitators have been ordered to stand down by their Masters? If so - why?

    2. ...maybe because some pundit decided that BLM violence would play into Trump's 'Law & Order' platform?

    3. The globalists may have realized that the populace are waking up at astonishing rates and had to cage their domestic animals of chaos? I predict they will let loose their Islamo savages in place of the BLM to create an emergency situation.

      Nigel Farage said that Trump was Americas Brexit moment. A long shot but if he can engage ordinary people to take part in the process he can win. The globalists cannot afford to lose this battle and will pull out all of the stops when they will have the greatest impact.

    4. You're spot on with you analysis K.
      As you stated, we know the commies
      and their handlers can get their quislings
      to rampage.
      Hell, we saw it at lesser venues throughout
      the primaries, especially once warm weather
      returned and they renewed their pseudo fighting season.
      Moreover, it certainly explains batthouse barry's 11th hour WH meeting with deray and his assorted crew of treasonous shitbags.

      cav med

    5. Western commies fail because they are afraid of failure. Hesitation is their most challenging hurdle, as it is *everywhere* in Western Culture these days. Look at commies in India, or Myanmar, or anywhere in SE Asia - those little dudes have no fear of failure. Thus they have a much higher chance of success, at whatever they set their minds to.

      Our culture is so far gone that 99.9% can do little more than tie their shoes properly, anymore. And, deep down, we know that. Its undeniable. Failure is now the default outcome, for Westerners...

      Thus, they can't even get it right when the time comes to hurl urine and burn shit down... unintended consequences of the globalist efforts to dumb us down. News flash - their, efforts in that department were aparently too effective.


      BY. THE. TON.

  34. So, after all the drama and hubbub in Cleveland...

    How do you Thiel??

    Because they say it's 'how you Thiel' that's important.

  35. This was definitely worth the price of addmission.

    Alex Jones and Roger Stone crashed a live broadcast of the ultra liberal show the new turks. Hillarity ensues.


  36. What happens if you plan a protest and nobody shows up?
    Fight amongst your selves.


  37. I have to wonder - what would the Left's response be, if we adopted their tactics; set the statist stronghold cities ablaze; acted like Mo's morons and put bullets and knives into the heart of their constituency at every opportunity?

    Because, that is one way to win this battle, decisively - seize the initiative, push the fight right to their heart, and PRESS IT THERE until they break and run. Then mop them up mercilessly in their retreat. Leave nothing of what they possess here untouched. NOTHING.

    And for those who survive, let them self-deport to whatever socialist paradise will take them...

    The numbers required to undertake such a campaign are amazingly small. What is required is determination, - and their continuing offenses provide us with that in ever-growing quantities.

    After all, it's not just blacks being murdered by PoPo every week, all around this country. Nor are Blacks the primary targets of their Orwellian scheme of taxation and regulation ad summam exstinctionis.

    The bakery of Just Deserts is always open...

    The questions are -
    who will buy them theirs?
    and who will serve them up?

  38. Some will call the above proposition "terrorism"; saying that it goes against everything which makes our country "exceptional." But this is a load of crap, and any man of good conscience knows it - he may not like what it demands of him, but deep down he knows that this is *exactly* what is justified, in defending our communities against this domination by a power foreign to our nature, and destructive to our wellbeing.

    Was The Boston Tea Party terrorism?
    Was the callout of the militia, the merciless sniping and pressing of Gen. Gages troops all the way back to Boston as they retreated, "terrorism"?
    Was the assassination of British customs officers, judges, and other Crown Officers in Red Coat occupied New York and Boston "terrorism"?

    Or was it a justified defense against an occupying enemy so large and so embedded, that any and every means of expulsion was not only justified, but downright necessary?

    Did the American militias fight according to the 'King's rules', or did they engage in every act of subversion, sabotage, assassination, theft and destruction of enemy resources, which opportunity sent their way?

    We all know the answer - American freedom was ripped from the hands of the King's men by a bunch of "terrorists", "outlaws", "pirates", and "brigands". Particularly in the earliest days of the war, it was a continuous string of acts of insurrection, writ large and with boldness, by men who were unwilling to be ground into submission at the King's whim, who gave liberty a chance on this continent. Their preference was to risk everything on the very small chance that what they believed in might succeed, and the even smaller chance that they and their families might actually live to see it.

    What is the difference between now and then?
    And do you honestly believe that Trump will be a better king than 0bozo? Becuase King Donald 'Law and Order' Trump and his Torries have already made it clear that they shall be even more intolerant of dissent that 0bama and his coterie of criminals ever dared to be.

    Assuming The Donald is inaugurated six short months from now, he will enter the Oval Office "with a mandate from the American people" to run a wreckingball through everything which conflicts with his idea of a perfect America, and drive a steamroller over all dissent against what he deems "good and right". And he will do exactly that.

    Sure, he'll "do a lot of building" - but make no mistake, he *will* work a wide swath of destruction, as well.

    And to his critics, he'll simply respond that 'you've gotta break the eggs before you can eat the omlettes'.

    And tell me, please, how exactly that is different from how the communists, racists, and other assorted wingnuts justify their destructive actions?

    Am I advocating that folks instead vote for the serial treasonist? HELL NO!

    What I'm saying is that the real test of who we are as a nation, will be in what we as Americans are willing to tolerate from our new king, in the name of "making America great again". Because I guarantee that what Donald considers "greatness" has some seriously bad implications for our nation's health and sanity.

    And while a man who know his own pride, and his own greed, may one day be satisfied with what he has accomplished by his evil ways; the man who earnestly believes that he is working for the common good is tireless and shall never cease in his efforts -

    At every setback he shall redouble his efforts, and out of every conflict he shall emerge even more convinced of his angelic goodness and the infallibility of his 'good judgement' and 'civic mindedness'.

    This is how every dictator goes off the rails, and makes of himself the most loathsome of tyrants.


  39. So, when the Trumpsters go on a Krystalnacht rampage through the black and immigrant communities, will you think to yourself, "they had it coming"? Are you going to sit silently on your hands and condone it as "the price of greatness"?

    And when The Donald launches his Knight of the Long Knives and takes down patriots and liberty activists - even the ones that were among his most vocal supporters - as "domestic terrorists" for daring to call him out on *his* over-reaching powergrab, will you cheer for "Law and Order" and El pResidente's 'strong-willed leadership'?

    And when he consummates the armed conflict with Team Bear-Dragon (which is, even at this very moment, all tee'd up to go), will you be one of the idiots cheering in the streets, "USA!! USA!! USA!! USA!! Now we'll show 'em who's boss"?

    Because we've seen all these things before, and we know where they lead. Only this time it will be the US that's the 'bad guy' in the eyes of the world. The 'allies' will be allied against us.

    And when they're done, there will be no chance of our country restoring itself to it's former dignity -or- liberty... Ever.

    And remember, there is no other place left on Earth where the monoculture of globalism is contested - we're it. So when we go, the hope of there being a Land of Liberty... *ANY* land of liberty, anywhere on this Earth, perishes.

    Hey, the colonies were 'great' under King George, too, until they rebelled. Is that what Trump is referring to when he promises 'to make us great again...' to return us to being a collection of foreignly-held territories; chattel property of a power to which we have no voice and no recourse?

    Because such an outcome is not out of the question, considering what FED.GOV owes China and numerous other nations...


  40. 'Trump isn't Hillary' - that is his greatest appeal, and it is very limited in scope.

    His most terrifying position to those who love Liberty - 'Law & Order'. That is the cry of nearly every encroachment and infringement and violation of Liberty in our history as a republic.

    If he builds the wall, deports any illegals (setting the precedent, even if he doesn't throw them all out), levels the playing field of foreign trade and punishes businesses that take a profit for gutting our infrastructure, and gets our troops out of foreign fights - he's good.

    Almost every other position he has put forth is Statist and bad.

    The reality is this simple: We WILL HAVE either Trump, Hillary or Obama in the Oval on 21 January 2017.

    ALL of them believe in a top-down 'ruling' of the nation. That is badness.

    Trump in the Oval gives genuine Patriots more room to operate in the longer-fight.

  41. Trump may leave us no room to operate at all in the domestic arena, if he goes all Bull in a China Shop with Team Bear-Dragon, and embroils us in a full blown global conflict - a conflict which is already tee'd up and set to go as a "limited engagement" if Hillary gets to sit in the chair, but which will be allowed to go 'fully out of control' if Trump is in the seat to take the heat for it...

    Watch all those Millennials pull their ear-plugs out and scream "What the F^&k" in unison, when the draft is reinstated...

    Nothing scrubs the self-satisfied grin off a 20 year old's face quite like a letter from FED.GOV which begins with the words, "You are hereby ordered to report for Basic Training..."


  42. And you can bet that all the pinkos will claim "proof" that Trump is a racist when the draft goes into full swing. Because all the Ritchie Riches and middle-class whiteys will be enrolled in collegiate programs which, ***just like in the Viet Nam era***, are "eligible for deferral" - - -

    While the poor brown boys from the ghetto get the FED.GOV boot straight in their sack - and are instantly transformed into our "wall of expendable flesh" as the war to end all wars gets under way.

    But the uber-progressive elite are the REAL RACISTS, and it has always been their intent to purge the world of the excess "negroes, imbeciles, intemperate persons, and those of defective birth" to use Margaret Sanger's own words from a century ago.
    Remember Tuskegee; Remember the Sterilization laws in New York, New Jersey, and many other northern states, as well as the sterilization programs imposed upon the Southern States by the Progressive Northerners... Eugenics - it's a longstanding Northern Progressive Tradition.
    And they'd love nothing more than to get away with sending a few million brown boys to their certain deaths in a war, while blaming it on Trump all the way.

    UNDERSTAND: the demons in charge of the game are playing Grand-Master level Chess here - which means that they are thinking 7 to 9 moves ahead... while Joe Public is still trying to figure out what the various pieces actually do.

    It's not a fair fight. And it won't be, until we stop playing by their rules, and start fighting by the same rules that our Founding Fathers found apropriate for dealing with Tyrants and Apparatchiks in their day...


  43. It's about as plain as can be - they want Hillary to be able to say she's "won a war". But if Trump gets in they want him, and the US, to actually LOOSE the war. This is how they play both sides.

    And, with reality being stranger than fiction, the economic collapse and political take over of the US would probably run slower and be less severe under Hillary... because she's their pick, and their egos can't stand to be made to look bad - even to accomplish what they so dearly want.

    But under Trump, anything goes - because they will have 'The Donald' to blame it all on.

    Every. Last. Thing.

    Remember "Bush's Fault"?
    ...well Donald will inherit it, the moment he moves into the West Wing. Guaranteed.

    It's how these lying sacks of shit operate, and more than half of 'Americans' will believe it, because they're too stupid and self-absorbed to pay attention to anything longer than a tweet, or a picture meme on farcebook or insultagram.

    Stupid by Choice = Slaves by Choice.
    Welcome to the USA.

    I'm ashamed to be called an "American" these days...



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