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Thursday, July 14, 2016

Weekend of Rage: Milwaukee & Baton Rouge LEO Shootings

LEO Radio Traffic from Baton Rouge - here.  Thanks MJ

Cleveland LEO - The Mask of Tyrants Falls: Cleveland LEO Union calls for suspension of Open Carry for RNC.  Here's the link.  Now you know where Cleveland LEO stands regarding your 2A.

Baltimore: 20+ Arrested - here.

LEO Shot in Ambush - Wisconsin: Here.  Good work, ToneDeaf (several links below are his)

LEO Down in Baton Rouge: Here & Here - Live here. CNN here.

We must wonder if Blane Salamoni & Howie Lake II - the LEO who shot Sterling - if they feel any responsibility for dead LEO in Dallas and now Baton Rouge.  Simple fact: If you carry yourself as if you are in a war, someone will treat you as if you are in a war...

Who's Who coming to protest at RNC: Here.

Brief Analysis: That there was almost no organic BLM activity across the nation on Friday, one must conclude that since the Marxist puppetmasters are focused on Cleveland, their network of agitators is not only finite, but rather limited.  If their was indeed widespread, near-violence boiling across the country, the lack of a few instigators would not matter.

Extirpate the puppetmasters, the puppets will fall to the floor...

Look for any real action to be in Cleveland, where they have amassed.

Let's make it global, because: Nice

Cleveland: Check the video

Turkey: As a rule, when you take a shot at the King, do not miss - here.

FBI: Credible Threat for South Florida - here.

It begins in Charm City: AR Attack on LEO in Baltimore.

Coup in Turkey qualifies for Weekend of Rage: Here.

Pushback in Rhode Island against Mo's Morons: Here.

Marine LePen: War.

Fire at the Eiffel Tower, here. (Frenchie says no Terror connection.)

Cleveland LEO order Stand Down?  Here  (Mike's shop is usually balls-on accurate.  It doesn't mean terms won't change if some politician thinks it will help his career - but don't plan on any help from LEO in Cleveland next week at RNC.)  Thanks to M for the link.

In the French: Extirper...

Translation?  You already know:


  1. While not here in the states, this crazy Muslim decided to start the weekend of rage a little early.


  2. Seems there was some rage in Nice France...


  3. This style of warfare is win-win for Mo's Morons - if the French (and Europe) capitulate, they win. If they fight back, they get the war for the Caliphate they want.

    The only downside is losing. But Mo understands it is an existential fight. Frenchie may not...

    1. I think reality is making itself clear to the French. Irresistibly clear.

      We shall soon have our moment of irresistible clarity, as well.


  4. And the victims ask the question: why is this happening? They still don't understand that having hundreds of thousands of muslims invade France won't have unintended consequences. And people still believe that islam is a religion of peace. The only cure is the eradication of islam in all western countries.

  5. I would willingly gear up,
    (minus my chute) and exit
    the aircraft at 500 ASA,
    if it guarantees the French
    (and Europe) a war against
    the "caliphate.'
    I've had to bear witness to
    countless examples of
    muslim violence and depravity
    to desire anything less.
    Especially when you post
    photos of familiarity, victims
    splayed out like ground-meat,
    courtesy of the "religion of peace'
    and the supporters of a pedophile prophet.

  6. The previous comment
    belong to me, Cav Med.

    Click the Breitbart link: breitbart.com/national-security/2016/07/14/truck-crashes-crowd-celebrating-bastille-day-several-dead/

    So that you may bear witnees
    to a dead child wrapped in a mylar
    blanket, thr top of her head and pink
    cap showing, with her doll lying
    That's what an endless stream of
    blah, blah,blah, and shitbag posers
    gets you, in response to war being
    waged against you while you furiously
    masturbate for shilling whores of
    the "moral high ground."

  7. Sky News live: youtube.com/watch?v=y60wDzZt8yg

  8. And with this I am done: twitter.com/AP/status/753735633152114688

    Associated Press: Nice official says truck loaded with arms and grenades.

    1. That was predictable. The truck wasn't the ambush - it was the supply cart for the ambush. Hence the copious bullet holes in the windshield, courtesy of the French Security Forces snipers - a job well done, but sadly a moment too late, to prevent the collateral damage.

      I have lamented many times to friends, how war makes you a victim of the consequences you can't quite control (such as the collateral damage I mention above), which come of the actions you must perform, at full fighting speed, under such circumstances.

      There is always more (in the way of possible consequences)to a situation than the human mind can process in the time available to engaged combat soldiers, security forces, &etc.

      Sometimes, a sniper gets a piece of grandma buying fruit, or the vendor selling it, as well as the suicide bomber and his second/security guy in the crowded bazaar. It happens; it's unavoidable.
      And that sucks. HARD...
      Even after you remind yourself that they were *all* dead, until you took control and reduced the threat. And you carry a bit of that with you, forever. It's the stuff indelibly burned into your retinas - it's there every time you close your eyes.

      Men who experience that are called "veterans". Pray for them, for they have been forever changed by what they have seen and done.

      Men who experience that, and are able to continue soldiering, to make it a career, and eat that shit repeatedly, on behalf of a nation of civilians whom it would drive instantly mad - those men are called 'Professionals'...

      God bless our Professionals, and keep them close to us, as we face what now comes...

  9. Everywhere. Right Now...

  10. I see a truck going slow. I see people running. I see people lying on the ground with what appears to be blood running in the street. Where is the video of the truck actually hitting and running over someone? Why are people still running? Can't they just move away from the roadway?

    Does anyone even question this shit any more?

    Before we go in, first we need to destabilize the theater of operation.

    1. Respectfully, you are a fucking
      No offense.

    2. No offense taken bigshot. This is where one finds the big mouths.

      Who is the bigger fucking idiot? The one who is skeptical of false flags and psyops or the one who repeats like a parrot the narrative handed to them?

    3. No, my mouth is not
      big, that would be yours.
      You are a fucking idiot.
      Its evident from your initial
      anymouse comment, which
      is a result of choking on the
      gloryhole of Alex Jones,watching
      marathon episodes of Ancient Aliens
      Finding Bigfoot, while imitating BoBo
      and furiously masturbating.

  11. Remember the highly
    skeptical emails I sent
    regarding mikey.
    Well, go to SSI and check
    it out.
    Remember his declaration
    in mid-April, "Doc's say I have four
    weeks to live."
    Well, his health is improving,
    after raking in cash to a paypal
    account for his wife, successfully
    suckering the dumbest bastards
    in the Universe into doing extensive
    repair work in his home (for free),
    and Codrea soliciting funds for a
    "mvb" memorial.
    His son attributes the improvement
    to some unnamed miracle drugs.
    And now I am forever done.

    1. Red Mikey is the Gold Standard for Intellectual Hypocrites (you and I are paying for all that 'miracle medical attention' he is sucking into his cancer-holes) and his supporters earn the same designation for 'Selective Enforcement of Ideals'.

      Now Sipsey is taking part in the next 'Blogger Brown-out' where several 'Liberty/Patriot' blogs go dark. Same as last year. What a joke. It is all orchestrated by the Frat Boys behind the scenes.

      You'll also notice Daffy, the Sow and Welfare Lane have all shut their cock-holsters recently - after promising more 'Big' scandals, criminal charges, blah, blah, blah. Once again, they float innuendo and outright lies, and can't back any of it up with even a single verifiable fact.

      Quislings, boot-lickers, parasites, welfare recipients, liars and physical cowards, every one of them. Not a Patriot in the bunch...

    2. Turds circling the drain
      'cause they dont have a brain.
      Welfare scoffers chowin' down
      then they just lay back
      and float around.
      In their custom
      Jacuzzi pool
      you flushed again
      but they still rule.
      They can't fit
      down that pipe
      It's true.
      Till they get bailed out
      just like the banks
      theyll skunk the place up
      and soil our ranks.

      Scrubbin bubbles
      cant fix 'em
      Mr Tidybowl ran
      Mr Clean's on vacation
      youre alone in that can

      Alone with that problem
      it needs cleaning bad
      grab a plunger and pound 'em
      till the victorys had.

      Use vinegar
      use bleach
      and last
      scrub with Comet.

      Vicks vapor rub
      under your nose
      helps avoid vomit.

      On splasher!
      On thrasher!
      On Taco Bell clog!

      Flush away
      Flush away
      Flush away those logs...

      Merry Kiss Ass
      to all the Pig Farmers out there.
      you all deserve what's coming, bitchez-
      It's all YOU.

    3. The commie has been blessed with a miracle? Perhaps his recovery has something to do with all of the porn he is associated with these days...poor poor Rosie

    4. LMAO - Outstanding poetry!

    5. A bit of jocularity
      is good for the soul ;P

    6. The antics of the dope dealer, justin,irish, phil, the mayor, james maynard, ca, starving chimp, tl, commie, red headed hoe, cancer bag from n tex and many more. Far too many lies and slander from thier lips, with zero back up. Things ever get sporty.........

    7. Leviticus, Chapter 26 - the Punishments of Disobedience -

      But if you will not hear me,
      nor do all my commandments,
      If you despise my laws,
      and contemn my judgments
      so as not to do those things
      which are appointed by me,
      and to make void my covenant:
      I also will do these things to you:
      I will quickly visit you with poverty,
      and burning heat,
      which shall waste your eyes,
      and consume your lives.
      You shall sow your seed in vain,
      which shall be devoured
      by your enemies.
      I will set my face against you,
      and you shall fall down
      before your enemies,
      and shall be made subject
      to them that hate you,
      you shall flee
      when no man pursueth you.

      But if you will not yet
      for all this obey me:
      I will chastise you seven times more
      for your sins,
      And I will break
      the pride of your stubbornness,
      and I will make to you
      the heaven above as iron,
      and the earth as brass:
      Your labour shall be spent in vain,
      the ground shall not bring forth her increase,
      nor the trees yield their fruit.

      If you walk contrary to me,
      and will not hearken to me still, then
      I will bring seven times more plagues
      upon you for your sins:
      And I will send in upon you
      the beasts of the held,
      to devour your children
      and your cattle,
      and make you few in number,
      so much that your highways
      shall be made desolate.

      And if even so you will not amend,
      but will walk contrary to me still further:
      I also will walk contrary to you,
      and will strike you seven times
      further for your sins.
      And I will bring in upon you
      the sword which shall avenge
      my covenant.
      And when you shall flee
      into the cities,
      I will send pestilence
      into the midst of you,
      and you shall be delivered
      into the hands of your enemies;
      After I shall have broken
      the staff of your bread:
      so that ten women
      shall bake your bread
      in one oven,
      and mete it out by weight:
      and you shall eat,
      but shall not be filled...


    8. But if you will not for all this
      hearken to me,
      but will walk against me the more:
      I will also go against you
      with opposing fury,
      and I will chastise you with
      even seven more plagues
      for your sins,
      so that you shall eat the flesh
      of your sons and of your daughters.

      I will destroy your high places,
      and crush your idols.
      You shall fall
      among the ruins of your idols,
      and my soul shall abhor you.
      Insomuch that I will bring
      your cities to be a wilderness,
      and I will make
      your sanctuaries desolate,
      and will receive no more
      your sweet odours.
      And I will destroy your land,
      and your enemies
      shall be astonished at it,
      when they shall be
      the inhabitants thereof.
      And I will scatter you
      among the Gentiles,
      and I will draw out the sword after you,
      and your land shall be desert,
      and your cities destroyed

      Then shell the land
      enjoy her Sabbaths
      all the days of her desolation:
      when you shall be disposed
      In the enemy's land,
      she shall keep a Sabbath,
      and rest in the Sabbaths
      of her desolation,
      because she received not rest
      in your Sabbaths
      when you dwelt therein.

      And as to them that shall
      remain of you
      I will send fear in their hearts
      in the countries of their enemies,
      the sound of a flying leaf
      shall terrify them,
      and they shall flee
      as it were from the sword:
      they shall fall,
      when no man pursueth them,
      And they shall every one
      fall upon their brethren
      as fleeing from wars,
      none of you shall dare
      to resist your enemies.
      You shall perish
      among the Gentiles,
      and an enemy's land
      shall consume your bones.
      And if of them also some remain,
      they shall pine away
      in their iniquities,
      in the land of their enemies,
      and they shall be afflicted
      for the sins of their fathers,
      and their own.

      Until they confess
      their iniquities
      and the iniquities
      of their ancestors,
      whereby they have
      transgressed me,
      and walked
      contrary unto me.

      Thereupon I also
      will walk them,
      and bring them
      into their enemies'land
      until their uncircumcised
      mind be ashamed:
      then shall they pray
      for their sins.
      And I will
      remember my covenant,
      that I made with Jacob,
      and Isaac, and Abraham.

      Those who have ears to hear,
      hear the warning of the LORD -
      Who possesses all power,
      Yet with us whom He created,
      He pleads for His love's sake,
      To save us from our own iniquity,
      and from our chosen destruction.

      Happy is he
      who hearkens
      unto the LORD.

      So, how far along in this Judgement do you think we are? Scary though, huh?
      Lets keep it all in perspective, then -
      Obedience First;
      Victory Second;
      Everything else is tertiary,
      Even our own lives...
      at least on this dustball.


  12. Military warned to avoid 37 cities due to rioting.


  13. Live feed: Telegraph online

  14. Apparently the 'assault truck' had been fitted bullet proof glass all the way round. This was not jihadist out for a leisurely drive, it was well planned.


  15. Military warned to stay out of 37 cities preparing for riots today.


  16. Marine LePen: “The war against the scourge of fundamentalism hasn’t started, it must now be declared,” she said in a statement. “That is the deep wish of the French, and I will put all my energy so that they are finally heard and the necessary fight is finally undertaken.”

  17. It begins in Baltimore.


  18. France is realizing what I have been saying for years -
    there is only ONE solution to the muslim problem –

    Kill every last muslim,
    Burn every last copy of their satanic book.
    Burn every last mosque to the ground.
    Burn every last dwelling they have occupied,
    And wherever you must burn,
    Salt the ground heavily.



  19. Dead white people in France ruin black panthers party.


    1. Some BPP guy, somewhere, will suggest: "They kill 80+ we just need to kill more to get the cameras back...'

    2. You're absolutely correct - they are the ultimate attention whores.

      If they heard there were spotlights and a stage in Hell, they'd be beating down the very gates...

  20. Flash From Drudge: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3692693/Turkish-military-launch-attempted-coup-depose-government.html

    Cav Med

  21. Might as well add the coup underway in TURKEY.



  22. Erdogan initially sought refuge in Germany but was denied. He is now trying London.

  23. New English Foreign Secretary, Boris Johnson to deny Erdogan refuge. Apparently he called him a goatfucking muslim a few months back.

    More than likely he will seek refuge in the US.

  24. Not one person at the Lansing State Capitol, there were 5 earlier around 4:00 pm, but hey - it's the state capitol, there's always someone protesting something.


  25. Sam you had a rat visit you at your last Patcom...phil is his name.

    1. The V. Curmudgeon guy? Wouldn't doubt it - the sort to smile in your face while doin' dirty. Has he posted anything about PatCon I should know about?

  26. He has not the balls to post shit, I have it in good faith whom his affiliates are.

    1. The number of serious, stand-up guys and gals in the 'Liberty Movement' is disappointing. If this crop were alive when the King was pressing us, we'd still be a colony...

    2. Yes, disappointing is putting it mildly. Serious guys and gals in the Liberty movement is a rare thing. Very few walk their talk. Most just flap their jaws and talk a good game. The when action is necessary, whether its training, storing food or building a cohesive tribe, the posers are no where to be found.

  27. The runt phillip is of the persuasion to participate....whilst standing in a circle exclaiming...fight, fight,fight.

  28. Sam we spoke of this very subject long ago. No need to rehash the white pointy pillowcase's or the porn peddling dope dealer's, or the insecure red headed hoe's. Least not mention the 111 uncle sugar teet suckers

  29. The rat-runt attending your Patcom, had absolutely nothing to do with meeting like minded folks....he was gathering intel for the dope dealer et al.

    1. No worries - PatCon was an open event. He was fed, had access to good classes, and no access to anything I didn't want circulated. If he was so spineless as to smile in my face and thank me and H for the event without the balls to be honest - that tells us all about him. ;)

  30. I aso warned of rat fuck from Indiana.

    1. Does the rat fuck from Indiana have a first name or nickname ?

    2. Does the rat fuck from Indiana have a first name or nickname ?

    3. What's his online name?

  31. Not seeing any rageing here stateside.


  32. https://www.rt.com/usa/351382-day-of-rage-protests-police/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=RSS

  33. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YZ0B6kvFy-k

  34. Main battle tank vs Erdogan supporters, ouch!
    Thanks to MJ for the links



  35. Guess Cuntsich, excuse me, Kasich, is going to allow #BLM and #LaRaza protest inside the convention, eh? What could go wrong? Mad he got shafted on the nomination?

    1. Heh - I've been calling 'La Raza' as long overdue to come forth stirring shit at the national level for over a year. And I expect that thy shall live up to their commie mandate before the summer is over - to create yet another facet in the polygonal battle space against Western Society. Just one more splinter to get under the hide of 'conservative America' and make them itch for a top-down repression of troublemakers.


  36. This is a must see right now.
    Don't let the name of the event
    fool you: c-span.org/video/?412834-1/black-lawyers-justice-holds-rally-cleveland&live

    Cav Med

  37. In case confusion has set in, yes,
    that c-span link is live broadcasting
    a "black lawyers for justice rally."
    Don't you see the black lawyers?
    Right there, look closely.
    I know its difficult to make them out
    in the middle of that new black panther
    party rally.
    If you really make sn effort, you'll
    find the black lawyers.

    Cav Med

  38. Totally agree with brief analysis. They must concentrate their mass in Cleveland as their resources are finite.

    As for the day of rage inaction, I believe it was a psyop to see who and how we would react. There was no acknowledgement by BLM or any verifed commie groups that called for it. Anonymous is a CIA creation for such purposes as agitation of the usefull idiots.

    1. I did a quick bit of cross-referencing of groups supposedly attending Cleveland and active at several of the most recent brawls. Is it possible that fewer than a few dozen work at the level of Soros, a few hundred at the level of the Baltimore douche McKesson, and then the street-level Useful Idiots that actually show up and block highways?

      Is it possible that fewer than 1,000 sent into the ether would set back the Marxist ground game (for violence) by a decade or more?

  39. Incirlik AFB on lockdown.


    Rally for Erdogan in PA.


    1. Apparently there are tactical nukes there. Wonder what would happen if Vlad suspected the Turks of seizing them?

    2. The NATO connection is just plain scary. Talk about the potential for things to get out of hand quickly...

    3. What, Incirclic airbase, encircled?
      I'm aghast.

      Who even imagined such a thing could ever happen? Aside from the Joint Chiefs and their strategic planning team, who dubbed Incirlic, "the airbase most likely to fall into enemy hands." And that was before we built it. I kid you not.

      As for having nukes there, THAT would be a blatant treaty violation, in and of itself.
      Just proving that, would be casus beli a plenty for Putin and those inclined to support him...


    4. Whether this site holds water or not I don't know for sure but apparently it's not against any treaty to have nukes there...


      Now what happens if the Turks get them... well

  40. I can't find the list of groups that will be in Cleveland, can you post it? I saw a partial list weeks ago. I am sure it has changed.

    1. Here's where I started, then followed FB links, websites, et cetera. Muh incest among the groups.


    2. Sorry - that was where I started. Here's the finalized list:


  41. Malik Shabazz says there will be violence in Cleveland.


  42. Florida credible threat comes true?



  43. 8 cops shot in Baton Rouge, up to 3 dead.


  44. 2 hospitals on lockdown after suspect with 'assault' rifle seen.


  45. Just disgusting commie behavior.


  46. Ambush in Milwaukee.

    Call 911 with bogus incident, lay in wait and attack when responders arrive.



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