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Sunday, July 10, 2016

Stewart Quisling-Rhodes

Like most 'Patriots', Stewie can only see zero-sum, either/or paradigms.

Yes, he is correct that the Black Lives Matter movement is Marxist-sponsored and controlled.

But America is also a modern Police State.

The two are not mutually exclusive realities.

Let me put this in terms even the dimmest bulbs in the knife drawer can understand:

Marxists are bad, m'kay.  Police State tyrannies are ALSO bad, m'kay.

They are BOTH EVIL.

Two entities that are Enemies of Liberty kicking the snot out of one another, weakening both and making the task of Patriots easier in the future, is a Goodness Thing.  I'm rooting for both sides...

Annnnd, heeeere's Stewie:  (FB link here)


Sadly, this sniper attack does not come as a surprise after the incessant cop killer inspiring rhetoric of Black Lives Matter and similar radical leftist groups, inciting violence against all police officers while alleging that any and all shootings of black or Hispanic suspects in this nation just must be driven by racism, with condemnation and cries of "racist!" coming before any investigation has a chance to even start. And it also does not come as a surprise given the incessant Marxist mantra that America is a "racist nation" and that police serve as the weapons of that racist nation against all "people of color" - all of which serves the Marxist agenda to divide and conquer along racial lines and inspire blind hatred against all police, and against this nation in general (which is clearly successful, judging from the many photos and videos of Black Lives Matter activists standing on the American flag, burning the flag, and even wiping their rear ends with the flag, with many favorable comments and thumbs up given in support online).

And this attack shows the extreme vulnerability of police officers to sniper fire during such events. From here forward, officers would be well advised to treat all such public protests as magnets for snipers and terrorists, and take appropriate countermeasures, such as active patrolling and/or police occupation of any elevated location that may serve as a possible sniper position.

And this will cause police to want to further militarize, in their own defense, to include deployment of counter-sniper and armored vehicles. No doubt, that is what the Marxists want as well, so they can further justify their cop hating rhetoric and incitement to violence. And it will also further their agenda to trample on the right of the people to bear arms. The blame will not fall on their rhetoric and incitement, but will instead fall on gun ownership in general. The Marxists' only proposed "solution" will be to disarm the rest of us, and to insist on the nationalization of all police, bringing them under the heel of the DOJ. In other words, they will blame the victims of this attack, and innocent American gun owners, since they see both as their enemies.

Therefore, I call on all Oath Keepers, and all patriotic Americans, to come to the aid of their local police, and to the aid of their communities, and unite and coordinate in mutual defense against this orchestrated campaign of Marxist terrorism, which is the modern version of the wave of terrorism we saw in the late 60s and early 70s by the Marxist Weather Underground and related groups (who also frequently targeted police). What is now needed, more than ever, is the reestablishment of the militia of the people, trained, equipped and organized in each town, to defend against what is now clearly a "Tet Offensive" American style, as Navy SEAL veteran Matt Bracken warned.

While we work to reestablish that militia system, you must go armed at all times, and be prepared, at all times, to defend your community against these Marxist terrorists as well as their Islamist terror allies. Remember, they are in league, and you are their common enemy and their common targets.

- Stewart Rhodes


  1. Sheesh! This dumb fucker is just now getting around to the idea that militias are necessary and they're going to work to re-establish them? Welcome to the party pal. You're a little behind the curve. And we don't need your help. ;-)

  2. Here is another article against Stewie. Again it mentions when Ritzheimers discovery is made public itt will show OKs complicity with FBI, etc...


  3. Stewie's become a politician; or maybe he always was one.

    Regardless, he's just another element in the system of controlled opposition - like Glenny the Beck, Shorn Scammity, El Rush-blow, Squeaky-toy Santilli, &etc.

    They're all grifters and con-artists - always working at least one angle on you (and everyone else they can).



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