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Sunday, July 10, 2016

Tactical Sunday: Open Thread

Let's put our discussions and links for today's North American Liberty Games here.

San Antonio, here.

Chicago, here & here.


  1. For those supposed "freefor" and "patriots"
    that believe its all about a skin game,
    when the problem and threat is clearly
    about a merciless police state.
    The photo with this tweet speaks volumes: mobile.twitter.com/sfslim/status/752172025532149760

    As does this: mobile.twitter.com/mayalau/status/752199954093924352

    That's okay "freefor."
    That's quite alright "patriots."
    Keep playing that game at your own risk,
    pretending that your disagreement with the
    politics of the protestors means that they
    are criminals, without legitimate grievances,
    and deserve to be mercilessly jackbooted.

  2. Deception is a principle tool of every "government".

    It is the principle tool of every corrupt government;
    And the preferred tool of every tyrannical government.

    How thin, then, is the line between corruption and tyranny? I propose that it so thin as to exist, if at all, only in the realm of hypothesis and conjecture - and certainly it exists as an imaginary boundary in the mind of he corrupt, so that they may yet deny that they are but tyrants...

    How thin then, is the line between *all* government, and tyranny?


  3. This is a slave and master issue. Those who have rights that we do not have, are the masters and the rest are the slaves. Until everyone understands that all the laws, statutes, ordinances, etc are all legal constructive fraud and have nothing to do with gods law or the common law, we will continue to be divided fighting among the slaves, never pulling the trigger on the real enemy, MASTER (the state and it's enforcers.)

    Burt, TX


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