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Friday, August 26, 2016

Awwww Shit...

...here ya go.  

Google 'American Marxist Patriot'.

Welcome to center stage, parasite.


  1. Gets better by the day.


  2. Why is Jim Miller bringing Ken Lane to court ? The article says that Lane, seriously "fucked up." BURT, TX

    1. Jim isn't taking Ken to court.

      I don't have all the info, as I don't go to their sites. What I was informed: Jim Miller was mentioned in one of Welfare Lane's posts as having given Lane some information, and as usual, their conclusions were all wrong. This time, however, Welfare Lane crossed a huge no-no line and started defaming a company. My second-hand understanding is that the owners of that company are verily displeased...

      Lane & company are stepping on landmines in their rabid and psychotic hatred of me. Some of those landmines I control, and some - like this one - I do not.

  3. He just posted a clarification and ran with his tail between his legs. Deleted all mention of JFGS...and promised to never ..ever speak of it again. He got off easy.

    1. LOL He's got a lot more of that coming in life.

      I really don't understand how anyone can endure so much failure in life without eating a bullet.

  4. So if Kitty Quitter could manage to get this simple issue SO wrong, the veracity of his claims against III Arms and the Kerodins must be called into question.
    From an outsiders point of view there are only two scenarios about his unfounded, unsubstantiated claims about III Arms that are plausible, he is a provacateur sent to drive a wedge in the Patriot movement or he is a fucking 'tard that got in way over his head and instead of being a man and admitting he could not make it work he creates a scapegoat so he is not held responsible.

    He fully disclosed that if anything went wrong it was him and only him that would be responsible. He stated on the record that the company was totally insulated from the Kerodins and other than helping getting it up and running they would hand over the reins to him.
    But this is not what he claims later on. So which is it? Was he lying then or is he lying now?


    1. Oh, there is so much about Jim Miller and his tenure at III Arms that has never been made public, especially as related to his departure.

      Remember the email Holly sent to the Founders after Miller sent his 'We're Done' resignation? I think Welfare Lane termed it 'Flowery bullshit'. Here's what Jim Miller wrote to Holy about it TWO MONTHS after he resigned: Thank you for the kind words. I don't deserve any of them, but thanks nonetheless.

      Doesn't sound like a guy who left on bad terms, does it? Certainly doesn't sound like a guy who supposedly left because of the Kerodins. It certainly doesn't mesh with what he has posted publicly.

      In my experience, Jim Miller bounces between at least two seriously different personalities. One moment he'll give you a kidney, the next moment he's climbing on a cross to satisfy his martyr complex. (He usually builds the cross himself, as he did with his III Arms departure.)

      The sad part is that people like Welfare Kenny Lane believe the lies easily - as does Miller. Jim has a very limited relationship with reality - he never visits for more than a few moments at a time.

      Remember the 'Fates have brought us together as Soulmates through the internet' bullshit about his girlfriend Kelli? This is from the very same email noted above to Holly - and remember, this is MONTHS after he left III Arms, supposedly because of a bad relationship with the Kerodins: 'Things here still suck. Not much I need to say about that. Hemorrhaging money left and [right] with these 2 leeches still here. Still not divorced, financial aid being cut and no prospects for gainful employment. Teach me to answer forum posts again, won't it?!'

      I'm not certain I'd talk about my current, live-in girlfriend like that with a person who was now an enemy.

      Holly had ZERO clue the man supposedly left III Arms because of the Kerodins - because he never acted that way until he needed a scapegoat.

      Was he lying then or is he lying now? Jim Miller is one of those rare Souls who manages to do both...

    2. Do you think it'll ever dawn on Kenny that Jim Miller used him? He fed Kenny a load of bullshit and then let him loose on you and Holly. Lane is Jim Miller's dupe and he's still clueless about it...after all this time. What a dumbass. You can't fix that much stupid. Little Jimmy has been scamming Kenny this whole time. Priceless.

      If Jim Miller had put as much energy into running III Arms as he does running his boy Kenny, maybe I'd have some respect for him. Those two shits deserve each other.

  5. by the way its kayleigh

    My grandfather told me when I was young 'dont ever trust a man who has only cats'.good advice

    1. 'Kayleigh' is a name they prefer to use for the Irish flair.

      Her name is Kelli - and probably 'Kelly'. ;)

  6. Apparently the fat cow has a sore ass.

  7. Nothing better...front row seating, seeing the dope dealer and the fat cow welfare queens, getting the bitch slapping they so deserve. Must not leave out the perverted porn stars and thier sycophant pillowcase wearing cohorts. What a great way to celebrate a dead commie

  8. The White Sheets hard at work...


    1. Losing their minds, are they?

    2. Can you call it a loss, when you never had it to begin with? I premise that you cannot "loose" what you've never had, and logic agrees...

      The kitchy '80s TeeVee ads drummed it into us that, "A mind is a terrible thing to waste". But their premise is false - the reality is that, "A Rational Mind is a terrible thing to waste."

      Funny thing about that is: regardless of race, those possessing an actual, functioning, rational mind never seem to be the ones who are "wasted". We're overcoming limitations and living productive lives every day...

      So what exactly does that say about those who are "wasted", whether they are angry about it, or not?

      Inquiring minds want to know...

    3. Heh. Three days later, and...


      Not even Stale Dogshit "Burt from TX" has a thought on the fact that possessing and maintaining a Rational and Objective Mind is the sole qualification for possessing and actually making good use of liberty...

      I'm shocked. Shocked, I say.

      Where are all the wibberdy whiners who think that anarchy - right up to the proactive attack and murder of police officers - is the only answer to a bad, bad fedewal gubbermint.

      Oh, yeah, right, and don't forget to mention down in the small, small print that doing drugs, collecting welfare, and hating on people they have never met is the rest of their idea of "liberty"...

      Anyone arguing that the nation, "America", doesn't deserve what is now coming to her, needs to loose the rose-colored glasses and take a look down Welfare Lane, take a look at characters like "Burnt, from TX" and etc.

      And what's even funnier is that, when you take a look at what "patriots" complain about, you can tell what their station in life has been: The wealthier ones are all complaining about the banking/investments heist and the destructive taxation in the first-person; while the criminal element is all complaining about the overbearing police and the incarceration-for-profit system in the first person.

      Just remember, boys and girls, - "Anonymity may prevent people from knowing 'who' you are; but just by expressing your opinions, you give away countless clues to exactly what you are... and in the end 'what' you are is of far greater importance than your name.

      Names can be changed. But what you are - well the smell of that just doesn't wash off...

    4. It's BURT, from TX, Not BURNT, from TX. That's just a down right silly name.


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