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Saturday, August 27, 2016


There were no welfare parasites in the original III Percent.  There were no FedGov employees standing with John Parker at Lexington.  There were no members of the Police State standing post at Concord waiting for the British.  Those guys all worked for the King.

Today, as then, real Patriots stand against the forced confiscation and redistribution of wealth.  Real Patriots condemn the waste, fraud and abuse of welfare - we do not cash the checks.  John Parker died of tuberculosis without ever taking a penny of taxpayers money for his own health care.

Real Patriots believe in the right of free association - not coercive efforts to make you toe the lines they draw.

I promised this community many years ago that I would take point and face whatever the Marxists threw my way, so that others could work below the radar.  I already had a spotlight on me, and I am emotionally suited for facing headwinds.  It was an easy decision to take.

My goal today is the same as it was stated in my book 'Our Fathers Weep' - the restoration of Rightful Liberty.  That means, among other things, an end to the welfare state and Police State.  Over the last several years I have carved a toe-hold - with the help of MANY of you - toward those goals.  We are making headway - which is why I am taking fire from members of the Welfare State and Police State who try to camouflage themselves as 'Patriots'.  Make no mistake, 99% of FedGov jobs are unconstitutional, and nothing more than welfare for people who could never cut it in the private sector. 

The 'Liberty Movement' and 'Patriot Community' have been infiltrated and corrupted by organized Marxists, directing welfare parasites, provocateurs and Quislings to try and thwart our efforts.

I am not a 'Patriot Leader'.  I am not here to be followed.  I am not here for fame or praise - my media policy demonstrates that definitively.  I am not here to be liked - I really do not care if you like me or not.  I do not care what is said about me by ideological enemies.  They simply do not matter.  If you genuinely want Liberty, we can work together - even if we do not like one another.  If you turn out to be a poser who talks the talk while walking in the shoes of a welfare parasite or worse, we will part ways and it will be ugly.

I shared my intended path on this blog and invited like-minded Patriots to walk with me if they wished.  Today there are people and families here in North Idaho who Holly and I met over the years from all over the country.  We told you we were moving here, and we did.  

III Arms has relocated here, as we promised it would.  We are deeply involved in the Local, Local, Local, as we counsel all Patriots to be, wherever you may live.  Collectively, those of us who have come here have invested in well over one million dollars worth of real estate. We have a large swath of mountain property as a SHTF Bug Out location for Tribe.  We have improved the tax base. We are bringing jobs and opportunities to the community. 

In short, we are doing exactly what we promised we would do.  We do not break our promises to you and abandon projects - even when other 'Patriots' do.

That howling you hear from the welfare parasites, Quislings, provocateurs and Marxists - that is the sound of success.


  1. Sounds Right to me. Great job Sam!

  2. Gotta say, your honesty on the matter is impeccable.

    I for one automatically exclude anyone taking a government check in whatever form for whatever reason from my list of associates.

    Bravo, sir! :-)

    1. Does that include tax "refunds", social security and VA benefits as well ? BURT, TX

    2. I'm not trying to answer for Alan - my position is thus: If it was taken from you, you deserve it back. If you accept one penny more than was ever stolen from you, you become a parasite.

      Also for the record: /Mil vets should have the best health care free, until they die.

    3. "Also for the record: /Mil vets should have the best health care free, until they die."

      I disagree. Military vets are paid with blood money to begin with. Money stolen from me and my family and millions of others. Who exactly have these vets been murdering for the last 70 years ? Mostly people and places that have never done anything to us to begin with, not very honorable. Furthermore, military vets for the last 50 or so years have simply signed up to do the bidding of the international banksters, military industrial complex, petrol dollar and the New World Order. These murders are not based in self defense, rather the initiation of violence against millions who have never done anything to us. This is cowardly behavior. It is simple minded, weak, and again, cowardly.

      Furthermore, your statement seems to mean that Vets should receive a better standard of health care than the rest of us, simply because they signed up to serve evil ? That's correct, serving evil.

      When did the Vietnamese attack us ? It's ok to invade Iraq because they have WMD's that we gave them in the first place, and they didn't even have anymore? How does something like that mean it's ok for g.i. joe to fly around the world killing 1,000's upon 1,000's of innocent people ? Why would a soldier go to war without a formal declaration of war from congress ? I guess most soldiers are just too busy following blindly, immorally, and without a clue of reality.

      So why not reinforce this sick, perpetual cycle of indoctrination ? Let's give the vet's all the best shit, because without the vets, I wouldn't be able to live in a country where I have to beg and pay tribute to travel, "own" land, hunt, own arms, even share my views in public. Thank the vets for our continued slavery ! All enemies foreign and DOMESTIC ( that oath means piss to soldiers, if it didn't, then why would they continue to serve evil instead of honor their sacred oath?)I mean, if the vet's took the fight to those who were actually enslaving us, they probably wouldn't get their precious paychecks that are extorted under color of law from regular folks with families. Oh well, C'est la vie.

      I get it vet's, you have too much skin in the game to face reality. You will continue to push your heroic, patriotic deeds until your demise. I mean, nothing like having everyone kiss your ass all day for risking your life to fulfill the NWO. Great job vets, semper fi ! BURT, TX

    4. Burt - here we cross into the fundamental premise of intent. The typical .mil enters at 18 or 22 (after college), and enters in good faith for God & Country - noble ideals.

      It is only in bad faith that people should earn our wrath.

      If at 18 or 22 you were one of the few Awakened who understood the Evil at work in America, good on you. Most of our youth do not have such awareness at that age. They go and fight for noble ideals, even if they are being manipulated.

      We do not hold the manipulated as guilty for crimes - it is the fundamental premise of mens rea.

    5. Then why hold the Nazi's guilty of crimes ? They didn't break any of their own laws. They were young and manipulated as well. Do you believe that Nazi vets deserve the very best healthcare ?

      I hold individuals accountable for their actions. This talk of intent is the same nonsense that hate crime penalty advocates cheer for. So, if my intent was to rob that lady at gunpoint because I wanted a free meal or a new outfit, then the crime is less heinous than robbing the woman at gunpoint because she was Jewish ?

      Intent don't mean shit. The actions and there consequences are all that matter. While we are being sensitive to everyone's intent, why not stroll down the road of good intentions ? (look where that gets us.)

      I get that most 18 year olds are deeply indoctrinated and have been consumed by the evil of leviathan. I admit that I was certainly bamboozled at that age. There is a difference though, I was not initiating violence against individuals that had nothing to do with me. Furthermore, if I did, there were consequences. Certainly not a red carpet with pats on the back ! Come on everyone, lets throw Burt a party for going over to someone else's sovereign soil and killing them ! HOORAAYYYY ! Even though he played a direct role in the death of that family, Burt was moved and inspired by noble ideas.

      It's a tough reality to face, and no amount of shinola will change the truth of the matter. BURT, TX


    6. And what about those who entered /MIL service in their youth (and ignorance) as I did, and later discovered the EVIL of the situation and walked away - walked away from easy pensions, from essentially guaranteed positions in "Civil Service" such as the Post Office, DoD, &etc, for the rest of our working lives, Burt? There are many of us who did so; but when we entered /MIL service BY CONTRACT, we were promised VA Medical Benefits. Especially if we were injured while working under said CONTRACT. So are you then saying that CONTRACT LAW is subject to ex-post-facto re-interpretation, Burt?

      Honestly, where does it end for you, Burt? Because when you say that Mens Rea is meaningless, you attack far more than just FED.GOV - you attack the very foundation of Common Law as it has stood for nearly a thousand years...

      I would reasonably urge you to examine the ultimate destination to which such propositions as retroactive annulment of contracts and the destruction of foundational principles of Common Law such as Mens Rea would bring us in short order...


    7. The contract is null and void to begin with because the consideration brought to the contract was stolen a.k.a. blood money. Furthermore, if the government and solider make a contract but then the service is played out in a war that is illegal, then what effect does that have on the CONTRACT LAW ? If the service is played out in an UNCONSTITUTIONAL war, then what effect does that have on the very founding principles of the constitutional republic ?

      I go with my friends and steal half of everyone's stuff from the next town over and then I contract with those stolen profits to contract with others to engage in more illegal contracts, how does that wash out at the end of the day ?

      "the act is not culpable unless the mind is guilty" There seems to be a millions ways to perverse such a statement. Actions are actions, and consequences of those actions are consequences. Punishing one hard, and not punishing one at all when both individuals actions result in the very same damage is lunacy.

      THE RULE OF LAW. Whose law ? Law that hinges on the winds of current mob rule ? The rule of law that allows for capital punishment in defense against a rule of law that tries to harm you or your property ? The rule of law that gets to decide how much of your property it will take from you under of color of law, using up to deadly force to achieve this crime ?

      You can't have a proper contract if both parties do not bring legal consideration to the contract. Even more, if one of the parties does not disclose the full terms of the contract that is also breech. Of course the government lies about it's consideration and it's terms. So it's not hard to believe that it's all wrong, immoral and a giant clusterfuck.

      I admit that it must be a hard hand to be dealt, the way the government uses well meaning individuals for it's purposes and then does not hold up their end of the bargain.

      "Honestly, where does it end for you, Burt?"

      Here are a few places to start.





      The foundation is not there anymore. If we are going to rebuild a foundation of liberty, we sure have quite a lot of dead weight to amputate and burn. BURT, TX

    8. "The foundation is not there anymore. If we are going to rebuild a foundation of liberty, we sure have quite a lot of dead weight to amputate and burn."

      I will not argue with you on that point in the slightest, Burt. My main point is that, when a young man is deceived into an agreement he isn't fully cognizant of, that doesn't make him guilty of the crimes of GOV; but if 20 years of adult life experience serving the dragon doesn't manifest itself in his recognizing the truth, on the other hand, his guilt is as well-earned as his skull is thick.

      But we veterans who have answered the call - to come out of Babylon, leaving all behind - we have something of legitimate value to offer to our nation, to assist them in defending themselves from the Government. Because we have been inside the beast, and know rather intimately how it works and where it's weaknesses are...

      Those who know me - or any of the other Vets who have abandoned Babylon and now stand for Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness - can attest that we are sincere in our position and resolute in our position: Babylon *must* fall.

      Our Communities, Counties and our States must be reconstituted, first and foremost.

      And *if* there is to be a FED.GOV going forward, it must, absolutely, be kept in bondage to the will of the States, each held in check by the will of their separate and unique bodies politic.

      The political inversion wrought by the Civil War, and the 14th through 17th Amendments, must never again be countenanced. In point of fact, every federal law and action from the 14th amendment to now, is prima fascie unconstitutional, because the 14th redefined citizenship outside the Sovereignty of the States, thereby nullifying and dissolving the individual bodies politic upon which the Union had been formed, and abridging the *ENTIRE* Federal Union by so doing...

      Thus **EVERYTHING** coming forth from FED.GOV after the false ratification of the 14th Amendment on until the present is null and void, whether it be a federal law, or an amendment to our Constitution, *ALL* rulings of the Federal Supreme Court, the Federal "redistricting" orders against the states executed under the so-called "Civil Rights Act" &etc. &etc. and so forth.


      Essentially everything which Congress and the FED.GOV have done since July 9th, 1868 is null and void for two reasons - first and foremost, because the 14th Amendment was not ratified by free states - the Southern States were held hostage under martial law at the time of ratification of the 14th Amendment, and ratification of that false amendment was prerequisite to removing the armies of occupation from the territory of said Southern States.

      Second is the fact that the participation of the Southern States in international trade with the rest of the world was held hostage by the Fed.Gov - who had destroyed the Confederate currency by counterfeiting it in large quantities; and by declaring the Southern States insolvent, and all their debts "irredeemable" until the conquered States rejoined the Union in submission to Fed.Gov.

      The Southern States were further held hostage because the Federal Congress refused to issue "Union" Fed.Bux to any of the Southern States until they re-wrote their constitutions to FED.GOV's satisfaction - and by "satisfaction", I mean by formally acceding to their condition as conquered territories, surrendering their bodies politic (citizens) to Federal Jurisdiction, and abasing themselves in every regard to be utterly subject to the whim and directive of their conqueror, the Federal Government.

      What the fools up north didn't seem to notice, was that the northern states *also* lost their status as free and individual states, each with their own body politic, by the same stroke.

      So, by my reckoning, Burt, we need to rewind to at least 1859, and probably a decade earlier than that.

      Does that sound about right to you?



    9. If we are sticking with the restoration of the constitutional republic paradigm, then yes, I agree WHOLE HEARTILY. I believe you really hit the nail on the head with the time frame and amendments you mentioned.

      I believe that the issue began with the 13th amendment though. The 13th amendment actually made slavery LEGAL. In addition, There was and still should be an original 13th amendment ratified around 1812. TONA, the titles of nobility amendment. I believe this amendment was wiped off the federal books during the civil war, liber code, and the end of the true constitutional republic when Congress adjourned sine die.

      14th amendment was a giant step toward creating our straw men, because I have no interest in "citizenship" or being labeled a "person." It is well known that during the congress of 1871, the fed government became incorporated and the word person was changed to mean a corporation, no longer flesh and blood individual with natural rights.

      15th amendment is pointless. I want nothing to do with "civil" rights, another step forward toward the legal constructive fraud that is the straw man.

      The 16th amendment was not properly ratified in 1913. The federal reserve being birthed 6 months later under Woodrow's watch is all that was needed to escalate the domino fall of liberty.

      I think that you have brought up some accurate and powerful history that speaks to why we are where we are to day. I am tired of fighting the symptoms, when we need to attack the disease. 1859 would be a very logical place to look for that tumor.

      Then under FDR, everything went full tilt with the "great deal." Social security, named social insurance just before in Canada. The emergency powers act of I believe 1933, and throw in the confiscation of gold. But alas, that never happened, not in the land of the free. BURT, TX


  3. Marylandisnotthefreestate

  4. What is best in life? To crush your enemies -- See them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of their women! And we are hearing plenty of lamentation from "Miss Lisa's" woman, Kenny, and the rest of the Welfare Class/LEO/White Supremists.

    1. I hope they are screaming to the heavens so everyone can hear. Fcuk 'em all - we need to identify, purge and otherwise hold accountable EVERY fcukin' poser in the Liberty Movement. They are even worse than the neighbor who votes Dem, and they deserve a death by dragging behind a Chevy, while coated in salt. Those who betray Liberty are perversions to the gene pool and Human Evolution.

  5. Time to put the Burt motherfucker out to pasture. :z)

  6. Technically I am a motherfucker. Are you ? Why would you want to retire me ? We might not see eye to eye on everything but would you agree that we are on the same side of the war that's being waged on our natural rights ? My view on government has been straightforward since my time here. The government is a criminal enterprise. A fascist oligarchy if you will. I stand for life, liberty and private property. I stand for truth in the face of adversity, no matter how unpopular it may be. I am not afraid of the government, it is an evil that is so perverse, it has poisoned the minds of most individuals living here.

    Are you saying that you don't want a supporter of natural law around ? Would you rather continue to splinter the "patriot" community with ugly cognitive dissonance, false paradigms and LARGE ego's ? The way everything has been going for decades, I would think that the 2 sides should be very clear. One side that supports life, liberty and property, and everyone else that believes that they have a right to everyone else's life liberty and property. BURT, TX

    1. Dunno. Who am I talkin' to? Some vet who did his magical twenty without a scratch and expects the rest of us to subsidize his commissary, PX, health and salary needs for the rest of his life? If so, fuck off. Your part of the problem. If not, I'll clarify my position. :-)

  7. "And *if* there is to be a FED.GOV going forward, it must, absolutely, be kept in bondage to the will of the States, each held in check by the will of their separate and unique bodies politic."

    Pretty funny...that's exactly how it was when the USofA was founded in 1781. But here y'all are, wanting to fight for precisely that which knocked it out. No wonder there's no progress, living a contradiction like that.

    Hardly matters...Govco is Govco is Govco.

    "out to pasture"...that was funny too, kid.

  8. Regardless of my expectations, a clarification of your position would be welcome. BURT, TX

    1. Simple, really. I want the federal government out of the business of entitlements. Specifically with regard to vets, unless you have a combat acquired condition, you get fucking nothing. The 16th Amendment is unconstitutional in my estimation, as are social security, Medicare and Medicaid. Government employees get zip, zero, nada unless they are actually employed. I could go on, but I hope you get my drift. The federal government is not a wealth redistribution entity. It was never intended as such. After the war, it won't be. :-)

    2. Thanks for the clarification. BURT, TX

  9. burt tx, your ego is not your amigo. we get your point, we just don't agree with it. after combat, telling us that we don't deserve something because the .gov didn't justify our war - well, that dog just don't hunt. some went to serve for patriotism, some for "God and country"; others because they had nowhere else to go - no job, no home, etc - so the military was one of the - if not the only - option.
    remember you pontificate under the umbrella of protection the 18 to 20 year olds provide for you. grab a weapon and go stand a post. or, shut the fuck up.

    1. Again, protecting us from who and what ? The only group who is doing us real harm everyday is the government itself.

      Your saying that the government does not have to play within the constraints of the constitution ? Your comment clearly justifies the federal government doing whatever it wants. I have no job or no home is an excuse to do whatever you please ? Sounds more like a gang to me.

      You also say that "we" don't agree with it. Do you speak for everyone ?

      It's not that the government did not justify "our" war, the point is that government did not get congressional and constitutional approval. That's the dog that don't hunt.

      I will not shut the fuck up good sir. you have a blessed day !

    2. "I have no job or no home is an excuse to do whatever you please ?"

      Where have you been? It's called entitlement.

  10. Burt & Butt Buddy - shut the fuck up, both of you. You keep instigating, and posting videos of cops being shot. Well, if that's you definition of a solution then please, by all means, go out and do it - we'll watch and see how that turns out for you.

    Otherwise, you're just a posing, instigating lump of stale dogshit. And FWIW, we know why you hate soldiers, too. It's because you didn't make the cut. Jealousy has a stink all it's own, and like the smell of skunk, can be identified a **LONG** way off.
    Now go back under your rock and finish rotting...quietly.

    You're d0ne here.

    1. Cops are the order followers. Crazy folks like Obama, Judges, D.A.'s ETC.. would have nothing if not for the criminal instigators known as police. The government would not be an issue for us to rail against if it had no teeth, the psycho order followers. There is no good cop. They are all bad, some are simply more evil than others.

      1. Cop gets paid with money extorted from me and my family. that already makes them the enemy.

      2. 99% of what police do is commit REAL crimes against individuals who have not committed REAL crimes. (a crime only happens when an individual physically hurts another or their property.)

      3. Cops seem to have rights the rest of us don't have.

      4. Cops, under supreme court rulings, have NO obligation to protect the public.

      There are more reasons why cops are the enemy and deserve nothing short of DEATH, but hopefully this begins to paint a REALISTIC picture. Obama ain't coming to your house to FUCK YOU UP over late tax payments, noise complaints, or a mistaken address. No he is not, but your good buddies at the police station are !!! BURT, TX




      You know what assuming does good sir ? Have a blessed day !

  11. Well, Burt from TX, you have clearly made it your position that neither cops nor soldiers/sailors/marines *have any right to exist*. Or, in other words, you believe that "good patriots" should be out killing them, right now.

    Being a former soldier who has *ALWAYS* been a true patriot, I happen to disagree with your premise. My position is a bit more tolerant than yours -

    I don't believe that the jobs they hold are presently legitimate, but in the majority of cases I am not prepared to declare that their fundamental right to exist is null and void, just because they have served an evil government.

    I was more than half way to a military retirement, Burt, but I walked away when it became plain to me that I was, effectively, a mercenary being rented to the highest bidder.
    This was a tough realization, though - because having seen the muslim world, I know first hand how evil and destructive islam is, and I firmly believe that the question of islam vs. **any other variety of religion and/or politics** is an existential threat of the first magnitude.

    Considering my recognition of this fact about the threat which islam poses to the rest of the world, I maintain the position that islam must be destroyed; eradicated utterly and completely from the entire face of the earth. Period. And, anything which advances this necessity *cannot* therefore be entirely evil. And there are many who wholeheartedly agree with me.

    So soldiering, even for an utterly corrupt and rogue government such as that of the US, has a certain residual goodness in it so long as it fights against an existential threat such as islam. Couple that with the fact that, as has elsewhere been stated, most of us entered service in our youth (and ignorance) with good and honorable intentions, and it becomes much easier to understand why there are still men in US Military service who are legitimate patriots, even in their ignorance with regards to the evil which infects every aspect of the federal government at this point.
    That doesn't reduce their culpability for being wrong, but it is exculpatory with regards to they're being fundamentally evil.

    Remember the definition of "patriot" - Patriotism is supporting your country all the time, and your government when it deserves it. - Mark Twain


    1. http://www.pewresearch.org/fact-tank/2015/04/23/why-muslims-are-the-worlds-fastest-growing-religious-group/

      "I maintain the position that islam must be destroyed; eradicated utterly and completely from the entire face of the earth. Period."

      I thought killing all the police would have been quite the hurdle, sheesh, If we are going to kill all the Muslims, we really have our work cut out for us ! BURT,TX

    2. Gotta Aim High, Burt.

      Otherwise you might get some on your shoes... ;P

  12. "Hear the word of the LORD, ye children of Israel: for the LORD hath a controversy with the inhabitants of the land, because there is no truth, nor mercy, nor knowledge of God in the land. By swearing, and lying, and killing, and stealing, and committing adultery, they break out, and blood toucheth blood.

    Therefore shall the land mourn, and every one that dwelleth therein shall languish,
    with the beasts of the field, and with the fowls of heaven; yea, the fishes of the sea also shall be taken away. Yet let no man strive, nor reprove another: for thy people are as they that strive with the priest. Therefore shalt thou fall in the day, and the prophet also shall fall with thee in the night, and I will destroy thy mother.

    My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me: seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God, I will also forget thy children. As they were increased, so they sinned against me: therefore will I change their glory into shame. They eat up the sin of my people, and they set their heart on their iniquity.

    And there shall be, like people, like priest: and I will punish them for their ways, and reward them their doings.

    For they shall eat, and not have enough: they shall commit whoredom, and shall not increase: because they have left off to take heed to the LORD.

    -- Hosea Ch.4

    Our society places itself at odds with the Will of God in every imaginable way, and yet we're all scratching our heads (or other anatomical features) and wondering why things are such a mess.

    When Dad's pissed off, is no time for the kids to be tromping through the house raising ruckus right under his nose. Our condition as a nation is no different, except that half of the population doesn't want to even acknowledge that "Dad" even exists, let alone has any authority over us and our fate.

    Either we will humble ourselves, or He will humble us His way... Anyone with even a hint of wisdom, does not want to go the latter route, because "Dad" is known for His incredibly thorough punishments...


    1. All the bickering is a turn off - period. I would not either follow or look up to any of you given what I have read here.
      Bitching and complaining gets nothing done or build cohesion between groups. Having said that, it is entertaining in a previse kind of way; helps to see what is out there and to beware of ....

    2. Worker: Respectfully, we are not working for cohesion between these specific groups and this is not 'bickering'.

      These are fundamental ideologies clashing, despite the label 'Patriot' being used by both sides.

      The Daffy/Welfare Lane contingent believes it is morally acceptable to take money that was stolen from their neighbors for their own personal gain. No matter what their rhetoric may be, their actions define them as absolute ideological frauds.

      We are not sub-groups operating within a larger umbrella of otherwise 'like-minded' allies.

      They are 'other'. Despite the patches Daffy wears on his sleeve, the III tags adorning the Welfare Lane shack, their claims of supporting the ideals of the Constitution, BoR and DoI, their quantifiable, identifiable and deliberate actions are the actions of welfare parasites, Police State thugs and the personification of what real Patriots stand against.

      Cohesion with such genetic filth is not the goal. Extirpation of the welfare state and Police State, all of its players, participants and supporters, is the goal.


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