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Thursday, August 4, 2016

Breaking: Fiore Reveals Bombshell in Bundy Case


Here's the reality: They do not need 'evidence'.

These guys are fooked.  There will be no Patriot encampment surrounding the Federal Courthouse or the prison, demanding release for Bundy & Crew.  FedGov has made the point it wanted to make - it is all over except for the howling.


  1. Burn it to the ground. Burt, TX

  2. Kind of answers the question of having mercy on our fellow overlords.

    Measure for measure eh bros?

    Remember: A,B,C,...X,Y,Z? and Lavoy ?

    Only God's intervention will keep them from total destruction. Because they are begging for it.

    Trump is playing these establishment fools like a Strat. Most of the backstabbers should be exposing themselves about now.

    Camel Jockey

  3. They didn't need evidence at Waco, or Ruby Ridge, either. And the evidence they had at Oklahoma City was almost exclusively based upon their purposeful entrapment of McVeigh - how else could they have know who was "responsible" so quickly?
    Of course they had to add a few fabricated odds 'n' ends; to obscure some untidy details such as the fact that the building was blown *from the inside*, not from a truck out front.

    Forensic reconstruction of the blast epicenter, based upon the direction and distance of travel for bits of debris of varying size and composition, *prove* that the blast epicenter was in an interior wall - specifically the one between the Credit Union and the Child-Care center on the first floor - at the left-rear of the building's main foyer, and that the explosive charge was in direct contact with one of the central load-bearing pillars, which is why the collapse enveloped every floor of the building, all the way to the roof, but *ONLY* the front of the building...because the other support columns were not destroyed.

    Most interesting about the Oklahoma City affair, is the fact that there is surviving video of FBI agents (or at least, guys wearing FBI Jackets) loading a gurney into an ambulance at the building's loading dock (coincidentally on the undamaged side of the building), only moments after the explosion tore the front of the building off... but what's on the gurney isn't a person, it's a bunch of file boxes, like the ones that evidence is stored in.

    The most commonly held belief regarding those evidence boxes is that they contained evidence of the Clinton's misconduct while the first-family of Arkansas, including the murders of rivals and witnesses to their crimes, the drug smuggling through Mena airport, and the detailed financial forensics of the Whitewater affair.

    I've been saying for years that Hillary Clinton *loves* the wet-work. In fact, I believe it was her enthusiasm for killing, which earned the Clinton's their position of favor with the globalist 'clan' to which they give allegiance.

    Lavoy who?

    Due process?
    Rights and Responsibilities?

    None of those words will be found in the next edition of the New Speak dictionary, to be released in January of next year...

    Three words, to be applied without mercy when the time comes -

    LET. IT. BURN.


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