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Thursday, August 4, 2016

DHS Gives Somalis Free Security Tours of MSP


Nothing less.

DHS is providing Mo's Morons free guided tours of security procedures and protocols at MSP.  Here.

Optics have been dropped.  Not one American politician or bureaucrat will lose his job when the first plane from MSP drops out of the sky or when the bomb vests detonate inside the terminal.

If you or loved-ones fly through or from MSP - don't.


  1. DIA is overrun with Somalis as well. I've been thru there twice this summer with a firearm, BOTH times I've had to lawyer up to combat the B.S. charges the TSA drummed up. $1000.00 fine each time for #1. A loaded magazine in the same safe as my pistol, and #2 After an inspection that I was present for, those fuckers cut the lock on my suitcase, but were unable to remove the safe from the luggage it was in, and THEN proceeded to blame me.
    We skated on the first instance, but the latter is still under investigation.

  2. An informative must watch: youtube.com/watch?v=2l10372A1Gg&ebc=ANyPxKrmTZE5G-rpJ2TBMQvB6yrLdoWuW6XP_GMcY8YnvKZsgwIrOIVI5dE5dRqdQHQQg92GQrcq


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