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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Buchanan on Syria

If you are paying attention, you know the conflict in Syria - which should have ZERO interest to America - is going to be marked in history as a keystone necessary to fanning WWIII into a global wildfire.

Here's the piece.


  1. Those who don't understand, are never going to understand.

    Not only is Syria not our business, it's in a region which we have next to no reason to be in at all; and yet we continue to play War-footsie with Russia, ISIS/Al-Qaida, Iran, and every other military force in the region, legitimate or otherwise.

    Fact: the US has no real allies in the Mid-East at this point -

    Saudi Arabia is running it's own game with regards to oil pricing at the blatant expense of our economy;

    Turkey has *never* been a reliable ally - they straddle the line; Out of one side of their mouth they say they want to be in the EU, to be a part of Europe; yet Erdogan is pushing to destroy the "secular partition" of the Turkish State and re-establish Turkey as the head of the global Caliphate - or in plain language, "the world headquarters for a militarized islamic empire of conquest."

    Israel? Who can say how much of an ally Israel is to the US, or how faithful an ally they have ever really been, considering some of the incidents which have transpired such as the USS Liberty incident. The Israelis are inscrutable, and will in all likelihood remain so, regardless who "wins" the pResidential election.

    So, with no real allies in the region, and with no legitimate interests in the region, the compelling question is why we have any presence in the mid-east at all?

    1. The US created and supported Al Qaida in the late 1970s and 1980s, when we funded and trained them to fight the Russians.
    2. The US solicited Saddam Hussein to start a war with Iran after Ayatollah Khomeini took over Iran in 1979. We paid to equip his army, train his soldiers, and we promised an alliance and a Mediterranean oil-pipeline deal, if he would simply keep Iran too busy to become a problem for us. Saddam did his part, and the US screwed him a decade later under Bush(41), and reneged on the deal for an oil terminal in the Med, which is one of the primary reasons he "invaded" Kuwait.

    3. Jordan - the US has been paying Jordan hundreds of millions of dollars in "foreign aid" to take a portion of the "Palestinian" population displaced by the creation of the State of Israel and patriate them as Jordanian citizens. But 60+ years later, the grandchildren of those displaced "Palestinians" in Jordan are still treated like prisoners of war, held in prison-camps with nothing beyond the very basics of life available to them - no work, no hope of a future for their children, etc. and the US is essentially paying to hold them prisoner, yet we wonder why they're willing to strap on a bomb and blow themselves up to retaliate against us.

    4. Saudi Arabia is the single largest financier of "cultural jihad" - paying more money to spread islam than all other muslim nations, combined. They have paid over three hundred billion dollars in the last 20 years to fund the building of madrasas, mosques, and "muslim community centers" all around the world, including in Europe and the US, where their violent and repressive version of islam is being taught and promoted, resulting in the "radicalization" of the entire muslim world, and many muslim populations in the West, and across Southeast Asia, as well. And yet we are still paying them for their oil, arming them, and giving them aid and comfort in numerous other ways.

    The above are just the most easily verified facts at the tip of the iceberg.

    At this point, our foreign policy should be "we will keep our soldiers at home from now on. But if you attack us, there are nukes in your near future." We don't need NATO; we don't need the UN. We are America. Leave us be, and we will give you the same courtesy.

  2. Their children or ours?


  3. I wonder what type of people you create when you kill generations of people, all the while initiating the violence and invading sovereign soil. No time to look into the past, while there is so much more killing to be done now ! BURT,TX



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