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Wednesday, August 31, 2016


Homeland to take charge of election.

Coup.  Fox guarding the hen house.  Call it what you will - it is the end.

Most people in America will applaud because they believe the 'Law & Order' arguments and that this is necessary to keep those evil Russians from hijacking our elections.  A small group of people will see it for what it is, and support it because they are the enemies of Liberty and they hope to eat a piece of that pie.  A tiny subset of Americans will see it for what it is, and shake their heads in resignation while writing posts like this one.

But no one will put a knife in a neck or put a round down range in protest.  Not over this specific issue.

And that is how history will remember us.

Here's the piece.

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  1. As I stated yesterday - Those who don't understand, are never going to understand.

    Each of the several States is responsible for it's own "Cyber Security", and for the validity of it's electoral process and the results of same.
    The fox has owned the hen house since 2011, when George Soros bought Scytl - the Spanish company that makes the electronic voting machines, and produces the software which runs on them and counts the votes. Last time I looked. Scytl is the most widely implemented electronic voting platform in the world - the EU uses it, as do a number of European governments. There are over two dozen US states, plus the District of Columbia and several other US Territories, who use it for *all* their elections. All pwned by George Soros -

    And if you can't see the plain implications in that, then you're probably too brain-damaged to take part in an election...

    An "Open Society", indeed.



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