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Thursday, August 25, 2016

Mentally Ill Part 2

There is a trait we see among some people that is consistently self-destructive.

It is the inability to call it quits on a behavior, even though the behavior is no longer necessary for the survival of the person, and obviously self-destructive.

Drug dealers demonstrate this all the time.  Despite having tens of millions of dollars in stash houses and personal accounts, they remain in the business long after they have amassed sufficient wealth to retire comfortably and provide for generations of their offspring. The same 'character flaw' is obvious in many businessmen.  Politicians demonstrate it all the time.

Despite having been First Lady, with all that entails, HRC felt the need to become a US Senator. Then she went to Foggy Bottom - and despite more wealth than she would need for several lifetimes of opulent living, she could not stop herself.  She cut deals using the power of her office for obscene personal gain.  Here's the piece.

It becomes obvious that a mental flaw is driving such people to accumulate power, not wealth.  At some point it is no longer about the money.  Something in their brains refuses to permit them to sit back and relax comfortably.  They must have control over the fate of other people - and that is a mental illness that should be culled from the gene pool.


  1. It is the very essence and nature of EVIL to seek power over others. As I first wrote nearly a decade ago -

    In all things social, there is a fulcrum, and it moves along the axis of individualism/collectivism. The further the fulcrum moves in favor of collectivism (groups), the more leverage is available to the collective to control and/or suppress the expression of the individual, even outside the group. We do not "hate people" because of any group which they may be a part of, whether by birth or by choice – we pray and act in accordance with our belief that the greatest good is vested in the individual, and that choosing to subjugate oneself to a group(s) is often harmful to the individuals who do so -

    Only the individual can appreciate and pursue liberty; only the individual can experience justice or suffer injustice; only the individual possesses the power to choose and act in the real-time/real-world environment of life, towards success or failure; happiness or misery.

    Where life itself is an ongoing concern of the individual who has developed and continues to practice said choice successfully, there is liberty. Where life is an ongoing battle of the individual to mitigate the efforts of others to subvert and control the individual, there is tyranny.

    Liberty admits only free men, and these only with their active consent – a free man is also free to enter bondage, if that is his choice; but he may recant, and reclaim his liberty, should he so desire, and be committed to such a course thereafter. A free man is born into dignity, and should he live a dignified life, his dignity is also his reward, even in death…

    Collectivism does not admit any; rather, it demands that all be enrolled regardless of their will, and has as a core value that there should be no free choice anywhere – even outside the collective; no man, once enrolled by the collective, may recant his entry thereto, for the collective releases those who dissent only by death. Even death is denied it’s dignity by the collective…"

    If this doesn't make the distinction clear, then I don't know what might. That which respects the individual person, and individual liberty is GOOD, and that which seeks to impose control upon individuals by any pre-emptive* use of force is EVIL, plain and simple.

    (* Defensive force is not pre-emptive force - defensive force is the natural and correct use of force by an individual, in response to a real and imminent threat of harm or loss. Communities also have the right to use defensive force, when the threat is of a size and/or nature to substantially harm the community. Defensive force is the *ONLY* legitimate use of force between free men)

    It ***IS*** this clear cut, and anyone who argues otherwise has an agenda. Period. The only just reason for the existence of government - at any level - is to preserve the peace, and to assist in maintaining the rights of free association and free trade between free men.


  2. --ctd--

    When you contemplate how far from that standard "our" government has now wantonly departed, it is starkly obvious how much this government and this country are no longer "ours" as individual citizens.

    The United States of America, as a government, has gone utterly and irredeemably rogue; the citizens of the former United States of America let it happen over a period of roughly 5 generations.

    What exists today is not yours - none of it. Neither the government which dictates to you, nor the land upon which you live, nor any property or business which you count for your own are actually "yours" - but you are permitted and even encouraged to believe that these things are "yours" because it makes controlling you easier for those who *DO* own the government and real property known as "The United States of America".

    But they have grown tired of maintaining the illusion, and their intent is to strip the majority of the wealth from we-who-are-not-owners, and then to kill us off, because there are way too many of us for "them" to manage easily, and we consume too much of "their" resources.

    To strip us of all our wealth and property, and then to "reduce the excess population" has been their plan since they began their crusade of theft and corruption just over a century ago. They have openly admitted and published their plans repeatedly - they are not interested in hiding their intentions, because they know that the evil which they commit is so large as to be beyond the imagination of most people to even conceive of. This but proves the magnitude and brazenness of their pride and confidence.

    And, they intend to fulfill the final steps of their plan within the next decade... and they have already worked a sufficient amount of destruction upon our society, such that they could not delay the final collapse now, even if they tried. We are committed, all of us, to that which now comes.



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