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Thursday, August 25, 2016

PSA for the Mentally Unhinged


Say no to welfare and drugs.

Remember: III Patriots fight AGAINST welfare waste, fraud and abuse - we do not cash the checks.


  1. Heh..."Milksop"...synonym for Coward.

    I haven't used or heard that word in at least a decade - so it was definitely good for a chuckle.
    And where welfare is concerned, "milksop" is pinpoint accurate in numerous other ways, too.

    1. There has to be a stop and reset, well at least there will be a reset. USA can't sustain it's rate. No matter how it's viewed, it will collapse no matter who is president, it's simple, it's unsatainable

    2. You are absolutely correct, Gordon.
      As I recently stated elsewhere, "...they have inflicted so much destruction upon our society at this point, that they could no prevent the collapse even if they tried."

      The [RESET] button has been pressed... but something as massive and complicated as the US economy and society does not - it can not - come to a rapid and orderly halt.

      Those who have chosen to cause this reset have, thus far, chosen the[Orderly] option, although even that option has a certain amount of unavoidable chaos associated with it...

      But God help us when they switch to [Rapid] to finish the job... and the reality also exists, that the inertial forces already in play may accelerate the collapse into fully [Rapid] mode, without further intervention.

      As I wrote over four years ago - http://ncrenegade.com/editorial/a-scenario/

      Others have penned entire novels on this exact subject. There are none I would recommend as "bedtime reading"...unless you like having nightmares.

      There is only one definitively correct answer -

      Get right with God;
      Get out of the cities, which will become absolute hellholes overnight;
      Stock up your pantry - Beans, Bullets, Band-aids, Fuel, and Comms;
      Train, train, train in the skills to protect and preserve your family and community, plus learning a marketable skill for the post-collapse economy;
      Pray daily in earnest, for this time of Grace and Forbearance to continue, as more and more people are coming to the realization of that which comes, and need time to prepare themselves and their families, also.




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