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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Nothing to see here.

HuffPo near convulsions as Trump brings in a Team to go hard on his Populist message.

CNN follows the meme - labeling the change as 'trouble' for Trump.

Meanwhile, in the world that matters, the Chinese Fishing Militia is moving on the Senkaku and will soon be the catalyst for the ChiComs to exert a military presence 'for the safety of their fishing fleet' and Vlad's forces are encircling Ukraine.

WWIII is already underway.  It will not be long before everyone is able to see it. Don't think for a single second that the Muslim Hordes invading Europe are not a significant part of the WWIII plan - it is by design, and not a design of Mo's Morons.  This one is wholly a Marxist puppet master move.  Once Mo's Morons have served their purpose, they'll be slaughtered by White European Marxists.

America should not care whose flag flies over Ukraine or uninhabited islands in a far-away sea.

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