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Thursday, August 18, 2016


Russia building around Ukraine, here.

'They still move their troops by train!' - as if that is a weakness, here.

A bit more, here.

Marxism took the White House in 2008.  Now they are merely mopping-up...


  1. Russia is not doing anything they have not consistently stated that they would do; nor is anything they are doing "unreasonable" within the context of maintaining their domestic security, and protection of their economic assets (such as petroleum pipelines and electric grid infrastructure) which cross the border into Ukraine, Crimea, and other former Soviet-Block countries.
    In 1993, in the aftermath of the "collapse" of the Soviet Union, the Clinton administration, in concert with the British office of the Prime Minister, unilatterally promised the Russian Duma (Parliament) that NATO would absolutely *not* take advantage of the breakup of the USSR to recruit the states of Eastern Europe into the NATO military complex.
    The language used was plain and explicit - that the States of Eastern Europe were to remain a "buffer zone" between NATO and the Russian Bloc, who would be free to engage in both trade and defensive treaties with both the Russian and European nations. The reason for this unilateral commitment to Russia was to encourage Russia and her allies to focus on peaceful economic development, and to deter any impetus towards a highly militarized Eastern Europe in the post-Cold War era.
    However, by the end of the Clinton administration, NATO had already violated that promise not once, but FIVE TIMES.
    The Bush administration utterly ignored the promises not to expand NATO "right up to the Russian border" in the post-9/11 era, and 0bama has continued the provocation by soliciting NATO membership with Belarus and Ukraine, and also by forward deploying NATO missile assets in Poland, within striking distance of Moscow and St. Petersburg.
    Considering these overt and repeated offenses, a reasonable man cannot come to the conclusion that Russia is acting aggressively - rather Russia is being force to play a delicate game of maintaining the balance of military power along its own borders, in the face of a NATO military buildup, which threatens to recreate the military tensions of the Cold War era - only this time directly at the Russian border itself.

    I am not a cheerleader for Putin or for Russia, but in examining the past 20 years worth of NATO encroachment into what was promised to be a "buffer zone" by NATO leadership, and particularly after the substantial Western backing for the coup in Ukraine 3 years ago, I cannot fault Russia for elevating its posture of preparedness for military action in the face of repeated escalations of threat posturing by NATO, directly on the Russian border.
    NATO needs to be dismantled. It is a toxic remnant of the military-industrial complex'es 50-year "cold war" with Russia, and true to its charter, NATO is actively working to recreate the purpose for which it was created - a "war without death" which produces massive profits for defense manufacturers, without the domestic opposition which a hot war would inevitably cultivate.


    I cannot fault

    1. Agreed. Russia is merely acting in the best interests of her people - and NATO is pressing her hard.

      If the folks living on Welfare Lane or Daffy's Bunker ever moved into my neighborhood, they'd soon be homeless...

    2. What? What does homelessness have to do with a possible war with Russia? And what makes you believe you can cause it?

  2. Perhaps the greatest flaw of the American people, is the fact that they so blithely ignore the behavior of their government in the international sphere. Amongst those who call themselves "Americans" there are but a few handfulls of people who actually, conscientiously, pay attention to what is done in our name, by our government, outside our own borders.
    Therefore, there are astonishingly few Americans who realize that, since 1990, there has been a continuous decline in the popular opinion of the world's population with regard to America.
    We are, by the majority of humanity, looked upon as a nation of ignorant, pompous, self-absorbed and selfishly abusive neanderthals, with a potent taste for military adventurism, and that our overarching purpose is the perpetuation of a defacto colonialism amongst our 'vassal states', and always with the intention of increasing both the reach and the extent of control which we exert over other nations and peoples.

    In short, the majority of the worlds people, at this point, consider America to be a 'bully state' whose insatiable agenda is an unlimited expansion of control over the rest of the world, until such control shall be both ubiquitous in its breadth, and utter in its effect.

    And they reasonably hold the American people to be equally guilty as is our government, because without our consent and participation such military adventurism and colonial expansionism could not be maintained, let alone further prosecuted...


  3. Russia is acting in the best interest of it's government and corporations. Please do not confuse Russia's individuals with that of Russia's government and corporations. BURT, TX

  4. Pentagon posturing for escalation in Syria, because Assad's air force bombed near our uninvited SOF guests, against our "moderate" rebel buddies.


  5. WW III - Ezekiels war warming up in the bullpen.


  6. Looks like Putin won Turkey from NATO within a week without a shot fired. Erdogan says Assad can stay... for now. Russia may start using Incirlik once NATO packs their sh*t and hits the curb. Strange times.

    1. Disentangling USAF and USAR from Encirlik and other Turkish bases is the best thing that US could do. Turkey is about as good an ally as Saudi Arabia - both are two-faced, scheming, and utterly untrustworthy as "allies" - - unless, of course, you're in league with one of them in establishing their global caliphate.

      Lay down with dogs, end up with fleas...

  7. Guam is a hotbed of American military buildup.




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