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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Still the most important story in the Liberty World this week...

Breaking at Drudge right now.

Here's the Gateway Pundit link.

Hillary is going to have another seizure in 5, 4, 3...

...and this one will probably be worthy of Fred Sanford.


  1. Maybe Hillary should try a maalox. It worked for Mikey. ;)


  2. "...and this one will probably be worthy of Fred Sanford."
    The fits of progressives usually are...

    I guess now we *know* why he was murdered - He stole from the thugocracy, and that always carries a death penalty. I believe it's called "the Trotsky Treatment".

    1. I've been surfing all the MSM sites this morning - the only mention I have found was at Fox. Everywhere else, including the AP, are silent. They are all playing the 'Trump wants H assassinated' stuff.

      Either they were all caught flat-footed (my first guess) and they haven't gotten the narrative the campaign wants to use - or they simply intend to stonewall and hope it goes away (that'd be a very dumb move.)

  3. Certainly you won't post this. But you will read it. There is a special place in hell reserved for you.

  4. When I heard Mike V. passed I rushed over here to see if you were dancing on his grave yet...again you disappointed me.

  5. Must suck to be you. What do I care about one more Good Commie?

  6. One more commie...HA!

  7. Well, the way Hillary's AIDS keep getting added to the list, there's a fresh new batch of 'good commies' every week. Perhaps we will even witness the Queen Herself added to the good commie list?

    (One can always hope)

  8. I guess its safe to say
    that the suckers and fools
    parted from their money, who
    advance paid for a copy of
    'Absolved,' are most certainly

    cav med

  9. I dance when ANY commie; "good", bad, "former", or current; dies :)

    1. Amen. I still contend our problems would end overnight if we stopped allowing those parasitic fcuks to die peacefully in their beds, surrounded by their filthy families - especially after they've wasten millions of tax dollars sucking up medical welfare.

      But, that's just me. I've been called mean...

    2. Not by me, you haven't. Nor will you. Principles aren't "mean". Nor are they "unfair".

      But arguing with commies about such things is like arguing with a 4 year old about bedtime - there are no "winners", only lots of drama.

      Wash. Rinse. Repeat...


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